Philippines Athletics Records as of May 14, 2023

Philippines Athletics Records

Philippines Athletics Records Updated 2023

  • Andrew Pirie ATFS Vice President prepares national, National Junior, and National Indoor Philippines Athletics Records. 
  • Please disregard any National Record information on Wikipedia. I had made edits to their page but they reverted to the old information before the edits. Which includes national records with no viable source information. 
  • However, they are continuously counter-checked with the Asian Athletics Association and the World Athletics Body for accuracy.

Philippines Athletics Records as of 2023

Below are the Philippine National Records in Athletics. 

  • Please Note Wikipedia and PATAFA keep their own set of records.
  • However, we regularly check and Audit our records with the Asian Athletics Association Statistician

Philippines Athletics Records Please note:

  1. All hand-time performances which are not considered better (.24 100-200 or .14 400 and up are not listed anymore)
  2. For the women’s 4×400, the hand time is more significant than the .14 conversion for electronic.
  3. For the 3k walk, more data is needed on Adjennie Delos Santos’s performance.
  4. Fil-Heritage Athletes require Filipino Passport (Dual Citizenship) to be eligible for Filipino National, National Junior, and National Indoor records. Only performances after the issue date on a Fil-Heritage athlete’s Filipino Passport will be considered. Refusal or failure to submit passports to Pinoyathletics for meets before they start representing the Philippines will result in the Invalidation of any record performances.
  5. Junior Athletes are not turning 20 in the year the record is set. For example, if you surpass a Junior Record in May of 2020, you were born in December 2000. Even if you are 19 on the day, you need to be 19 for the entire year for the junior record to be valid.


Pinoyathletics National Indoor Records in Athletics as of February 9, 2020


PinoyAthletics statement on Yacine Guermali National Record  being listed by Wikipedia as PinoyAthletics requires passport evidence emailed to pinoyathletics@gmail.com






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