Zamboanga Del Sur Program Shocking Problems #1

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Shocking Problems #1

The article was published in 2017 it highlights the Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems with the in-house training of the DEPED concerning athlete burnout.


Part 1 Zamboanga Del Sur Program: second year in a row Poor showing in Athletics Palaro

First Published May 10, 2017


The Blue Track Oval at Dao, Zamboanga Del Sur Sports Academy. Perfect for a twilight meet. 

With the 2017 Palarong Pambansa in Antique finished it is again a very terrible outcome for the Province of Zamboanga Del Sur in Athletics.

 Three individuals, two DEPED coaches/teachers, and one DEPED coordinator were lacking in the right direction for the program.

This article will highlight an example of why we have an inferior DEPED sports system in place for Palaro Preparations.


And why are Palaro records reflect this poor system in place?

As evidence of this our current Palaro records lag well behind the records of other countries’ high school national records comparatively.

; Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

In the DEPED system, school teachers are assigned to handle athletes.

Noel Diel, The Arcas, Maylene Quimque, and others are good DEPED teachers.

You usually get individuals. That has no concept of how to coach or develop athletes who exercise year-round with a qualified trainer.

If a sports consultant or trainer is available.
Unfortunately, the Palarong Pambansa typically results in a total performance airdrop. Or worse, teaching negative behaviors that stunt the athlete’s growth.

As long as you’re willing to learn, you don’t need coaching experience.

First, the Zamboanga Del Sur provincial government/LGU invests much in its sports academy.

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Athletes are provided with

  1. Free education
  2. Free food, shoes
  3. Travel to meets
  4. A full-size blue track eight-lane oval
  5. And even an open hospital.

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Zamboanga Del Sur Poor Palaro Performances

Last year we got no individual top-eight finish at all in athletics at Palaro 2016 in track events.

Cherry Mae Gudmalin, who was partly trained by Coach Jomel, was in 8th place in the Javelin. 

The only track athlete from Zamboanga Del Sur to finish in the top eight was Magpale, who finished 6th place in the Elementary Girls 400m trained by me.

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Part 2 Zamboanga Del Sur Program: Quality vs. Quantity why less is Better, and An Idiot’s Guide on How to make athletes slow twitch

Magpale is pictured at the Milo. Provincial Gold 100, 400. Regional Gold 200, 400. Milo Mindanao Gold 400, Bronze 100. Palaro Finalist 400. No 400 training at all.

 I recruited Magpale as a 10-year-old at the Provinces Sukod Atleta Program. Her times were 14.83, 42, and 1.10 (hand-timed) for 100-200-400 when she started in August/September of 2016.

Later she improved these to 13.24w/ 13.47, 27.9, and 1.04 (heats of Palaro). 

She even bested the Secondary Girls of Academy (trained by Salinas) at the Regional meet in March 2017 at Dipolog. In 400, Magpale ran 1.06.25, whereas the 400-sec girls ran 1.06.45 and 1.07.07, respectively.

Magpale just followed my program, which consisted of technique, drills, and speed work. With the longest distance at 250 but not very often. She is 11 years old.


Magpale I had handled until about a week before Palaro.

Then I let the two winning coaches of Elem Girls from Zamboanga City handle her. The Z. City coaches are much more structured and technical with the programs they provide to the athletes and protect Magpale from interference and possible performance destruction from two Zamboanga Del Sur Coaches, Salinas, and Panuncilon.

Magpale outperformed Galbo and Senora, my backup male sprinters, who were forced to train with two trainers.

Whose Palaro training failed to improve them.

I strongly disagreed with DEPED PESS Coordinator Noel Sanguines that handover would hurt performance. As expected.

This program’s daily reverse pyramid of speed endurance proved unsuitable.No speed or power exercises (will upload recorded programs in the upcoming issue).

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Poor Training Methods

Going as sure bets to making the Palaro finals Senora (100) and Galbo (200) under my guidance due to poorly structured house training, had their performances almost gone back to beginners’ times. 

It was quite evident leading up to and during the regional meet that they were both strong finalist chances.

In particular, Senora timed 11.8 secs in the 100m. 

The slowest he had run since I started with him in August. Senora timed 10.85 (hand-timed) (Mid March 2017) to break the regional record and 11.25 (hand-timed) at Batang Pinoy (December 2016). 



Making the Palaro finals took 11.12 (hand-timed).

Senora’s decisive triumph at the regional competition was Zamboanga Del Sur’s first 100m Dash win in 10 years since Melody Lagare (2007).

They had a 100m time trial after a few weeks on the Salinas and Povencilo Program. Galbo finished at 11.5, Senora at 11.66, and Jomarie at 12.06.

Senora dropped from 5-6m ahead of Galbo in regionals to 1m behind.

Poor coaching cost him 6-7m of speed.

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems
Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

I had expected due to this kind of unstructured training for Senora to time maybe 11.4-11.5.

But to my horror, the effect of this unsuitable training created an even worse result for him.

Senora clocked 11.8 at the Palarong Pambansa.

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Despite qualifying six athletes to the Palarong Pambansa (Galbo, Senora, Mong,

Ytang, Magpale, Dinopal) i was not included in the delegation by the DEPED (plus Lagare silver Regional 100m, who was unfairly left out and Jomari who i was working with, after obtaining permission from his coach Leo).

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

To be honest, I wasn’t happy to join such chaos of in-house training. The DepEd person in charge, Noel Sanguines, failed to present any structure or delegate duties to the right people.

It’s all very well saying WE MUST COOPERATE AND WORK TOGETHER.
But everyone must agree to and stick to the duties assigned if you coach your athletes 100% or 0%.

I didn’t agree to a 50/50 arrangement.

I tried it before, and the other parties could not abide by the roles assigned and overstepped the mark quite often.

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Part 3 Zamboanga Del Sur Program: The Difference programs can make to output performance

Jennifer Panuncilon handled the relay teams as promised, and I was quite generous.

He tried three times with his friend Jong Salinas to tamper with Magpale and my other athletes’ training.
Four of my athletes ran away from training and complained to management on the third occasion.

Panuncilon said athletes overreacted. Due to muscle swelling, the provincial sports coordinator had to fetch ice.

Jonifer’s sprinters’ training was recorded for more experienced trainers. Simply reverse speed endurance pyramids.

Since it was too near to a major tournament, they all decided the training would fail.

Several Philippine and international coaches doubted the program’s suitability as a taper for a peek meet.

High-intensity sprinters with fewer repetitions do it. More efficient.
Distance should decrease as the competition approaches.

We’re not growing regardless. Recovery principles require appropriate rest between repeats.


A program that doesn’t work

April 3 Yesterday he give us 2×250 2×150 2×100 5×50

April 4 AM No training, PM but in after noon he gave us 1×300 1×250 1×200 1×100

1×80 5×50

April 5 Relays

April 6 AM Graduation Ceremony, AM Jom Own Training 40, 50, 60 2 sets :PM Relays

April 7 AM Galbo 3 x 900m 10 min rest 2 completed, 6 rounds in oval 100m sprint 50m walk PMJom and Senora (so in other words 15-18 x  100m)

April 8 AM Senora 10 x 100 curving,Galbo 3 x 400m


APR 10 Time Trial 200m Galbo 23.46, Jom 23.7, and Senora 27 jogging effort / PM

100m 11.46 Galbo, 11.66 Senora, and 12.06 Jom / 4×100 44.15 (doubtful) 45.75,

400 51.98 Puyos, 52.2 Galbo


APR 12 AM 250 2x 150 2x 100 2x 50 3x (about 3 mins rest) Senora

Relay Stuff



APR 17 5×80 5×50 Galbo and Senora

APR 18 2X250, 2X150, 5X50 Galbo and Senora

APR 19 3 x 80 3 x 50 Senora

APR 20 10 x 50 Senora, Galbo

APR 23-29 Palaro

Furthermore, it seems these times in training couldn’t be matched in competition; the 44.15 relays later proved to be an uncertain time as the relay ended up running 46+ under these two coaches and failing to qualify for the final.

Jong Salinas Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

Thus another year passes by, and lessons have not been learned, and our province and region don’t seem to be progressing at the Palaro level as rapidly as I want it.

Hence I ended my tenure here as a sprints coach and sports consultant to the province of Zamboanga Del Sur.

 I will not waste any more effort and time producing healthy athletes whose performances are destroyed due to an ineffective DEPED system and two uncooperative coaches.

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

This is what I had encountered, which led to our poor performance from the two coaches and DEPED Official.

1. Way too much Speed Endurance for Sprinters preparing for a peak meet.

2. my attempt to cooperate by delegating a role relay coach, which was agreed to.

3. the coach I assigned to relays tried to interfere with individual training, with the program listed above being one example.

4. Athletes not being motivated by coaches.

5. Sometimes yelling at athletes without constructive feedback.

Next Article on Athletes I worked with during my time at Del Sur Photos etc

I was carrying on from my part regarding the issues at Del Sur. I now start writing ups on athletes I assisted and coached while I was at Del Sur for almost two years, which was already written up on Senora. And to avoid repeats.


Progress in 100m Dash

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems


1 August Sukod Meet (12.00) 1st week of August

Article on Can Anyone Run 11 Seconds?

When I first identified Senora. He was invited to our Sukod Atleta meet; he was 5’8 and had come from Basketball and originally wanted to try out for Taekwondo.
He had played at the regional school meet before in Grade 6 elementary.
However, he had finished last place in the 200 and long jumps. So had given up that dishearteningly and moved to Basketball. Due to his height, he didn’t make it to this sport at the regional level.

So disappointed, he decided to try out for Academy in Taekwondo. He didn’t make Taekwondo. Also so he tried out for sprints.


I liked the way Senora ran. And his structure for sprints.

He ran without spikes at this meet.

His legs and arms needed work.
He finished second in the finals against Nino Matigas, who ran 11.85, in 12.00.

I invited both boys. Matigas came here briefly and resigned.

Senora, I hired. August 8 brought Senora. After struggling in time trials in spike shoes, which hurt his feet. He was regressing. Sosmena, 12.3 Galbo, 12.4 Senora.

He started training on August 19 after foot difficulties on August 16.
12.3 Galbo, 12.8 Senora, 16.0 Dela Pena, August 22. Foot issues returned on August 23.

On August 28, Senora resumed training after I taught him proper arm swing, foot placement, and drills. I later fixed his calve tension on September 5.

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems


September (11.44) 1ST week of September

He finished second in the heats (12.02) at the regional competition behind Alex Galbo (11.8) and Matigas (11.9).

He was unlikely. In the finals, he improved from 12.00 to 11.44 thanks to our instruction. Galbo finished third in 11.8 and Matigas second in 11.6.

He went from 6th quickest in the academy to #1.
Senora suffered emotionally from sudden success expectations. Next month, we added light weights to drills, starts, and parachutes. I was still giving him longer sprints like the 250s and 300s, which were making him uncomfortable.

When Senora doubted his sprinting abilities, it hurt emotionally. He was 95% ready to quit and try Taekwondo.


The only problem was no slots available in that event as a sports academy yet.

Senora’s main emotional issue was he thought his 11.44 was a flook. And he felt he wouldn’t get faster; he didn’t believe the time.

His friends and co-coach consoled him as he couldn’t communicate it to me as he felt ashamed.

He was frequently absent from training. He was further disappointed when the other coaches decided not to include him in the Milo Finals in CDO in October.


  • 24.09.19 11.71 Senora, 11.8 Galbo (PB)
  • 18.10.18 Twilight Meet
  • 10.64 Yuhei Go (another of my athletes, college)
  • 11.26 Glen Sapar (PB)
  • 11.44 Mavida
  • 11.51 Senora
  • 11.53 Galbo (PB)
  • 11.78 Sosmena
  • 28.10.18 11.54 Sapar, 11.80 Senora, 11.90 Galbo

I agreed to cut down the longer runs to the 150s maximum. And we both decided we would have one last chance at the Batang Pinoy national finals in Tagum City competition for 13-18 year-olds.


1st Week December (11.25)

Pinoy Senora was known for wearing orange basketball shorts during Batang. Everyone wore cycling spandex.

Senora should follow my structured dynamic warm-up. Senora was thrilled to qualify for the semifinals after winning his heat in 11.25.

He sought a sprinter’s college scholarship. He was only 1-2 steps behind the quickest boys his age in the country who had been running for years. Anything was possible.

He had time to roll call, put his spikes on, and finish 6th in his heat and 11th overall because the transport was late.

Senora was speedy, but calve strains forced me to change his training. Because he lands behind his hips, his calves are overworked.

I gave him sprinting down the stairs, upstairs, and small hurdles to rectify this, as well as medium-level Jamaican drills, to correct his landing.

We also started sled work and Olympic lifts. Senora equaled his best time of 11.25 without starting blocks on January 7. He beat school 400m runners Mark Puspos (11.6) and Cresjol Panza (11.9).

11.15w. Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems


28 January (11.15)

Halfway through our power exercises, Senora had another breakthrough, clocking a wind-aided 11.15 to defeat college athlete Pawpaw of Pagadian at 11.45 and Alex Galbo at 11.50, with Sosmena close behind at 11.53.

Senora had a lot of time off while filling out his 137 forms. Senora often overslept and missed morning sessions, which made me unhappy. However, he raced better in meets after resting. I restrained him.

On Feb. 20, he was very late cause of his 137 and was in another race with Yuhei Go, who won in 10.79, Ornillo, another college kid, was second in 11.00, Galbo ran a PB of 11.13, Senora was 4th in 11.23, and Sapar was 5th in 11.47, from Sosmena 11.54. We were surprised when Senora’s training buddy Galbo went ahead.


March mid (10.85)

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

We prepared for the Regional ZPRAA meeting in mid-March. Senora emphasized powerful lifts, sled pulls, and starts. Including 150s or 120s. Compressed dirt tracks hosted the regionals. Lane 8 was rocky and difficult for him.

Despite an uneven surface, he won his two heats in 11.35 by 6-7 meters.

Finals would be great. His best technical execution.

Senora gained one meter on Galbo and previous year’s champion Jomari Orgado after 20 meters.

Good hip extension, shoulder tension-free arm swing.

He beat the silver and bronze by 7 meters.

Bolt did the same in Beijing in 2008.

His 10.85 run shattered the ZPRAA record. Time stunned me.

Six coaches from different teams clocked him from 10.81 to 10.99. I believed he had run his fastest time.


Aftermath leading to Palaro

DEPED’s PESS Coordinator Noel Sanguines allowed Senora to train with Coach Panuncilon and Coach Jong Salinas.

Senora ran a disappointing 11.6 during the Time Trials 3-4 weeks after the Regional Meet and 11.8 at the Palarong Pambansa 2 weeks afterward.

Similar hand timings. Senora could run 11.2 to make the Palaro finals. Part 1 describes his training.

After leaving the academy. The player left Coach Jonifer for an NCAA school in Manila.


He has one more year left to play in the Palaro

He left the Zamboanga Sports Academy because his Palaro performance disappointed him.

Ab wisely chose to improve his athletic potential. I’m proud of Senora’s Regional Meet performance and our accomplishments from August 2016 to mid-March 2017.

Senora and I are performance are irreplaceable. After that, I was quite dissatisfied, and the DEPED interfered with his training, so he didn’t do well at the Palaro.

Importantly, Senora outperformed sprinters at the Regional Meet who had previously trained with me but stopped following my plans.

He started far behind them, but by following my movement patterns and training regimen, he quickly caught up to them.

I hope he improves.



Senora, now running for College of Saint Benilde, dropped his time to 11.3 at Weekly Relays, and Alex Galbo went to Letran.

Luckily, the Academy Sprinters worked with Coach Glenn from Pagadian, who used similar approaches. Luckily Povencillo and Salinas didn’t coach them.

I left 11 sprinters. 2 went to Manila (Senora and Galbo), 1 didn’t qualify for secondary, 3 left (2 with their families), and 5 stayed in the academy.

Coach Glenn continues the sprint program for my two youngest athletes, who have done well. Magpale won the provincial secondary girls 200m at 12 years old.

My youngest athlete, Jeralden, aged 10, placed last in the High Jump and 400 Hurdles at last year’s provincial meet as a Grade 4.

Jeralden, who was outspoken and bold, was my recruit. Jeraldine often challenged the older girls in training, regardless of the outcome.



I left Jeralden Spike sneakers because I knew she liked heart sprints.

Coach, I transfer to Arnis. She tried Arnis, Gymnastics, Swimming, Long Distance, Hurdles, and High Jump. And returned to sprints a few months after I left.

She won elementary 100, 200, 4×100, and 4×400 golds. Grade 5 is her last year in Elementary.

She hated 200 in training, yet it was her best event. If she finishes second in December’s Regionals, she’ll go to Palaro as scheduled.

I never criticized Coach Salinas’s training techniques or instructed his athletes. I had boundaries to respect.

Despite Del Sur’s DEPED group questioning Senora’s 10.85,

regionals. Since it’s a sluggish dirt surface, 97m would be 11.18 or -.25.

At Palaro, he ran 11.6-11.8. It’s too much.

At the December Manila Meet, SENORA hand-timed #938 at 10.99. This reinforces the regional meet run. He placed 2nd and qualified for the January NCR Meet.

Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems
Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems
Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems
Zamboanga Del Sur Program Problems

BEST TIMES 100M (Hand Times)

  1. 10.85 Regional Meet (Mar 2017)
  2. 10.99 Manila Meet (Dec 2017)
  3. 11.15 Time Trial (Jan 2017)
  4. 11.25 Batang Pinoy Semis (Dec 2016)
  5. 11.25 Time Trial (Jan 2017)
  6. 11.29 Weekly Relays (Aug 2017)
  7. 11.38 Regional Meet (Heats) (Mar 2017)
  8. 11.44 Provincial Meet (Heats) (Sept 2017)
  9. 11.51 Twilight Meet (Oct 2017)
  10. 11.54 Twilight Meet (Dec 2016)

Senora had around 22-25 races between 2016 August and 2017 December. 8 of these 10 times were with me, and the other 2 were in Manila.

The times in the Palaro Trial and Palaro Itself under DEPED coaches. Where not even in the top 50% of Senora’s best times. And comparable to his marks when he was in his first month of training as a beginner in sprints.







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