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University of Santo Tomas Athletes lose scholarships


The University of Santo Tomas is due to drop several of its athletes from its program in December. Due to lack of budget from incoming school fees.

It is stand procedure for UST to drop non-performing athletes but it usually happens around June. The information was leaked by the Varsitarian (UST official student newspaper).

But the article was promptly ordered to be removed by the Management Commitee of UST. 

In light of this further incidents uncovered a Sports Bubble in Sorsogon of UST Basketball team led by coach Aldrin Ayo. Investigations followed and Aldrin Ayo resigned the UAAP Board decided to ban Ayo from ever coaching again at the UAAP. 

Consequently UST went through 3 Sports Directors as well with Fr. Abogado resigning. Fr. Sagon taking over as Interim Sports Director and then Fr. Casancio taking over after that.

University of Santo Tomas  names new athletic director as post-‘Sorsogon Bubble’ era begins:

MANILA, Philippines – The University of Santo Tomas has appointed Fr. Rodel Cansancio, OP, as its new Institute of Physical Education and Athletics (IPEA) director in the aftermath of the “Sorsogon Bubble” controversy.

Cansancio took over from Fr. Ermito De Sagon, OP. Who assumed the role on an interim basis last August following the resignation of Fr. Jannel Abogado, OP.

A former principal of UST High School. Cansancio will now serve as the school’s representative in UAAP Board of Managing Directors.



The situation of Manila College Sports becomes even direr. When two of its major UAAP schools are now looking at having to slash athletes from its program

According to sources and the articles from The Varsitarian (UST Very own student newspaper) and Panay News. The University of Santo Tomas. Manila Colleges now face budget cuts.

This is due to the postponement of classes leading to non-scholarship student enrollment/tuition fees which fund the scholarship athletes as lost revenue due to the COVID-19.

In the wake of Letran, TIP, and Perpetual suspending there sports programs and scholarships for a year.


University of Santo Tomas Athletes lose scholarships

UST Athletes lose scholarships

According to the Varsitarian, UST Student newspaper. 30 Student-Athletes from different sports are due to lose their scholarship next term.

“Wala pang formal letter na binibigay sa amin pero sinabihan na kami na hindi na kami scholars. Nagbawas na sa amin, halos lahat ng Team B wala na,” a student-athlete said to the Varsatarian.

Fr. Richard Ang O.P., UST’s rector, earlier announced that scholarships granted during the second semester of the academic year 2019-2020 would continue until December this year. The student-athletes interviewed by the Varsitarian belong to six different teams.

Panay News stated the Basketball team remains intact with two displaced athletes from TIP being assured spots in a transfer.

“Wala namang pagbabago sa team. Unaffected parin ang basketball,” said the source who refused to be named. “In fact, the players were told to stay fit as they will resume practices after the lockdown.”


Another source, meanwhile, revealed to Panay News that the women’s volleyball team of UST took a minor blow. The benefits of its key players have been diminished and some of its reserve players were dropped from the roster.

Lyceum of the Philippines is safe


In light of the Tribune’s posting that Lyceum of the Philippines was also downsizing its program. Pinoyathletics in a phone talk with Sports Director Hercules Callanta.  Assuring that LPU has contingency plans in place.

Dean Herc also advised that there were online learning plans in place for student-athletes. Resuming in August. For those who don’t have a live stream.

Email, Mail, and Radio were being looked at as alternative ways to ensure Lyceum of the Philippines University Students have wider access to continue their education.

In Conclusion

The UAAP has yet to announce whether Season 82 would still resume. And when the new one would begin. Manila Schools have already sent their athletes back to the provinces for extended vacations with their families.

Unfortunately, now several athletes face the prospect of no scholarships when they get back due to the uncertainty of sporting programs due to COVID. Due to schools having recruitment of student-athletes as the last priority for them right now.

With many stating, there will be no recruitment for at least another year to protect their current rosters. It seems that many athletes will likely end up having to return to schools closer to their home towns.

There are still lots of questions under these articles pertaining to the athletes

  1. Such as what will happen to them?
  2. The processing of the continuity of their schoolings to their origins?
  3. The assistance or Incentives such as transportation back to their province allowance?
  4. Or in a form of back pay for the athlete to start?



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