Zion Corrales-Nelson tops 2023 Philippines Womens 100m Rankings

Zion CN Tops Phi Rankings Womens 100

Zion Corrales-Nelson has opened her season with an 11.75 run at the Trojan Invite in Los Angeles. She also clocked a wind-aided 24.09 (+2.6). Zion is studying for a master’s in Law at the University of Southern California and opened her season with 11.75. This was faster than the 11.85 times of Philippines Record Holder Kristina Knott who won the Philippines National Open in Ilagan on March 22-26.  Nelson will not be able to join the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia due to her NCAA Commitments. But will look forward to the World University Games July 26-Aug 6 in Chengdu, China. The 11.75 ranks Nelson 5th in the 2023 South East Asian Rankings for Womens 100m. The 24-year-old Zion’s Personal bests times are 11.41 and 23.16 both set in 2019.


UPDATED 27 MAY, 2019

  • Born: 11 October 1998
  • Coach: Mike Gipson
  • School: UC Berkeley (NCAA Div 1)
  • Member of National Team Since 2015
  • Based in Los Angeles, USA
  • Home Town: Burnaby, Canada

Zion Corrales-Nelson Performances

  • 100m: 11.41 (+1.0) Sacramento, 23-May-19
  • 200m 23.16 (+1.0) Sacramento, 24-May-19
  • 400m: 54.18 Langley 29-May-2015

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Questions Included:

  1. Now That you are past a degree and doing a master’s, are you eligible for any sponsorship, or are you still tied to the NCAA Rules where they can sponsor you?
  2. Would you prefer a local Philippine sponsor or a global one when you go pro and get a sponsor?
  3. What are the main differences between the Philippines and the United States/Canada regarding training and meets?
  4. Can you explain how to use your daily/weekly routine and balance your master in law and your elite training program?
  5. Are you on a special diet?
  6. Do you consult a sports psychologist?
  7. Do you have access to a masseur? How often?
  8. Sports science in your program?
  9. Favorite Filipino Dish
  10. Favorite places to visit in the Philippines have you had the chance to travel around the country?
  11. Did you excel in other sports?
  12. What does it mean to you to have the Lineage of Filipino sprinters on your grandmother’s side? Rogelio Onofre, her cousin, won gold in the 4×100 and silver in 100 in the 1962 Asian Games.
  • Their best Time 23.16 needs to run 22.80 by June 29 Qualify for the Olympics.
  • List of Meets Below


Zion Nelson Exclusive Interview Video

FEAT: Andrew Pirie, Geraldine Go Bernardo, and Manolo Pedralvez (Malaya /ABS CBN)




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Andrew Pirie – Co-Founder of Pinoyathletics / ATFS Vice President / Former Consultant and Research Assistant of Philippines Sports Commission /  Level 3 Athletics Australia Sprints & Hurdles Coach

Geraldine Go Bernardo – Former Executive Director of the Philippines Sports Commission / Founder of Sports Phil (sports advocacy group) / Sports Management Lecturer at DLSU / 2005 SEA Games Gold Medalist and Captain Womens National Dragonboat Team.


Zion Corrales-Nelson #ZionCN


Burnaby’s Zion Corrales-Nelson puts the Olympic dream on pause.

Zion Corrales Nelson longies to be back on track, but the legal studies student-athlete at the University of California-Berkeley empathizes with the bigger picture.

Like so many others, the Burnaby woman has witnessed the impact of COVID-19 and seen her own Olympic dream derailed – temporarily – as the worldwide pandemic has frozen the sports world.

Her goal of representing her mom’s homeland, the Philippines, at the Tokyo Olympics is still motivating the track sprinter.

“Honestly, after the NCAA season got canceled, it was probably in my best interest to have (the Olympics) postponed. I was going to be missing crucial races, hitting the standard time. I had big goals for this season, so once it got cancelled it was like the motivation went down a little bit,” Corrales Nelson said.


And put her disappointment in perspective with the sight of how everyone took a hit at her San Francisco Bay area campus, located north of Oakland, where and piled sports and academic hopes under the reality of a deadly pandemic, which has spared no one.


“There was panic when (California) went on lockdown; people in the grocery stores mass-buying things,” the Burnaby native said. “It’s cooled down quite a bit but there was the initial hit when the news came out of impending lockdown (on March 13 that) made people get pretty nervous. … I know there’s panic amongst restaurant owners, local business owners trying to keep afloat.”


The Turn Around

A year ago, the St. Thomas More Collegiate alum (British Columbia, Canada) had turned around an average outdoor season with solid finish. Twice carving out new personal best times in her 100- and 200-meter events en route to the NCAA national track and field championships.

Zion Corrales-Nelson’s times at last May’s West Regionals – 11.41 seconds in the 100m and 23.18 in the 200m – continued a run that saw her slice seconds off her previous best, set a month earlier. It also catapulted her to the NCAA championships in Texas, where she placed 18th in the 200m with a finish time of 23.24.


“I think the beginning of my outdoor season was going pretty well. But I wasn’t hitting the regional standard. I was getting pretty nervous. But towards early April I started to buckle down in training and started to PR (personal record) in a couple of meets. …  So making nationals was a huge, huge accomplishment for me and it was super surprising. I didn’t think I’d run that fast but it all worked out. I made nationals and it kind of opened my eyes to the potential I had to running consistent 22s in the next year and making the dream come true.”


Her 200m time also shattered a 33-year-old Philippine record and fanned the flame to pursue that Olympic path.

The third-year student-athlete was also named to the honorable All-American list.

What was a chance to cement that momentum has now been put in isolation but didn’t dampen the desire for the studious sprinter?


“We were all pretty excited (about the 2020 season). The nationals were in all our minds, a top-eight and getting an Olympic standard was definitely going to happen for sure. … Definitely just from last season I had in my mind that I could compete with the best of the best, (and) that helped me throughout the season. There’s always next year to get it going again.”


Just 21, Corrales Nelson feels getting to the 22.80-seconds Olympic standard is within her stride – once athletics, and the world, is allowed to resume something normal when that remains up in the air, with the U.S. now feeling the brunt of the pandemic.

In the meantime, Corrales Nelson keeps connected to her family and younger sister, Shiloh, who is in her first year as a student-athlete at the University of California-Riverside.


“It sucks but it helps to have school still going, doing homework,” she said. “I try to go on a run, go on a trail run and keep a routine. I want to be busy so that my mind doesn’t go super crazy being alone here. I have a lot of school work so there’s a lot to do.”


Putting her running skills to the test will have to wait. But the Olympic dream of representing the Philippines continues to be a powerful inspiration.

Source: https://www.burnabynow.com/sports/burnaby-s-corrales-nelson-puts-olympic-dream-on-pause-1.24111586

7 Mar 2020 Burnaby’s Zion Corrales-Nelson puts Olympic dream on pause

At the opening outdoor meet of the California season. Zion Corrales-Nelson took a win in the 400m in 55.85. Much better than the 58.81 times she had registered indoors in February.

It was still a way off Zion Corrales-Nelson’s best time of 54.18, which used to be a Philippine and Philippine Junior Recordset way back 5 years ago. #ZionCN has been running the 200m Indoors and needs a time of 22.80 by June 29 to qualify for the Olympics; she is yet to run a 200m Outdoors.


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28 February 2020

Nelson placed 3rd overall in the 200m in 23.90, again erasing the 200m Indoor Record.

Zion Corrales-Nelson could not advance to the women’s 60m finals of the MPSF Championships in Seattle, Washington. She placed 9th overall, missing out by one spot. Her time of 7.48, however, was a PB. And.11 seconds away from the National 60m Record of Lydia De Vega. It improved on her 7.50 clocking two weeks ago. Nelson finished 2nd in heat 6 behind Brianna Duncan of Oregon, who clocked 7.32. 


23 February 2020

Zion Corrales-Nelson followed up her Philippine Indoor Record with another sub-24 indoor 200 clockings. 23.99 at the Arkansas Qualifying at Fayetville Nelson placed 4th in her race.


ZionCN sets new national Indoor Record in 200m

Zion Corrales-Nelson clocked 23.97 at the Don Kirby Elite on February 13. To erase the National Indoor record of another Fil-Heritage athlete Princess Joy Griffey. Griffey, who previously held the National Junior 100m record, no longer has any standing records. Griffey’s previous record in the 200m indoors was 24.33, set in 2009.

Besides, Zion had previously held national records in the 200 and 400 senior, and junior categories before Kristina Knott and Kayla Richardson broke them, respectively.

However, Zion representing UC Berkeley, finished 8th overall. In Heat 5, she was 2nd behind Hannah Waller of Oregon (23.83). Josephine Anoyke, who represents Ghana, has the fastest time of 23.57.  Canadian Ashlan Best clocked 23.62, representing Stanford.

Above all, Zion now heads the SEA Ranking list for 2020 so far. Although Kristina Knott had erased her 200m record at the SEA Games, she is yet to compete in 2020. Zion time outdoors converts to about 23.5. She needs to clock 22.80 for 200m by June 26 to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Zion Corrales-Nelson closes in on Griffey’s Indoor 200m Record.

Zion Corrales-Nelson opened her season in the hunt for National Records. Representing University California Berkeley. Zion ran the 60m, 200m, and 400m Indoors on February 1 at the New Mexico Team event in Albuquerque.

Nelson’s best performance was an indoor 24.34, which took the early season lead for South East Asia in the 200m but more notably was just .01 seconds away from the Philippine Indoor Record. The national park was set by Fil-Heritage athlete Princess Joy Griffey 11 years ago with 24.33. The 200m Indoor is the last remaining record of Griffey.

However, Zion has previously held the Junior and National 400m Records and had broken the Filipino 200m Record of Lydia De Vega last year and broke that mark later in Kristina’s year Knott.

Also, Zion timed 7.54 in the 60m but tired in the heat to 7th place with only 7.73. Quite far from the 7.37 National Record of De Vega. She also timed 58.45 for the 400m, with the Indoor record of 54.94 belonging to Kayla Richardson.

Zion Nelson and Pinoyathletics Editor Enzo Williams.


Zion Corrales-Nelson is the granddaughter of Edna Corrales, who is a former schoolmate and longtime friend of PATAFA President Philip Juico. In addition, Corrales is a relative of the former National Record  Holder in the 100m Rogelio Onofre, an Asian Games silver medalist, and Olympian. Nelson joined the Philippine Team after obtaining her Philippine Passport at the end of 2013.

Zion Corrales-Nelson’s father is Jamaican, and her mother is Filipino. She burst onto the Philippines Track and Field scene back in 2014 as a 15-year-old. Getting Bronze in the 200 and 400 in her first international meet, the Asian Leg of the Olympic Youth Festival. This progressed her to the Final event in Nanjing, China. Unfortunately, she finished 12/21 competitors in the 400 and did not join the 200.

Zion Corrales-Nelson lowered the Philippine National and National Junior Record to 54.64 in the British Columbia School Champ heats and then again in the Finals to 54.18. Breaking the 2 records Jenny Rose Rosales set the previous December. Her 2 records stood until 2017 when Kayla Richardson bettered them with 54.06 and 53.81.

Zion Corrales-Nelson joined the 2014 World Juniors in Eugene, Oregon, finishing 5th in her heat. After spending some time off playing Basketball and missing the 2015 SEA Games. Nelson accepted a track scholarship at the University of Berkley in Los Angeles. She joined the 2016 World Juniors in Bydgoszcz, Poland 3rd in her 100 heat, but she could advance to the Semis in the 200, finishing 5th.

2017 was more of a breakthrough year for Nelson improving both her 100 and 200 Best times. She placed second behind a Hong Kong runner in the Women’s 100 at the National Champs.





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