What are the current UAAP Residency Rules?

This article is continued on the effects of the DEPED K TO 12 Implemented Program.

Furthermore, we have gathered information from various sources. Yet as we are not the official representatives of the UAAP. Pinoyathletics.info will not be held accountable and can update this information at any time.

We welcome any corrections or updates on these UAAP Residency Rules. Originally Published in 2017.

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UAAP Meaning

UAAP stands for University Athletics Association of the Philippines. It is a collection of 8 Colleges in the Manila Region that all participate in Sports Competitions.

UAAP Residency Rules Age Requirements 

The same rules apply for Season 80 held in November of 2018.

  • High School July 1, 1999, and after
  • College July 1, 1993, and after.

"UAAP Residency Rules

Now let’s look at how this will affect the UAAP and NCAA Philippines etc. This will have a good effect as it will mean athletes will be older in college than they have been older in high school. Which could lead to furthermore improved meet records? A lot of athletes tend to peak at 25.

And most of the time, under the older system, they were already out of college by then. And quite often struggling to find a job. Very few actually make it to the national level due to the limitation of support.

Please note that many UAAP meet records improved for Juniors, but now it’s no longer considered youth or high school level as some of the athletes were nearly 20.

Now let’s say an athlete will now start at 19 or 20.

For instance, this means five playing years, which will go until 23 or 24, within the maximum playing age of 24.

Furthermore, the rules also state an athlete can play until 7 years after finishing high school in different leagues.

Let’s say an athlete doesn’t consume all playing years and has timed out of school, that would mean the maximum age would have to be adjusted from 24 to 27. 27 right? Actually wrong.

However, as per (Table 1.0) the maximum playing age of 26 is actually going to be reduced to 25. So a 19 or 20-year-old graduate will get 5 or 6 years.



UAAP Residency  Rules


UAAP Residency Rules: Jerry Pingoy Rule: (HS UAAP to other UAAP College)

Also, if a player graduated High School from a UAAP member school and then transferred to another.


  • UAAP member schools for college must do a 2-year residency. 
  • If the former school contests the transfer. If not contested, a player needs to do only a year of residency. 
  • If from a non-UAAP member High School no residency requirement. Can play for the school only for a maximum of 5 school years.


And actually scrapped this rule. Aquino signs RA10676 scraps 2-year residency rule for College Athletes.

Also, President Aquino has blocked a 2-year residency rule introduction just a few weeks before starting the UAAP Men’s Basketball season.

The President signed Republic Act No. 10676, which scraps the UAAP’s two-year residency rule for high school student-athletes transferring to a different school for college.

Sen. Pia Cayetano, the bill’s main proponent, said the “UAAP residency issue will now be put to rest” after the President signed the bill Wednesday.

This really is good news for Student-athletes who now will no longer be penalized for having to transfer schools.


UAAP Residency Rules : Non-UAAP to UAAP School

The UAAP remains with the 1-year residency rule for college student transference from Non-UAAP e..g PRISAA to UAAP. Also, an athlete who transfers during Season 80 of UAAP will need to wait until Season 82 before they are eligible for participation in their new UAAP School.


UAAP Residency Rules : UAAP to UAAP School College

An athlete that transfers between UAAP Colleges will have to wait out 2 years of residency before participating in their new school. E.g., An athlete transfers from UE to UST. Meaning to say, the athlete transferred during Season 80 of UAAP will need to wait till Season 83 before they can participate in their new school.


UAAP Residency Rules: Jai Reyes Rule:

Only first-year college students can win the Rookie of the Year Award.

UAAP Residency Rules: Ray Parks Rule (Fil-Foreigners)


Fil-Foreigner who are fresh graduates from foreign High Schools must sit out 1-year residency. If not, a fresh graduate from High School (meaning has gone to college at a foreign school), sit out 2 years of residency. 

Suppose Fil-Foreigner finished High School abroad because his parents are OFWs. They can play in their first year/freshman year (no residency required).

Not applicable if the Fil-Foreigner has a Filipino passport and hence dual-citizens.


UAAP Residency Rules: Mbala Rule/Lago Rule:

  • Transferring foreign players from UAAP or Non-UAAP member schools must do 2 years of residency. And can field only one foreigner in the game at any given time.


UAAP Residency Rules: Don Allado Rule:

  • Once a player is drafted into the Pros, he cannot play in the UAAP anymore. (Basketball)


 Gaco Rule:

  • You cannot play for a UAAP member school when taking your masters if you previously played with another UAAP/Non-UAAP member school during your undergraduate course.


Below are Old articles of which most are no longer relevant. While the government didn’t push through laws on locals, they did change laws on Fil-Foreigners in UAAP.

We welcome any Feedback to [email protected].


UAAP should abolish the residency rules for athletes

*Poll is gone as was on another website

Another prime example of the butchering of the country’s sports program.

The recent senates’ interference in the matters of the UAAP is not just negatively impacting the lives of individual collegiate athletes but also our sports program as a whole.

The Senate recently wanted to change the rule for UAAP athletes to a two-year residency, meaning athletes transferring schools would not be able to participate in their new school and would have two years to not be eligible for UAAP competition.


Rules Changes

  • Under the new rule, if a UAAP high school athlete wants to transfer to another UAAP institution at the tertiary level, they must sit out for two years before playing. The athlete’s playing year, however, starts after the two-year residency. A regular athlete in the UAAP has five playing years (Manila Times)
  • Athletes transferring between schools require a two-year residency.
  • Foreign player’s two-year residency

Such a prolonged period away from the sport is more than likely to discourage athletes from continuing with sport or affect their future academic choices if the school they choose does not have a suitable course for a future career.

The NCAA system in the US currently has in place a one-year residency rule.

However, if a better-established and prestigious league finds one year adequate, why can the UAAP? Also, I am ruling in favour of a no-residency rule, which will give more rights to the athletes. However, the disadvantage of this is it could lead to rampant poaching of athletes by other schools.


Also, Senator Pia Cayetano, in an open letter, called the change in the rule against

“the constitutional mandate to promote sports” “…The 2-year residency that is currently applied to transferring college students, as well as any residency rule for high school students, deny athletes of their rights to develop their full potential,”

said Cayetano in a statement posted on mydailyrace.com.


Cayetano cited Section 19, Article 14, of the 1987 Constitution, which states that: “(1)

The State shall promote physical education and encourage sports programs, league competitions, and amateur sports, including training for international competitions, to foster self-discipline, teamwork, and excellence for the development of a healthy and alert citizenry.”


In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Em Fernandez, the head of the league’s amendments committee, said the reason for such change:

“Most of the universities want to protect their high school programs.” Cayetano, meanwhile, is against “any kind of residency rule for graduating high school students.” “For transferring college students, the 1-year residency rule will suffice. Anything more than that is an injustice to an athlete.”

“In the USA, transferring college athletes have a 1-year residency rest before they can play for their new school – only 1 year, and it doesn’t apply to high school students who choose to go to a different college,”


Cayetano explained that the one-year rule of the US-NCAA is aimed at helping students acclimatize to new schools and academics.

“A student-athlete’s choice of university is influenced not only by athletics, but also by academics, campus life, and personal situation, and the 2-year residency encumbers their freedom of choice,

Cayetano added. 

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