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Triathlon Philippines

Subic, Philippines

Triathlon Philippines Asian Cup now, more triathlon events soon

After a gap of more than 20 years, India will be hosting an international triathlon event with the Triathlon Asian Cup in Chennai on Sunday.

By Express News Service

CHENNAI: After a gap of more than 20 years, India will be hosting an international triathlon event with the Triathlon Asian Cup in Chennai on Sunday. In a move to popularise the sport in the country, the Indian Triathlon Federation (ITF) is planning to host two more events in the country this year. “We are looking at organizing some more competitions with the help of event management companies to attract more people to take up the sport,” N Ramachandran, CEO of ITF said. 

The Asian Cup in Chennai will see more than 100 participants, including 30 international triathletes from countries like Switzerland, France, South Korea, Japan, and Chile. This year, the Senior National Championship will be held simultaneously along with the event. Around 70 participants from various states, apart from those from the Services Sports Control Board (SSCB), will be in action in Chennai. The event will feature 1.5km of swimming, 40km of cycling and 10km of running one after the other. 

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John Chicano wins SEA Games Men’s Gold Triathlon

John Chicano delivered the first gold medal of the 2019 SEA Games.

Chicano who was the silver medalist in Men’s Triathlon two years ago behind Nikko Bryan Huelgas crowned himself Champion.

It was a 1-2 finish for the Philippines as Andrew Kim Remolino took the silver medal. The duo bested a 10 man field.

Chicano clocked a time of 1:53.23

John Chicano

Remolino and Chicano Photo Credit: Russell Palma

From Janitor to SEA Games Champion

Chicano remarkable rise from janitor to a SEA Games Champion. Began as he used to be a janitor who used to sweep the floor at his coach Melvin Fausto bike shop where he also was fixing bikes. Fausto served as a mentor to Chicano


“May nakita ako sa kaniyang alam mo ‘yong very teachable siya. So ako dahil noong time na ‘yon, noong minementor ng mga Australian coaches isa sa project namin ‘yong mga under-privileged, nabigyan namin sila ng chance to come in to the sport ng triathlon,” Fausto said.


Triathlon won 2 of 2 golds and 2 silvers in the 2017 SEA Games. In 2019 there will be 6 events instead of 2 including men’s and women’s Triathlon and team events. Men’s and women’s Duathlon and team events.


Regent Aguila Ironman 70.3 Philippines-Cebu to offer World Championship slots

CEBU CITY, Philippines—The Regent Aguila Ironman 70.3 Philippines-Cebu will be offering 60 qualifying age group slots for the 2020 Ironman 70.3 World Championships which will be held in Taupo, New Zealand.

The race is slated on Sunday, August 11, 2019, and will traverse four cities of Cebu province from Lapu-Lapu to Mandaue, Cebu, Talisay and back via the South Road Properties (SRP) will be the first qualifying race for the 2020 world championships.

This international race will start and end at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa, Cebu.

This Cebu edition of the half Ironman has won several awards, the most recent of which is being named as the Best Triathlon Swim Course in Asia 2018.

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IronGirl spices up IRONMAN 70.3 in Cebu

MANILA, Philippines — Women power takes center stage ahead of the second Regent Aguila IRONMAN 70.3 powered by Philam Vitality with a record number of participants all primed up for the Herbalife Nutrition IronGirl Friday at Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu.

The fun run for girls’ 12 years old-and-above, set over 5kms, will cap a series of activities lined up in the first of the three-day event culminating in IRONMAN 70.3 which features the biggest gathering of foreign pros in years.

The 1,400 slots in IronGirl were sold out in just three hours when it opened last June 12, underscoring the tremendous appeal of one of the side events of the premier endurance race sponsored by Herbalife Nutrition for the youngsters and adults alike.

All finishers will receive a specially crafted IronGirl medal and shirt.

The IRONMAN 70.3 activities will start on Aug. 8 with the Expo Open and other events at The Marquee with the schedule on the next day to include a meet-and-greet with Mexican defending pro champion Mauricio Mendez, the media conference, the IronKids briefing and the Herbalife IronGirl. 


Sign Up for Traverse City IRONMAN Opens Soon

Announced Tuesday, IRONMAN is coming to Traverse City and athletes can sign up soon. Traverse City is the second city in Michigan to host the famous triathlon. Now, it’s time to plan out all the details for the half-Ironman next summer.

The race is August 25, 2019. The route has not been finalized, but organizers say the swim will likely be in West Bay and athletes will continue on a bike through cherry orchards. The triathlon will finish the 13.1 miles run through downtown Traverse City.

Paul Marek works at 9&10 News and just completed an IRONMAN this weekend. He’s already getting excited about next summer’s race.

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Asian Games Results

Men’s Triathlon

1.5 km
Trans. 1Bike
39.6 km
Trans. 2Run
10 km
Total time
1st, gold medalist(s) Jumpei Furuya (JPN)18:480:2656:360:2033:331:49:43
2nd, silver medalist(s) Ayan Beisenbayev (KAZ)18:550:2756:290:2234:251:50:38
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Li Mingxu (CHN)18:510:2656:350:2134:361:50:49
4 Jiang Zhihang (CHN)18:510:2556:350:2434:381:50:53
5 Chang Tuan-chun (TPE)19:530:2856:500:2333:441:51:18
6 Mohamad Masoo (SYR)19:560:2756:460:2535:401:53:14
7 Makoto Odakura (JPN)18:470:2756:380:2337:191:53:34
8 Wong Hui Wai (HKG)18:520:2456:360:2037:401:53:52
9 Heo Min-ho (KOR)20:020:2856:420:2436:451:54:21
10 John Chicano (PHI)21:390:3056:100:2735:471:54:33
11 Maxim Kriat (KAZ)21:390:2756:140:2936:041:54:53
12 Wang Wei-kai (TPE)20:070:2856:390:2437:421:55:20
13 Aleksandr Kurishov (UZB)18:500:2857:560:2037:561:55:30
14 Behzad Nobaripour (IRI)21:030:3256:380:2537:541:55:32
15 Muhammad Ahlul Firman (INA)20:100:2756:360:2638:231:56:02
16 Nikko Huelgas (PHI)21:370:2956:150:2439:541:58:39
17 Abdallah Abushabab (PLE)19:560:2756:500:2741:421:59:22
18 Omar Abushabab (PLE)21:330:2856:200:2343:112:01:55
19 Wong Chin Wa (MAC)21:370:281:01:530:2037:532:02:11
20 Chao Man Kit (MAC)20:140:2857:410:2444:052:02:52
21 Ryan Tan Qai Shen (MAS)21:350:301:01:520:2439:592:04:20
22 Omar Ali (BRN)21:550:311:03:070:3039:252:05:28
23 Aldrian Yeo Yu Yong (MAS)21:350:281:01:540:2541:092:05:31
24 Lakruwan Dewa (SRI)24:550:311:03:060:3142:252:11:28
25 Ahmad Al-Sarhan (KUW)28:360:351:01:560:2241:142:12:43
26 Ebrahim Al-Romaihi (QAT)24:330:311:04:040:2743:592:13:34
27 Sirapob Sudsupap (THA)23:160:291:02:430:2947:212:14:18
28 Ahmad Al-Fahim (UAE)27:390:361:02:570:3648:142:20:02
 Mohammad Al-Sabbagh (SYR)19:020:3057:380:23DNF
 Kim Ji-hwan (KOR)18:490:2656:350:22DNF
 Law Leong Tim (HKG)19:520:2857:220:29DNF
 Javohir Yunusov (UZB)19:550:36DNF
 Mohsen Al-Ali (UAE)DSQ
 Dipesh Chaudhary (NEP)DSQ

Women’s Triathlon

1.5 km
Trans. 1Bike
39.6 km
Trans. 2Run
10 km
Total time
1st, gold medalist(s) Yuko Takahashi (JPN)19:020:291:00:330:2439:011:59:29
2nd, silver medalist(s) Zhong Mengying (CHN)19:140:271:03:100:2138:042:01:15
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Hoi Long (MAC)20:080:291:02:130:2538:132:01:28
4 Zhang Yi (CHN)20:200:281:02:060:2039:002:02:14
5 Jang Yun-jung (KOR)19:170:271:03:090:1939:232:02:25
6 Choi Yan Yin (HKG)21:170:281:01:040:2441:182:04:31
7 Marion Kim Mangrobang (PHI)20:180:281:02:060:2442:042:05:20
8 Kuo Jia-chi (TPE)20:210:281:02:010:2542:282:05:43
9 Kim Kilgroe (PHI)21:440:271:00:370:2343:462:06:57
10 Chang Chi-wen (TPE)20:200:271:02:070:3045:192:08:43
11 Anastassiya Avtushko (KAZ)23:450:331:09:580:2846:072:20:51
12 Irene Chong See Win (MAS)21:490:301:07:230:3050:472:20:59
13 Sameera Albitar (BRN)21:110:331:08:040:2551:352:21:48
14 Lei Cho Ieng (MAC)25:030:311:08:440:4452:032:27:05
15 Najlaa I M Al-Jerewi (KUW)25:150:461:08:140:3952:422:27:36
16 Teoh Sue Ling (MAS)25:040:411:09:580:4353:012:29:27
17 Sayaka Cakravastia (INA)27:360:341:13:570:2656:212:38:54
18 Fatemah Al-Ghanim (KUW)30:260:341:14:480:3656:112:42:35
 Yuka Sato (JPN)19:130:281:03:090:23DNF
 Jeong Hye-rim (KOR)20:170:261:02:080:22DNF
 Bailee Brown (HKG)21:150:251:01:140:25DNF
 Alina Khakimova (UZB)24:200:29DNF

Mixed Relays

300 m
Trans. 1Bike
6.3 km
Trans. 2Run
2.1 km
1st, gold medalist(s) Japan (JPN)1:30:39
Jumpei Furuya4:070:409:400:376:2921:33
Yuichi Hosoda4:190:389:520:336:4222:04
Yuka Sato4:140:4410:570:366:5523:26
Yuko Takahashi4:280:4610:300:427:1023:36
2nd, silver medalist(s) South Korea (KOR)1:32:51
Heo Min-ho4:220:3910:500:335:4722:11
Jang Yun-jung4:180:4310:560:367:0423:37
Kim Ji-hwan4:020:3810:140:346:3922:07
Park Ye-jin4:450:4111:430:377:1024:56
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Hong Kong (HKG)1:33:04
Bailee Brown4:200:4210:520:387:2924:01
Choi Yan Yin4:510:4111:080:357:1324:28
Law Leong Tim4:210:4010:010:356:3422:11
Wong Tsz To4:220:4010:500:326:0022:24
4 China (CHN)1:33:23
Li Mingxu4:090:4110:280:356:3222:25
Liu Chen4:210:3910:490:376:1622:42
Zhang Yi4:420:4511:200:377:1124:35
Zhong Mengying4:160:4410:580:387:0523:41
5 Chinese Taipei (TPE)1:33:44
Chang Chia-chia4:510:4611:040:408:0125:22
Chang Tuan-chun4:290:4310:010:426:1422:09
Kuo Jia-chi4:240:4110:500:377:2824:00
Lin Wei-chih4:220:4010:000:346:3722:13
6 Philippines (PHI)1:39:08
John Chicano4:500:4310:340:397:0223:48
Ma Claire Adorna4:180:4710:520:398:1324:49
Marion Kim Mangrobang5:030:5111:460:387:2725:45
Mark Anthony Hosana4:480:4611:120:387:2224:46
7 Uzbekistan (UZB)1:41:40
Aleksandr Kurishov4:130:4311:110:366:4623:29
Alina Khakimova5:340:4611:390:448:1226:55
Ekaterina Ryazanova4:400:4611:550:488:5227:01
Javohir Yusunov4:330:4810:590:377:1824:15
8 Macau (MAC)1:43:15
Chao Man Kit4:260:4410:580:417:4524:34
Hoi Long4:390:4510:340:397:2924:06
Lei Cho Ieng6:070:5312:350:549:5330:22
Rogerio Jose Carreira Chiu5:100:4510:310:437:0424:13
9 Indonesia (INA)1:44:01
Andi Gumilang Lawello4:320:4310:410:377:0723:40
Asihta Aulia Azzahra4:580:5211:270:579:4828:02
Eva Desiana7:020:4612:010:388:2028:47
Jauhari Johan5:020:4110:270:426:4023:32
10 Malaysia (MAS)1:46:59
Aldrian Yeo Yu Yong4:570:4511:110:417:0624:40
Irene Chong See Win4:370:4811:290:449:1626:54
Ryan Tan Qai Shen4:500:4611:390:407:3125:26
Teoh Sue Ling6:051:0312:510:569:0429:59
11 Thailand (THA)1:50:22
Kritsanaphon Phonphai4:250:4411:170:388:3525:39
Pareeya Sonsem6:430:5212:120:458:5029:22
Supakhit Sukatiphum5:060:4511:110:397:5825:39
Thipsuda Kammee4:240:5012:100:4111:3729:42
12 Nepal (NEP)1:52:55
Basanta Tharu5:520:4611:310:296:3525:13
Dipesh Chaudhary5:081:0611:300:347:2825:46
Roja K C6:150:5413:230:419:0930:22
Sony Gurung6:151:0213:110:4310:2331:34
13 Mongolia (MGL)1:59:51
Enkhjin Bat-Orshikh5:111:0313:320:509:4930:25
Gansukh Chuluunsukh5:390:4512:250:529:5429:35
Turbold Munkhbold5:180:5811:490:419:3328:19
Uyanga Erdenebat6:151:0913:390:479:4231:32

 Cebu’s Elite off to Bohol Sunrise Sprint Triathlon

Nov 1, 2017

Bohol Sunrise Sprint Triathlon

Cebu’s Elite off to Bohol Sunrise Sprint Triathlon in the Bellevue Resort 5i50 Triathlon kicks off this Sunday in Panglao Island, Bohol.

While in its continuing effort to expand the base of triathlon.  The organizer Sunrise Events, Inc. launched the 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km event in Subic Bay last year. And had included it in 2016 The Bellevue Resort 5150.

While inspired by its resounding success. The SEI is again putting up the event side-by-side with the premier 1.5km swim, 40km bike, and 10km run championship.

“As the sport grows, we continue to find ways to draw more and more athletes into it. This short distance race is perfect for those who have been training 10, 15 or 20 hours a week, those with a reasonable level of swimming proficiency, and even those who are coming back from injury,” said SEI founder Wilfred Uytengsu.

The spotlight will be on Cebu’s Jorry Ycong as he tries to capture another win in Bohol after reigning in last year’s men’s Filipino Elite class. Bohol Sunrise Sprint Triathlon Men’s Division

Sam Betten

Joining the Asian Elite fray from Cebu are

  • Paul Jumamil and Banjo Norte of Rider Omega Tri Team,
  • John Philip Dueñas of Motor Ace Kawasaki Racing Team,
  • Xterra pro-Joseph Miller of Ford Forza.

Cebu’s triathletes will be facing the likes of

  • Many-time ironman 70.3 Philippinhampion August Benedicto of Alaska Tri-Aspire
  • Jonard Saim of Active Health Elite Team
  • Hometown bet Emmanuel Commendador of Paseo de Loon

International Athletes

  • Thailand’s Sam Burns of Tri Nirvana
  •  Aussies Sam Betten, Timothy James Reed
  • Alexander Polizzi and Gabriel Manner from Rwanda.


While on the other hand, national junior team members for triathlon Kim Andrew Remolino and Karen Manayon both from Talisay City. And Cebu will vie for titles in the sprint race, which covers 750-meter swim, 20K bike, and 5K run.

Bohol Sunrise Sprint Triathlon Women’s Division

Dimity Lee
  • Laurel Wassner of the United States
  • Aussies Dimity Lee Duke and Kerry Morris. (RSC)


Furthermore, top triathletes from 23 countries are also joining the hunt for the top $2,000 purse on both sides.

And the top male and female elite finishers, meanwhile, will pocket P30,000 each. While to spice up the twin events, a 5i50 Expo Open and Bike Service Open will be held on Nov. 3-4 at The Bellevue Pavilion.

Also, The Bellevue 5i50 also caps SEI’s triathlon calendar for the year that included the Alaska IronKids series, Xterra Danao, Ironman 70.3 Subic and Regent 5150 Subic





2971 sign up for 2 Philippines Ironman Triathlon events not scheduled until 2018

Oct 2, 2017

philippines ironman triathlon
Asia Pacific 70.3 Ironman Logo 2018

The popularity of Triathlon in the Philippines continues to soar. After winning 100% of the available medals up for the offer,. Hence the maximum possible result. TRAP (Triathlon Association of the Philippines) had 2 Golds, 2 Silvers from Men and Women in the 2 events it entered.

Golds came care of Huelgas and Kim Mangrobang.

Furthermore Its ‘Good for the Country’ to see event planners planning an event a year in advance.

As in the Philippines, a lot of events have a venue and schedule changed sometimes a week before the competition is slated.

Especially relevant is a total of 2971 signed up for two major international Ironman Triathlon Events scheduled in 2018.

While 1700 Triathletes signed up for the Regent Aguila Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championships.

Yet In sport loving Cebu. Hundreds of Cebuanos signed up for the onsite registration at the Cebu Provincial Capitol Hall for onsite registration.

And the course features a 1.9km swim, 90k Bike, and 21k Race. 21k is a Half Marathon equivalent.

Most Noteworthy however is the event is not slated until August 5, 2018.

While it will be held at the Shangri-La Mactan and Resort in Lapu Lapu City.

Furthermore, the race stretches the cities of Cebu, Mandaue and Talisay.

Meanwhile, Davao City also had a similar high signup for its 2018 Alveo Ironman 70.3 Philippines event in March. 1271 participants signed up in Davao.

“The slots in Cebu sell out fast, so we make sure that we’re in the list. Registration is exciting,” said former footballer Voltaire Montebon, who registered in both the Cebu and Davao races.

“I’m excited for Davao 70.3, I think the race there will be nice. Davao City has good roads, and it’s their first time to host,” he added.

For triathlete John Philip Dueñas, the races in Cebu and Davao next year are crucial to him as he will try to bounce back from a disappointing finish in the 2017 edition two months ago.

“I will really practice. I want to redeem myself. There will be a friendly competition among the local elite, which is good for the level of competition in the country,” said Dueñas.

Duenas also happens to be the coach of SEA Games Champion and Olympian Mary Joy Tabal.

100% Return for Triathlon Two More Golds and Silvers Huelgas and Mangrobang crowned SEA Games Champion

Aug 21, 2017

Article by Andrew Pirie

ATFS Statistician

Triathlon continued its squeaky clean showing at the SEA Games. Delivering again two for two. In fact, Triathlon managed to improve even more from 2015.

In 2015 the Philippines got two Golds from Nicko Huelgas in Men’s and Kim Mangrobang in Women’s and a silver from Ma. Claire Adorna.

This puts the Philippines on 3 Golds now after Mary Joy Tabal Gold in Women’s Marathon on Saturday.

Photo Credit: Philippine Star Huelgas and Mangrobang

Today they went even better getting 2 Golds and 2 Silvers. Improving on 2 Golds and 1 Silver. The best utmost best possible logistically possible result.

Huelgas defended his Men’s title timing 1h59.30 with John Chicano making silver in 2h01.27.

Clement Chow of Singapore who was fourth last SEA Games took Bronze in 2h03.24.

Last SEA Games Jonard Saim the other rep finished sixth.

So Chicano performance was an improvement on final standings compared to 2015.

Huelgas gold-winning time was 2:04.34 in 2015 hence an improvement in overall time by some 5 minutes.

Credit: Dyan Castillejo via twitter

In Women’s the roles were reversed with 2015 SEA Games Kim Mangrobang getting the better of defending SEA Games Champion  Ma. Claire Adorna.

Kim won in 2:11.14 a big improvement in time while Claire time was 2:18.58, Irene Chong took Bronze in 2:25.44 for Malaysia. Chong was fourth in Singapore 2 years ago.

Last 2015 SEA Games Adorna 2:13.08 and Kim 2:14.26.


Adorna crowns herself SEA Games Triathlon Champion

Jun 6, 2015

28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 - East Coast Park, Singapore - 6/6/15 Triathlon - Women's Individual - Philippines' Ma Claire Adorna (R) and Marion Kim Mangrobang hold their gold and silver medals respectively SEAGAMES28 Mandatory Credit: Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee / Action Images via Reuters
28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 – East Coast Park, Singapore – 6/6/15
Triathlon – Women’s Individual – Philippines’ Ma Claire Adorna (R) and Marion Kim Mangrobang hold their gold and silver medals respectively
SEAGAMES28 Mandatory Credit: Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee / Action Images via Reuters

Marie Claire Adorna, ended the gold medal drought for the Philippines crowning herself Queen of the SEA Games Triathlon.

It was even more a beautiful achievement for the The Philippines with a 1-2 finish. Marion Kim Mangrobang took silver.

Adorna time of 2:13.08 was a new Philippine Record, Mangorbang ran 2:14.26 Personal best, and Sanruthai Arunsiri of Thailand was a well beaten third in 2:22.08. Claire is now targetting the Rio Olympics.

The last time the Philippines participated in Triathlon was eight years ago.

Back then the Philippines took the silver and bronze in this event.

Duathlon had taken a gold via Ryan Mendoza in 2007.

The 21 year old Adorna who was the 2013 Swimmer of the Year, made the shift from the Philippine Swimming League to the Sport of Triathlon.

Having being a multi event athlete.

Claire decided to specialize on Triathlon as she enjoyed it more and felt she could go much further in that sport.

A wonderful achievement for TRAP and its hard working President Tom Carrasco who is also the POC Chairman.


2014 Asian Youth Games Philippines Triathlon

Aug 18, 2014

Vicky Deldio
Vicky Deldio


Deldio, a first-year college student at University of the Philippines, saw action at the Xuanwu Lake triathlon course.

The natural swimmer from Subic finished in 32nd place with her time of one hour 14 minutes and seven seconds for the 750-m swim, 20-km bike and 5-km run course.

Deldio had split times of 13:08 (swim), 37:11 (bike) and 22:26 (run). 

Britanny Dutton of Australia won the gold in 59:56 while Stephanie Jenks of the United States took the silver in 1:00.33.

Emilie Morier of France settled for the bronze in 1:00:55.

Philippine Olympic Committee president Jose Cojuangco and Philippine Sports Commission chairman Richie Garcia came to watch Deldio compete.

Ava Loreign Verdeflor will be the lone athlete that will compete for the Philippines on Monday in artistic gymnastics at the Olympic Center.

On Tuesday, Yu will be back in the pool while Zion Rose Nelson will race in the 400-m heats on Wednesday.

Shooter Celdon Jude Arellano will debut in the men’s air rifle also on Wednesday while archers Bianca Roxas-Chua Gotuaco and Luis Gabriel Moreno will see action Friday.



2014, February Batang Pinoy Triathlon Results

By Rick Reyes

 ‘We had 2 great days of triathlon in Bacolod City for the Typhoon Haiyan postponed Batang Pinoy 2013.

On Fri Jan 31, under almost perfect race conditions, a dominant Nicole Eijanantos led from start to finish to win the girl’s triathlon event over Lauren Plaza, who had beaten Nicole at their last race together and in spite of closing the gap on the run.
Although expected to podium but not a prohibitive favorite, Julius Constantino followed up his win at the Anvaya CoveTriathlon with a close win over Yuan Chiongbian and Sam Ranque.
Julius said his training with the elites in Coach George Vilog’s camp really prepared him for his victory.
Day 2 on Sat Feb 1 had to deal with Signal No. 2 typhoon conditions. The puddled and slippery roads forced the change of the triathlon Mixed Team Relay to an aquathlon version of a 400m swim-1600m run for each member of the team.
Mandaue City, composed of Lorraine Hann, Jezreel Tan, Shia Uy, and Chiongbian,  banked on latter’s brave front running to hold off Olongapo Team Constantino’s challenge who shadowed Chiongbian from the last laps of the swim.
Team Cebu and Laguna came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Olongapo was an unofficial entry because of Constantino actually represents Sta, Rosa,
This was the biggest BP ever with 33 boys and 21 girls from all over the Philippines participating.
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Cobra Ironman 70.3 opens registration for 2014 Philippine race

Hi, everyone!
After its success this year last August, Cobra Ironman 70.3 is now opening for registration for the 2014 race.
Starting tomorrow, October 1, interested athletes may now sign up for this anticipated race.
For more details, kindly see the attached article. Thank you! :)


Cobra Ironman 70.3 opens registration for 2014 Philippine race

(Manila, Philippines) This year’s Cobra Ironman 70.3 the Philippines ended with a bang in August at its second-time host location, Cebu City.

A successful turnout of over 2,000 athletes from across six continents and 35 countries tested their minds, bodies, and spirits to the limit in a continuous 1.9km swim, 90km bike, and 21.1km run.

And since its first arrival in 2009, it has been the biggest and most highly anticipated premium-sporting event to land on Philippine shores.

Although it has only been a few weeks since the last participant crossed the finish line, the Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines is now opening the registration for the 2014 race.

Starting October 1, athletes can start logging on to to secure race slots.

Last year, the slots were filled up four days after registration opened, and the Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines team expects the same, if not more, registrants for the 2014 race.

Cobra Energy Drink has been powering the biggest race of endurance for five years straight.

The brand is the race’s biggest supporter, on hand every step of the way to sustain the energy needed to endure the race.

Some of the world’s best athletes like Courtney Atkinson dominated this year’s men’s pro category, besting all other local and international athletes with his 3:58:07 race time.

Coming in on second place was three-time Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines winner Peter Jacobs with a 3:59:09 time; while David Dellow placed third with a 4:02:22 finish.

Leading the women’s pro race was Caroline Steffen, finishing with a 4:16:12 time, while 2012’s defending champion Belinda Granger came in second at 4:33:50, and Bree Wee completed the podium with her highest time of 4:27:49.

Meanwhile, Philippine pride, four-time Filipino women’s elite champion and professional triathlete, Monica Torres, finished fifth with at 4:52:02.

There are different reasons why athletes challenge themselves to finish the Ironman; some do it for a healthy lifestyle, others to test their endurance, and there are those who do it for their advocacies.

This biggest triathlon race has been known as well to attract local celebrities and icons. Joining this year’s relay competition was Apl D Ap of the international group, Black Eyed Peas, who biked for 90km for his advocacy for the education of the poor.

Another highlight was a cancer patient, Manny Angeles, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2005. With only the goal of taking home a Cobonpue medal, Angeles came in 9 minutes after the cutoff, in triumph knowing he can finish despite his illness.


“There is no easy way to do it. It takes commitment, discipline, and a whole lot of rigorous training.

Cobra Energy Drink shares with athletes its values of perseverance, dedication, and survival amidst and against all odds,” shares Abe Cipriano, Asia Brewery AVP for Marketing of Non-Alcoholic Beverages.

“Cobra is proud of this milestone in Philippine sports event. We are proud to be a big part of the first five years of Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines, and we look forward to seeing greater participation in 2014, and in years to come.”


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Pinoy triathletes win medals in Singapore (Oct 4)

From the Manila Times

Philippine Developmental Pool members Justin Liam Chiongbian and Vicky Deldio made waves for the country by winning bronze medals during the Cold Storage Singapore Triathlon held over the weekend.

The 14-year-old Chiongbian, who hails from Cebu and won honors in past local youth triathlon events, fought hard to finish at third place out of sixty-five competitors in the triathlon boys 13-15-years-old category (200 meter swim–10 kilometers bike–2km run) with a time of 28 minutes and 27 seconds.

On the same category, teammate Sixto Lalanto of Cagayan de Oro squandered an early lead emerging from the swim and ended up finishing fifth place with a time of 29:07.

Vicky Deldio of Tri-Clark, aged 14, also proved her worth placing 3rd in the girls 13-15-years-old race which attracted thirty-five competitors representing ten nations. She clocked in a total 33:02, one minute behind the champion Zoe Natasha Bowden of Malaysia.

On the Boys 10-12-years-old race, 11-year-old Yuan Chiongbian (Justin’s brother) ended up at 4th place with 33:08 while on the distaff side Nina Francesca Villaba timed 39:20 for a sixth-place finish.

Competing on foreign soil for the first time, the two Chiongbian brothers and Villaba are aspiring to qualify for the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China. All 13-15 youth triathletes, who are active participants of the TRAP’s SuperTriKids series, are now gearing up for the 2012 Batang Pinoy triathlon event which will be hosted by Iloilo City on December 7 and 8.

.Article on Justin Chiongbian on Cebu Sports Blog


Alistair Brownlee Wins Gold Olympic Games Triathlon 29 minute 10km run! (Aug 13)

Brownlee won the Olympic gold medal at the London Games in the Triathlon, Javier Gomez of Spain took silver, and bronze went to his brother Jonathan. (Photo Credits: Delly Carr/ITU Media 

This is the second Triathlon article I have provided a link too. Pinoyathletics is generally a Track and Field site but due to are growing numbers of Triathletes, Duathletes and Ultra Marathon runners we have decided to occasionally cover other sports as well.

Understandably the Triathlon finished a few days ago but we had quite a lot of coverage of the Athletics. It is now time to catch up with our backlog.

I was told the other day in the gym that 25-year-old Alistair Brownlee of Great Britain had run 29 minutes and seven seconds for the 10km run a respectable performance in any country for an individual 10k, only catch was it wasn’t a set of fresh legs! this is quite impressive after a 1500m run and 43km cycle. This puts Brownlee in the same super endurance category of

Lance Armstrong almost.  I remember overseeing the television Brownlee just powering away from the rest of the field taking the lead solo on the bike section of Triathlon.



Rejected Australian Triathlete Chris McCormack wins fourth World Title (Aug 4)

chris mcormack australian triathlete

They said he wasn’t good enough for the Olympics, os triathlete Chris McCormack has gone out and won a fourth world title. Rejected by Australia for the London Games, McCormack won the world long-course title in Spain today, adding to his two Iron-man world titles and an Olympic distance crown.

Read the Full article here

His webpage is here

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