Yacine Guermali Philippine National Records invaldidated until Phi Passport presented

Despite numerous requests for a scan of a Philippine Passport from PATAFA. Quite some time ago PinoyAthletics has chosen to invalidate the 1500m and 5000m National Records. That PATAFA has accredited Yacine Guermali, these have also been incorrectly reported on Wikipedia. Please note Yacine has never represented the Philippines until now. Pinoy Athletics is yet to see or cite proof that he has a Filipino passport. Which is mandatory for the recognition of Philippine National Records.

Until we receive an authentic scanned copy of his passport to pinoyathletics@gmail.com or Yacine represents the Philippines in SEA Games level or higher event. We will not accept his performances and future performances as national records. For now, Yacine Guermali is still registered in the world athletics database as a USA athlete and not a PHI athlete.

This means the current National Records in the 1500m are still Mervin Guarte and 5000m Eduardo Buenavista.

Yacine has run legitimate times of 3:43.27 1500m and 13:50.74 5000m. However, PinoyAthletics has not cited a Filipino passport so cannot recognize these performances as Philippine National Records until proven otherwise.

For a list of Current Philippine National Records

Andrew Pirie

Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statiscians. 


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