UAAP Athletics 2022 Unlikely

With the UAAP Athletics not likely Happening until 2023. It has not been held since 2018.
This gap could surpass the record of 1942-1946 when the UAAP was put on hold during the Japanese Occupation of World War II.
A similar hiatus that has now been exceeded was due to Martial law no UAAP 1972-1974.
This gap has been so long that some athletes who have entered UAAP Colleges will even graduate before they get to join any UAAP Athletic event.
The pandemic has even forced a lot of UAAP schools to cut back or remove scholarships to cope with the lack of budgets.
So far the UAAP board has only made plans for Volleyball and Basketball competitions in 2022.
The NCAA also faces a similar dilemma with no NCAA Athletics schedule certain for 2022 also. Meanwhile, PRISAA and SCUAA are looking at having a national face-to-face or virtual event in the first 6 months of 2022.
In the NEW NORMAL things cannot go back to how they were before as those old system status quo way of doing things no longer seems to work.
Maybe it really is time to decentralize the sports system of the Philippines to make it more sustainable in the Post COVID world, where its likely variant after variant is going to hit.
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