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Throwing Events

(source Australian Sunday Telegraph)

Throwing Events

Three of the four throwing events been at the Olympics since its modern beginnings. Discus, shot put, and hammer were among the field events included for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. However only Discus and Shotput were played and both events were won by American Robert Garrett.

Javelin made its debut in London in 1908. The sculptured bronze image of the ancient Greek discus thrower is one of the most recognizable in sport – not a just Olympic sport.

Bronze, image of the ancient Greek discus thrower


One of Greece’s most famous ancient works of art, the sculpture underlines how deeply Discus and throwing events are woven into the history of the Olympic Games. When women began competing in Olympic Athletics at the 1928 Amsterdam Games, the discus was the only throwing event open to them. Javelin followed in 1932, shotput in 1948 and hammer in 2000.

There are four throwing disciplines for both men and women – discus, javelin, shot put and hammer.

The Competition

At all throwing events, athletes start with a qualifying round and get three attempts to achieve a qualifying distance. All who achieve the distance go through to the final and, if fewer than  12 reach qualifying standard, the top 12 go through.

Athletes have three initial throws in the final, with the top eight after the first three rounds then having a further three throws to determine the winner.

The first tie-breaker is the athletes’ second-best performance. If that doesn’t break the tie,  their third-best performances are compared and so on.

Judges can penalize an athlete for an “unreasonable” delay in throwing and disallow an attempt. The time limit is one minute.

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ShotputThrowing Events



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Hammer Throw

hammer shotput steps throwing

Extra Throwing for Disabled Athletes

Throwing for Disabled Athletes

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