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Payneful lessons to be put aside for Tony Payne in the 2021 SEA Games Marathon

Coming in as the ultimate force in the 2019 SEA Games in New Clark for Tony Payne having broken the SEA Marathon record with his 2:16.56 saw that Tony Payne would come in as the clear favorite for the SEA Games Gold.

But unfortunately in elite sports, this is not how it always pans out. Tony suffered both a painful ankle and to make matters worse was kept up all night by Filipino admin staff deciding to have a Karaoke session within listening range of the athlete’s dormitories.

The New Zealand who hails from the deep south town of Dunedin, New Zealand has a Thai mother and has represented Thailand since 2018. The 33-year-old will get his shot at the SEA Games Gold as he lines up in a field of 13 runners. Defending Champion Agus Prayogo will be there from Indonesia as well as Payne’s teammate SEA Ganes Silver medalist Sanchai Namkhet.

Soh Rui Yong the 2013 and 2015 SEA Games champion from Singapore will not be in the lineup as the Singapore National Olympic Committee decided not to include him.

Tony Payne’s first Marathon in 2 years.

Tony Payne of Thailand, the SEA Record Holder in the Marathon, has clocked 2:30.25 at the Cheshire Marathon in England on April 25, 2021. It was Tony’s first race back since he had an Achilles injury at the 2019 SEA Games. Still, a long way to go as it’s nearly 14 minutes slower than his record. He ranks 5th on the SEA Rankings for 2021.

Tony Payne breaks Buenavista South East Asian Record.

October 29, 2019


Tony Payne has clocked a new SEA record of 2:16.56 at the Frankfurt Marathon.

While New Zealand-born Payne, 29, who lives in London, has a Thai mother.

And he first represented Thailand at the Asian Games back in August in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he placed 8th in Asia.

His time then was 2:24.52. Most noteworthy, the mark of 2:16.56 improves his SEA lead by 8 minutes almost!.

His PB was 2:19.39 set last year also in Germany at Berlin. 

The mark also went under the Thailand National Record of Jirattikam Boonma set in Chiangmai in 1995 (2:19.33).


Tony Payne SEA Games Favorite

This mark puts Payne as the favorite at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines. Soh Rui Yong, the back-to-back SEA Games Champion from Singapore, has run (2:25.05) this year; his PB is 2:24.55 from 2016.

The mark, more importantly, was a southeast Asian Record. Also breaking the previous mark of Eduardo Buenavista 2:18.44 set in the Beppu Marathon.

And Buenavista was a 10,000m Bronze medalist at the Asian Championships level.


And can learn two things from this.

  1. Payne running 2:16.56 and only placing 8th at Asian Games with 2 24 means the competition at the Asian Games level is getting stronger.
  2. Mainly due to the influx of Arab Nations buying African athletes to run for them. And also due to the strong program in Japan.
  3. Since the PATAFA removed Mario Castro as a national coach before the 2015 SEA Games, the Philippines Long Distance program has collapsed. As evidence, we are falling further and further behind other SEA Nations in this event. Payne 2:16 is 19 minutes faster than our best athlete Jeson Agravante. Every SEA Games until 2015 (since the mid-late 90s with Mario), we won a medal in SEA Games Men’s Marathon. In 2015 and 2017, no awards and DNF.




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