UAAP Athletics Records Comprehensive Guide

uaap athletics records

UAAP ATHLETICS RECORDS  as of 17 February 2018

2016 – For the first time ever a High school girls division was introduced.


UAAP Athletics Records

A Note on Hand Timed Performances UAAP Athletics Records

The first thing to note is in regard to the keeping of hand time records. While the UAAP board has decided to keep hand-timed performance. When an electronic system has now been used since 2001 with the exception of 2011 when they reverted to the hand-timed system (stopwatches).

For more information on hand timing protocol please refer to my previous article.

The thing to note is that hand timing is never rounded down so even if the time is .01 it is rounded up to .1 for a record and official result keeping purposes.

Now in regards to the UAAP Athletics Records, it seems unnecessary to keep hand-timed performances together with the electronic equivalent unless they are better than the electronic performance.

I firmly believe we should encourage Electronic timed records in every event where possible and restrict the number of hand-timed performances based on the following criteria.


But what are we going to describe as better?

a) The hand-timed performance is better e.g. 400m 54.1 looks better than 54.14.

b) according to the article on hand-timing and the widely accepted rule for track events +.24 is added to hand times in 100 and 200 and for events 400m up .14 is added therefore 54.1 is 54.24 so it’s not considered better officially. 54.0 would be the equivalent of a 54.14 electronic time.

Also, I noticed for some of the records the hand time is being taken when an electronic time is available for that event in the official result. Hand timing when the electronic timing is used is to serve up as a backup in case of electronics system malfunctions. However, the electronic time is the official result hence should not be overruled by hand timing for record-breaking purposes.

Summaries and Stats

I have posted an amendment of UAAP records the best I can with the resources available to me, this revision project may involve having to access data which is only available to the UAAP Board that decides on records and I acknowledge there may be results I have overlooked. So I will post my amendments and leave it open to comment from the board and the athletic community before posting a review of each event which has an inaccuracy.

That will open this subject up for discussion. Please note that this revision is the only partway towards finalization.

Please note the following

100 Meters as Soguilon performance had no wind reading. I’m also maintaining a list of the best time with a wind reading. As Soguilon’s performance in the 100 and 200 to my understanding. Are the greatest times in the history of the UAAP. Its only fair they are listed despite the lack of a wind reading until someone surpasses these performances.
  1. Listed all the places I know of in recent memory where the UAAP was held for each record achievement.
  2. Women’s Riezel record was set in 2008 at 3.40m, not 2002. She was 16 in 2002.
  3. Included all Boys Records set.


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uaap athletics records



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