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SprinTopia – Pinoyathletics – Results (March 5, 2021, until March 21, 2021)

Summary of SprinTopia Results:

Alhryan Labita
Alhryan Labita


What a close fight in the Mens Division with just .02 seconds between each place-getter. The National Junior 400 Record Holder, Alhyran Labita of Leyte, is just getting the edge over the 2019 SEA Games Decathlon Bronze Medalist Janry Ubas of CDO Pinoyathletics SprinTopia virtual event.

Labita did a sprint double in the 100/200m ahead of teammate Van Obejas who ran a PB. Impressive running from Junior Ozaraga, who had the 3rd fastest time overall in the Pinoyathletics SprinTopia event.

Results Men

Mens 100m Masters: 1. Y. Tamayo (Isk) 12.27 Open: 1. A. Labita (Ley) 11.22, 2. J. Ubas (CDO) 11.24, 3. C. Neri (CDO) 11.24;  U20: 1. J. Araneta (Mal) 11.24, 2. S. Ozaraga (Mal) 11.37, E. Granjeda (Neg) 11.41; U18: 1. M. Daroy (Akl) 11.59, 2. J. Aguilar (CTF) 12.00, 3. R. Mitra (STL) 12.20; 200m Masters Tamayo 24.70; Open: 1. Labita 22.63, 2. V. Obejas (Ley) 22.80, 3. S. Aburot (CDO) 23.02; 200m U20: 1. Ozaraga 22.96, 2. Araneta 23.39, 3. R. Juntilla (CDO) 23.96; U18: 1. C. Daroy (Akl) 24.13, 2. R. Mitra (StL) 24.60, 3. De Guzman 24.63;

400m Open: 1. E. Carado (Ilo) 51.90, 2. E. Neri (PA) 52.00, 3. Aburot 52.50; 400M U20: 1. Araneta (Mal) 53.72, 2. A. Esparanza (CTF) 58.80, 3. J. Feb Carlos (ZDN) 58.88  U18: 1. L. Lallo (CTF) 52.93, 2. M. Espino (AKL) 56.43, 3. J. Guinitaran (Mal) 56.79; 4×100 1. Malaybalay 46.27, 2. CDO 46.46, 3. Iloilo A 48.63

Results Women

Womens 100m Open: 1. L. Janer (SP) 13.47, 2. A. Togiaman (Ilo) 14.11, 3. J. Curasema (PA) 14.48; U20: 1. L. Pama (Mis) 12.36, 2. D. Mahusay (CTF) 12.62, 3. R. Cugdan (PA) 12.93; U18 1. E. Ruto (Isk) 12.87, 2. K. Jaylo (CDO) 13.48, 3. J. Epa (CTF) 13.92; 200m Open: 1. Janer 27.60, Togiaman 29.20, 3. C. Castaneda (Ilo) 35.10; U20: 1. Mahusay 27.20, 2. A. Agamanos (Isk) 27.35, 3.  M. Cornelia (Ilo) 27.70; U18: 1. Ruto 26.45, 2.  S. Villauneva (ME) 28.90, 3. Jaylo  29.08; 400m Open: 1. A. Monoy (PA) 1:08.50, 2. M. Sarmiento (PA) 1:09.80, 3. Janer 1:11.80; U20: 1. Mahusay 59.27, 2. Cornelia 1:11.34, 3. H. Malaga (Ilo) 1:12.62; U18: 1. J. Nemi (CTF) 1:05.03, .2 J. Epa (CTF) 1:11.60, 3. R. Villar 1:14.97; 4×100 1. CDO/Misamis 53.56, 2. CANTAFA 56.07, 3. Iloilo 59.35.

Full Results

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SprinTopia Weekend Schedule- (video deadline 21st of March)

Saturday 14th March

  • Cagayan De Oro

Sunday 14th

  • Binan
  • Iloilo
  • Aklan

Saturday 23

Please note we will be using the following conversions

  1. Video times, only hand times, will not be accepted. Hence that is why we need a clear full video with good views of the start and finish.
  2. To make this a fair competition, as everyone doesn’t have access to a rubberized track oval, we will apply these conversions out of consideration.
    1. Cagayan De Oro (Rubber Shoes / Cement Surface) conversion (spikes/track)
      1. 100m (-.5 seconds)
      2. 200m (-1 second)
      3. 400m (-2 seconds)
    2. Dirt Track/Grass Tracks using spikes (with accurate measurement)
      1. 100m (-.25 seconds)
      2. 200m (-.5 seconds)
      3. 400m (-1 second)
  3. Pinoyathletics reserves the right to order re-runs if doubtful performances emerge due to suspected under-distance measuring. (re-runs may not be held after the 21 of March).

SprinTopia is Pinoyathletics 4th Virtual Event. 

With Track Ovals opening up all over the Philippines, events. Pinoyathletics plans to host a premier sprint event.


SprinTopia Requirements

  • This is a no-entry / No Prize Money event.
  • Participants must submit Videos by no later than 11.59 pm On Sunday; March 1athletes must run performances on Saturday and Sunday, March 13-14
  • Athletes must be at least 15 years of age as per COVID. Unless provisions allow otherwise in line with COVID Rules.
  • Athletes must follow COVID Rules in place in their province.
  • Divisions Under 17 / Under 20 /Open / Masters
  • athletes must present a Full Video with a clear view of the start and finish.
  • A Track Oval, whether Rubberized, Grass, Concrete, or Dirt, is preferred.
  • Pinoyathletics must approve any non-Ovals with proof of accurate measurements before videos are submitted.
  • If performances are doubtful due to suspect inaccurate measurements, athletes will be asked to redo the video. Not doing so results in a DQ.
  • Nand will accept no Hand Times Times will be taken off the Video and analyzed for performance.


Athletes that no-showed at our last virtual meet without giving reasons will not be permitted to join this virtual meet.

Pinoyathletics SprinTopia Cagayan De Oro Leg Report

The largest contingent of 2021 Pinoyathletics SprinTopia came from the city of Cagayan De Oro. Which even had athletes from Misamis and Malaybalay participate.

Athletes used rubber shoes because the oval was a concrete (standard 400m) oval and not a dirt one. And because of this, to make it comparable to athletes in other parts of the countries using Spikes on rubber tracks. Scaling factors of -.5 (100m) -1.0 (200m) and -2.0 (400m) were used for adjusted times.


100 Meter Mens A Race: Dead Heat

SprinTopia Cagayan De Oro
Janry Ubas


In one of the Races that truly make the sport of Athletics a spectacle. Janry Ubas, the SEA Games Bronze medalist in Decathlon, found himself in the grip of a deadly three-way battle. Nevertheless, the 27-year-old national team member ran well for his opening race outside his 11.10 PB from the 2015 Singapore SEA Games and should be on the path to his 4th SEA Games appearance.

One of the beautiful things is you never know what talent might pop up. And that was in the form of 18-year-old John Araneta. The bleached blonde teenager part of the treasure chest of athletes is coming out of Bukidnon. Challenged the veteran Ubas to the line. In a race that was so close, not even the Photo Finish could pick a winner as both of their heads went over the line simultaneously. Ubas training partner Clint Neri also helped himself to a PB just .02 seconds behind in 11.26.

I must stress the importance as I did with the weekly relays of pre-planned races. Athletes improve the most running against Athletes of the same or slightly better ability.

100M Mens A

1 Janry Ubas Cagayan De Oro 1 11.24
1 John Araneta Malaybalay Runners 1 11.24 PB
3 Clint Nino Neri Cagayan De Oro 1 11.26 PB
4 Shaolin Spencer Aburot Cagayan De Oro 1 11.37 PB
5 John Gabreza Cagayan De Oro 1 12.18
6 Felmer Reyes Malaybalay Runners 1 12.45

Pama Gaps her Opponents

SprinTopia Cagayan De Oro
Women’s 100m A Race 8 lanes booked


The Challenge of getting a field of getting women involved in Philippine Sports is not an easy task. And the virtual events are a great way to get more young women involved in Athletics. However, at Pinoyathletics SprinTopia Cagayan De Oro, it was fully booked with 8 lanes.

The 5’7 Lianne Pama (Misamis Oriental) and the Palarong Pambansa 2019 Silver medalist were 100 and 200. And the joint winner of the Pinoyathletics 60m Dash for Cash in December. That stormed to the win in a bolt-like manner winning by 1.12 seconds. For the rest, it was a battle for second place. 15-year-old Kimmy Jean Jaylo, the youngest in the field, was the surprise second placer with her training partner Rogylle Cugdan the NMRAA 2020 Champion in 3rd place. Jaylo would win the 200m in 29.08. At the same time, Samantha Victor took the 400m in 1:15.94.

Pinoyathletics proudly supports Women in Philippine Sports.


13.03.21 Pinoyathletics SprinTopia CDO 100m Women’s A Race

1 Lianne Diana Pama Misamis Oriental 1 12.36
2 Kimmy Jean Jaylo Pinoyathletics 1 13.48
3 Rogylle Cugdan Pinoyathletics 1 13.58
4 Aiko Ranara Misamis Oriental 1 13.85
5 Charity Cabuhayan Misamis Oriental 1 13.98
6 Mecailla Jane Requirme Malaybalay Runners 1 14.38
7 Jamaica Cuaresma Pinoyathletics 1 14.48
8 Maria Cristina Egama Malaybalay Runners 1 14.93

Other Results

Another upcoming Malaybalay teenager won the Mens 200m Race Sckoreik Ozaraga took the event in 22.96, after winning the Mens 100m B Race in 11.34 earlier. He finished ahead of Shaolin Aburot (CDO, 23.02) and team mateJohn Araneta (23.39). Aburot went on to win the 400m in 53.00 and then improved to 52.50 in a re-run, ahead of John Divingracia at 54.65 (Pinoyathletics) and  Juver Manto at 54.82 (Misamis). 

Malaybalay won the Mens 4×100, and CDO/Misamis won the Womens 4×100.


Video Credits and helped with the meeting: Coaches AJ Labadan (Malaybalay Runners) and Shaolin Aburot (Cagayan De Oro). Thanks also to the athletic community of Cagayan De Oro for helping facilitate this event.





By Andrew Pirie

Andrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has worked as a PSC Consultant and Research Assistant from 2013-2015, Consultant, and Sprint Coach at Zamboanga Sports Academy from 2015-2017. And Currently is Consultant Coach with VMUF 2021- Current editor and chief of Pinoyathletics.info, and has recently done consultancy work for Ayala Corp evaluating the Track and Field Program. Coaches Sprints, Middle and Jump events he is  Level 3 Athletics Australia Coaching Certification in Sprints and Hurdles. Currently working towards a Masters Degree in Education. He can be contacted on [email protected] You can find more information on Coaching here http://www.pinoyathletics.info/coaching-2/

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