SprinTopia – Pinoyathletics Opens Entries for 4th Virtual Event


SprinTopia is Pinoyathletics 4th Virtual Event 

With Track Ovals opening up all over the Philippines events. Pinoyathletics plans to host a premier sprint event.


SprinTopia Requirements

  • This is a no entry / No Prize Money event
  • Participants must submit Videos by no later than 11.59 pm On Sunday, March 14
  • Performances must be run on Saturday and Sunday, March 13-14
  • Athletes must be at least 15 years of age as per COVID. Unless provisions allow otherwise in line with COVID Rules.
  • Athletes must follow COVID Rules in place in their province.
  • Divisions Under 17 / Under 20 /Open / Masters
  • A Full Video of a clear view of start and finish must be presented.
  • A Track Oval whether Rubberized, Grass, Concrete, or Dirt is preferred.
  • Any non Ovals must be approved by Pinoyathletics with proof of accurate measurements before videos submitted.
  • If performances are doubtful, due to suspect inaccurate measurements athletes will be asked to redo the video. Not doing so results in a DQ.
  • No Hand Times will be accepted, Times will be taken off the Video and analyzed for performance.


Email entries to [email protected]

Athletes that no-showed at our last virtual meet without giving reasons will not be permitted to join this virtual meet.


List of Entries as of (24.02.21)



SprinTopia - Pinoyathletics Opens Entries for 4th Virtual Event 1

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