Vietnam Womens Middle Distances

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Things the Philippines can learn from Vietnam Womens Middle Distances

16-year-old Nguyen Khanh Linh of Vietnam won the Asian Youth Champs in the Girl’s 1500m in what was a rather tactical time of 4:51.61.  The win came at Kuwait hosted Asian Youth Champs (Oct 15). Just 2 months ago, this 16-year-old girl also excellently won a silver medal at the National Youth Championship (U20) with an impressive score of 4:34.3, just behind an athlete who was 3 years older than her. 
Vietnam shows it has great depth in the Womens 1500m and shows no signs of giving up its dominance in the event. They occupy 6 of the top 10 spots in the 2022 SEA Rankings. Their top athlete Thi Oanh a multiple SEA Games medalists improved on the gold time of the last SEA Games with 4:14.98. Their top junior Nguyen Thi Quyen has clocked 4:27.7 and their top youth as mentioned above. 
In the 2021 SEA Rankings at the close of the year, Vietnam occupied 5 of the Top 10 Spots in Womens 1500m.
It seems the only athlete stopping Vietnam going 1-2-3 at SEA Games in 2023, if they were allowed 3 entries would be Agustina Manik of Indonesia.


SEA GOLD 4.17.31
SEA SILVER 4.22.60
SEA BRONZE 4.23.47
1 4:14.98 VIE Nguyen Thi Oanh
2 4:26.71 INA Agustina Mardika Manik
3 4:26.90 VIE Khuat Phuong Anh
4 4:27.7 VIE Nguyen Thu Quyen
5 4:29.75 VIE Thi Ngan Bui
6 4:33.41 SGP Goh Chui Ling
7 4:33.95 LAO Lodkeo Inthakoumnan
8 4:34.3 VIE Nguyen Khanh Linh
9 4:35.18 INA Nirwani Novia Nur
10 4:35.3 VIE Nguyen Khanh Ly

What is going on with Philippines Womens Middle Distance running??

The best two athletes in the 1500m right now Daniela Quintero and Mia Guillergan are from the United States and Australia. Who have run 4:47 and 4:48 this year. In the third spot so far is Edna Magtubo who won the national schools in 5:01.07. With 8 weeks of the weekly relays already cleared nobody else has run faster in the girls.
Quite a few of the ‘Best Ever Palaro Athletes went to the UAAP and have not seen vast improvements in the whole 5 years there (3 of which the Pandemic cannot be used as an excuse). When we talk about the two best-ever Palaro athletes Meagey Ninura and Jieann Calis who ran 4:39 in and 4:42 in High school for 1500m in 2016. And proceeded to clock 4:55 while at the University of the Philippines and at 4:41 while at the University of Santo Tomas (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022). It’s hard to ignore the facts that are talent is not progressing or at best barely improving at UAAP schools in Women’s Middle Distance. A study of 2013-2018 UAAP  athlete performances collected in charts clearly shows this with data backing it up. What was held as an assumption is now validated with facts and figures using ‘official’ UAAP Athletics Final Results Proving that the UAAP is a huge disconnect between Palaro and the elite SEA Games level in Women’s Middle Distance Running.

What Vietnam does

1. Allows the athlete to choose their own coach. Even after they make the national teams athletes tend to stay with their original coach.
2. Doesn’t just focus on a centralized Manila-based UAAP system. It nurtures its provincial talents, by providing them with their own events nationwide and training centers with their own coaches, not just all in the capital city.


By Andrew Pirie

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