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2019-2020 UAAP Season 82 News

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UAAP Season 82 to gift ‘super seniors’ with extra playing year

4 Way Fight for First Place and Top 3 UAAP Girls 200m Zulueta, Janario, Malonzo and Luzon

MANILA – University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) athletes whose final playing year was cut short after Season 82 was canceled due to corona virus disease 2019 are set to be gifted with an extra year of eligibility. 

Outgoing UAAP president Em Fernandez said discussions are now underway for these super seniors so that they can represent their schools one last time in Season 83 which is slated to start early 2021.   

Fernandez, however, clarified that the extension will only be for those athletes in second-semester sports.

The Season 82 events which got canceled or did not take place were volleyball, football, baseball, softball, athletics, lawn tennis, and 3×3 basketball.

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Should UAAP Sports Athletes get another playing year due to the Cancellation of UAAP Season 82?

uaap season 82
Volleyball star Kat Tolentino of Ateneo in her last playing year at the maximum age of 25. Is affected by the UAAP Cancellation. Photo Credit: CNN Philippines

UAAP Coaches from various sports have expressed opinions For and Against giving graduating players additional playing years.

The UAAP canceled the rest of UAAP season 82 on Tuesday night after the government extended the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) to contain the spread of the corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The UAAP had already been postponed  7 or 8 starting in January. The first reason being as the host Adamson decided to delay the games as their own athletes were not ready, then after that due to the COVID-19.

And with President Duterte extending the lockdown till April 30, and voicing out the Corona Virus could rage on for another 2 years. It’s unlikely any UAAP will be held until at least August Season 83 or possibly until 2021.


uaap season 82

Eligibility for those in last playing years

The Philippines NCAA board already said they will allow those who missed out due to the #COVID-19 to have one more playing year. The UAAP board is yet to make a decision.

While this works out ok for the Seniors. It doesn’t work out well for Seniors in high school.

As it doesn’t synchronize with the current set of UAAP Records for High school. (Evaluation of Athletic performances at UAAP).

Before UAAP records for High school were for athletes 18 years and below. Now with the introduction of the K2-12 athletes as old as 20-21 are now participating in the high school division. Which is not considered even Juniors let alone youth. For a list of the current eligibility rules.

The directive would affect many senior players in volleyball, football, baseball, softball, athletics, lawn tennis, and 3×3 basketball.l

Some gray areas include what about athletes that are in College but not graduating?.

They will also get one less year so why not give them also additional playing years.

Let Dimzon, head coach of Far Eastern University and the Philippine women’s national football team, favors giving graduating players another playing year.


“The players prepared for nine months and because of this situation, all their sacrifices will go for naught,” Dimzon told The Manila Times in an online interview.


Ana Santiago, mentor of the nine-time defending softball champion Adamson University, agrees.


“I’m in favor of extending the final playing year of the seniors so that their hard work will not be wasted. It has to be considered because we have no control of the current situation,” said Santiago


Multi-titled mentor Hans-Peter Smit of De La Salle University women’s football team, however, is still contemplating the pros and cons.


“I’m 50-50 on that. I don’t think it’s fair for the student-athlete to stay another year or at the least another term just so they can play. If they are on time to graduate this school year then let them. In short, let them graduate on time,” said Smit.

“Personally, I don’t think it’s right for a coach to decide on how long a student-athlete should stay in school. Academics should be their priority,” he added.

(Why not let the parents and Athletes themselves decide?)


Smit added it would be unfair for the incoming rookies to sit out and give way for this year’s graduating players in Season 83.

The UAAP said it will decide on issues arising from the cancellation of the UAAP season 82 once the COVID-19 crisis is over.

one more playing year
UAAP Players taking to twitter pleading for the UAAP Board to grant them another playing year.l


Points For

  • Athletes have put nearly a whole year not training for the event. They deserve something out of it.
  • Not their fault COVID-19 happened.


Points Against

  • It will displace Rookies from getting places on the team due to overstaying athletes.
  • It will hold back students from Graduating and hinder Academics.
  • It will muck up record-keeping in the High school age category.

Can you think of any other Reasons For and Against Giving Athletes another playing year in UAAP Due to #COVID-19?

Feel free to comment on this post.

UAAP Cancelled Officially for Season 82

The UAAP Board has officially canceled UAAP Season 82.

A memo was released on Tuesday. The decision was made after the Government decided to extend the lockdown on the #covid-19 to April 30.

uaap season 82
UAAP Cancelled 1

UAAP Cancelled Officially for UAAP Season 82

“With the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) having been extended, the conditions for the resumption of UAAP Season 82 can no longer be met.

As such it is now deemed canceled,” the memo read.

“All other issues related thereto will be resolved at the proper time as we continue to focus our time, energy, and resources in battling this crisis,” the memo added.


Sports affected by the cancellation include volleyball, football, athletics, tennis, baseball, softball, and 3×3 basketball.

The Memo was signed by Ateneo Sports Director and UAAP Board Chairman Emmanuel Fernandez.

It was already mentioned before the UAAP was postponed indefinitely.


Why did Adamson not Host it in January?

The UAAP was hosted by Adamson. Originally it was supposed to be in January before the #COVID-19 outbreak even started but it was postponed from the second week of January to the last week of January.

It is rumored Adamson postponed the UAAP twice because their athletes were not ready. Which is a missed opportunity and would be an unacceptable reason to not have held the UAAP.

After that, the UAAP was postponed 4 or 5 more times due to the #COVID-19.

The Palaro and NCAA were also postponed/canceled. And the National Open Athletics meets which has already been postponed is looking unlikely as well

its so unfair
Eligibility for those in last playing years

The Philippines NCAA board already said they will allow those who missed out due to the #COVID-19 to have one more playing year. The UAAP board is yet to make a decision.

While this works out ok for the Seniors.

It doesn’t work out well for Seniors in high school.

As it doesn’t synchronize with the current set of UAAP Records for High school.

Before UAAP records for High school were for athletes 18 years and below.

Now with the introduction of the K2-12 athletes as old as 20-21 are now participating in the high school division which is not considered even Juniors let alone youth. For a list of the current eligibility rules.

Other Useful Materials

The last time the UAAP was held was in December of 2018 and February 2018. Two UAAP in one year.

(Links Contain UAAP Athletics Results for Season 81 and Season 80).

Also, check out a study on Philippine College athletes and comparison of improvements between UAAP schools in athletics ranking them from best to worst based in each event based on athlete improvements over a 5 year period.


Sources and Other Materials:



Updates to Phi Athletics Calendar and 2020 UAAP Athletics

Adjustments made to the calendar.

The tentative date for 2020 UAAP Athletics is 21-25 to March.

When we say Tentative we mean Tentative as 2020 UAAP Athletics has been postponed so many times it’s unlikely it will push through.

In addition, we were duly informed a Pre-UAAP was held at Imus Cavite.

As the meet had no PATAFA officials and used hand timing we will not honor these performances for rankings and record purposes with the Asian Athletics Statisticians.

Above all please note postponements of various International and regional competitions which we kindly informing the athletic community has been postponed.

However, if anyone has updates or additions to this calendar.

Whether it be local Road Races, International meets Phi athletes are joining or track meets please email [email protected] so we can update our calendar. Thanks.

For a Calendar of Events for Phi Athletics


2020 UAAP Athletics

2020 UAAP Athletics Cancelled Again and Again

February 12, 2020

Another Fact there was no UAAP Athletic Championships in 2019. In 2018 They had 2 UAAP Athletic Championships one in February and one Nov 28 to Dec 2. Meaning there has been no UAAP Athletic Championship now for 13 Months.

However, the UAAP Board led by President Em Fernandez of Ateneo has been postponed 5 times the 2020 UAAP Athletics. From January to eventually the end of February.


In addition to the list of canceled events in Athletics let alone other sports. Asian Indoor, World Indoor, possibly the Palarong Pambansa next. 2020 UAAP Athletics and Palaro as Department of Health are advising against mass gathering type events until the Corona Virus is cleared.

2020 UAAP Athletics in Review


“The UAAP will be closely monitoring the country’s situation in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak in order to determine the resumption of the games,” the statement continued.

“We ask for your understanding and your prayers for the safety of our community, our nation and all countries affected by this outbreak.”


Also postponed men’s football tournament set to begin on February 16, softball tournament (February 17), seniors baseball tournament (February 19), athletics (February 19-23), and judo (last week of February).

As Athletics was rescheduled about 5-6 times from January to February 19-23 it is now canceled until further notice.

Pinoyathletics has deleted all 2020 Schedules Posted to avoid any further confusion for the Athletic Community.

However, in the meantime check out our Reviews on each UAAP school based on the last 5 years of data of improvements of all athletes in each event from each school. Which is an ongoing project with more data being analysed.



For more Great Events check out the 2020 Pinoyathletics Calendar




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