World Anti-Doping Agency in Athletics Articles #1

World Anti-Doping Agency in Athletics Articles #1

Oct 7 (Reuters) – North Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia were declared non-compliant by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) on Thursday, making them ineligible to be awarded the right to host regional, continental, or world championships during the suspension.

Representatives of the three countries will also be ineligible to sit as members of the boards on committees until their countries are reinstated or for one year, whichever is longer.

Athletes from the three countries will be allowed to compete in regional, continental, and world championships but their national flags will not be flown other than at the Olympic Games.

WADA said in a statement that the National Anti-Doping Agencies (NADOs) of North Korea and Indonesia were ruled non-compliant for not implementing effective testing programs.

All Sports As of December 2019

  1. Italy 171
  2. France 128
  3. The United States 103
  4. Brazil 84
  5. Russia 82
  6. China 62
  7. India 57
  8. Belgium 54
  9. Spain 52
  10. South Africa 43

*I have emailed the World Anti-Doping Agency for a list of countries ranked by Doping Offenses for 2019.


Agency By Sport

  • Body Building 266
  • Athletics 242
  • Cycling 218
  • Football 78
  • Rugby 54


Number of Cases

  • 2015 1929 cases
  • 2016 1595 cases
  • 2017 1804 cases

World Anti-Doping Agency

World Anti-Doping Agency Sources:

World Anti-Doping Agency
2019 February

World Anti-Doping Agency Husband of Top Commonwealth Games athlete sold performance drugs: Panel

In a recent order, the Anti-Doping Appeal Panel blacklisted the unidentified athlete’s husband, Puneet, and another drug supplier, Sunny Malik, based on several anti-drug government agencies’ findings.

The World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) added meldonium to its prohibited list on January 1, 2016. (Representational)

An anti-doping panel has blacklisted the husband of a Commonwealth Games athlete for allegedly supplying Meldonium – a banned substance that improves endurance – to the country’s top decathlete, 25-year-old Jagtar Singh.

Also Read: Top youth athletes among 41 who fail the age verification test

The panel’s order was based on information provided by Jagtar, who was a member of the Indian team for the Asian Athletics Championships in 2017 before and withdrew his name after he tested positive for Meldonium. The banned substance gained notoriety worldwide three years ago in the dope case involving tennis star Maria Sharapova.

“In view of the information disclosed by the athlete, we also direct NADA to blacklist and prohibit the entry of Mr Puneet and Mr .Sunny Malik in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi and any other stadium/facility where national or international sporting activity takes place,” stated the order by the panel, headed by senior advocate of the Supreme Court Vibha Datta Makhija.


World Anti Doping Agency 2019 January Roundup World Athletics – Kalinga likely to be slapped with a lengthy ban Sprinter’s ‘B’ sample too found positive

by Reemus Fernando

Sprinter Kalinga Kumara is likely to be slapped with a lengthy ban after his ‘B’ sample test confirmed a banned substance’s positive result. Sources said that local anti-doping authorities had informed the Sri Lanka Athletics Association about the positive results following Kumara’s ‘B’ sample test.

Kumara was found positive for a banned steroid following a test conducted after his impressive performance at the annual Army Athletics Championship late last year. The sprinter informed the result in December, and he went for a ‘B’ sample test this month.

Kumara, formerly coached by reputed sprint coach Sunil Gunawardena produced outstanding performances after he came under Vimukthi de Soysa, mainly known as a boxing coach. Vinoj Suranjaya, who broke the longstanding national record of Sugath Thilakaratne, and emerging sprinter Nirmali Madushika who also excelled at athletics championships last year, is coached by Vimukthi de Soysa as of now.

Vimukthi de Soysa
Vimukthi de Soysa

Kalinga Kumara became one of the very few Sri Lankan sprinters who clocked sub-46 seconds in the 400 meters last year when he reached his personal best of 45.99 seconds during the Asian Games in Jakarta.

Sri Lanka Athletics Association officials were banking heavily on Kumara’s likes to form a strong relay team for several international events this year. In October, Kumara was the only athlete to clock sub 21 seconds when he won the men’s 200 meters in a new meet record time at the Sri Lanka Army Athletics championship. However, his performance was milliseconds behind the national record.

An official conversant in anti-doping procedures said that steroids’ positive results are severely dealt with and accompanied by bans for up to four years.



Kenya-born Rio marathon silver medal winner banned that’s #4 for Bahrain


Paris – Kenyan-born Bahraini Eunice Jepkirui Kirwa, who won marathon silver at the Rio Olympics in 2016, has been suspended for four years for doping, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) announced on Monday.

Kirwa had been provisionally banned since May and detected the prohibited blood-booster EPO in her blood sample.

Her four-year suspension is backdated to May 7, 2019.

The 35-year-old finished second in Rio behind Kenya’s Jemima Sumgong, who was banned for eight years in January for attempting to hinder an investigation into her use of EPO by supplying false documents.

Kirwa, who also won world bronze in Beijing in 2015, can appeal the ban at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.


According to the list of Ineligible athletes.

Kirwa is now the 4th athlete representing Bahrain on a Suspension to do with PEDS.  A few years ago, Rashid Ramzi, who was representing Bahrain, was stripped of the Olympic 2008 1500m Gold and tested positive for CERA, an advanced blood doping version of EPO

JEPCHUMBA, Violah 23/10/1990 BRN athlete F Long Distance
27/08/2017 four years ineligibility 29/09/2021 Since 27.08.17 No Doping Presence, Use EPO

KATUA, Rosemary
10/08/1996 BRN athlete F Long Distance
14/10/2017 three years ineligibility 02/12/2020 Since 14.10.17 No Doping Presence, Use Norandrosterone

NASIR, Basirah Sharifa 03/08/1999 BRN athlete F Sprints (400m
or less)
06/05/2016 three years & 6 months
22/01/2020 Since 06.05.16 No Doping Presence, Use Metenolone


57 Kenyan Athletes Under World Anti-Doping Agency Watchlist IAAF

May 18, 2017


World Anti-Doping Agency
April 23, 2017
Over the past few years, Kenya’s athletes have come under increasing scrutiny over doping allegations. And with over 40 athletes so far found to have been guilty of the offense, the trend is indeed worrying.

EPO’s positive testing on Jemima Sumgong spells yet another stain on an otherwise enviable era of exploits in the global athletics arena.

In the blink of an eye, the allure of riches pushes more and more athletes to abuse these substances. And it will be long before we see the likes of Paul Tergat et al. That made the country proud without ever being accused of such ignominies.

Our investigative team has come under crucial information that the IAAF has close to 57

Kenyan athletes are under investigation. For related doping offenses, and surprisingly, Sumgong was on this watch list. Some of the athletes who are under investigation are top-notch athletes. And it’s only a matter of time before the chicken comes home to roost in an inept anti-doping environment in the country.

Kenya is the most tested country by anti-doping officials

And such a high number is allegedly under investigation putting the country’s reputation as an athletic powerhouse at risk.

The below tables explain the number of times Kenyan athletes have been tested in both urine and blood.

The data seen by our investigation team reveals the number of athletes. Who is being tested, and the kind of testing is being done? Some tests include the standard urine sample and blood test, which all form part of the out-of-competition testing. During such a test, Sumgong was found to have tested positive for the banned substance EPO.

The table below shows the top country with tests done on their athletes, and from it, you will find out that Kenya is the leading Nation with tested athletes for Urine and Blood.

Read the Full Article Here

– Oxandrolone

– Oral stanozolol

IAAF ready to return to four-year doping bans on the eve of world athletics championships

List of Major League Baseball players suspende...
Drugs in Athletics  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World Anti-Doping Agency

Athletics is set to reintroduce four-year doping bans even though the move risks alienating the sport from the World Anti-Doping Authority (), officials said on the eve of the world championships.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) will vote to set in motion a return to four-year bans for first offenders. So following representations from leading former athletes, And in the wake of a series of damaging doping cases.


“They will vote tomorrow,” Britain’s marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe, long an outspoken critic of doping. and now a member of the IAAF’s athlete’s commission said at a briefing in Moscow.


“Unfortunately, legally, there can’t be lifetime bans but this is a step in the right direction.”


While doping is the subject on everyone’s lips ahead of the August 10-18 championships following several high-profile recent positive tests. The most noteworthy leading sprinters are American Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell of Jamaica.

Read the Full article here.
Drugs in Athletics

World Anti-Doping Agency

Athletes Face Drug-Resistant Staph Skin Infections
By Daniel Yee
Associated Press Writer


Health and sports officials are warning schools and sports teams about a hard-to-treat skin

infection once common to hospitals and prisons that are now plaguing athletes on the playing field.

So The National Federation of State High School Associations sent a warning Tuesday to states about a staph infection that the usual penicillin-related antibiotics can’t cure.

While on Monday, the NCAA’s medical committee urged college athletic departments to be alert for infections. And to practice careful hygiene. While usually mild, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) can progress to life-threatening blood or bone infection.

So several athletes who got the infection have been hospitalized. While The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the condition can look like an ordinary skin wound or a boil. Consequently is often not diagnosed or ends up being treated with antibiotics that can’t cure it.

While Symptoms include fever, pus, swelling or pain.”It’s important for coaches and for parents to be aware MRSA might be a cause of skin problems in children,” said Dr. Dan Jernigan, CDC medical epidemiologist. 

And athletes should tell their coaches of any wounds, which should cover. So if and can’t hide a wound, the player should be excluded from the sport until he gets appropriate treatment or the wound heals, Jernigan said.

While most often affected are those playing close-contact sports. And in one case, and involved fencing.

“It’s not uncommon in contact sports such as football and wrestling where we have contagious skin conditions,” said Jerry Diehl, assistant director for the high school federation.

He said proper equipment cleaning is needed to prevent infections. The CDC also recommended

  • avoiding contact with other players’ skin lesions
  • better hygiene
  • no sharing of towels or personal items.

World Anti-Doping Agency


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