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Phi Athletics Sports Trivia questions

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Philippines Athletics Sports Trivia questions 

Sports Trivia Questions By Kimberly May Goloran (Kimly)

Kimberly Goloran is a 17-year-old student-athlete at the University of the Philippines.

She is covering the Palarong Pambansa.

We welcome Ms. Goloran’s contributions to

Abstract: Each of the ‘about 30-45second’ Philippines Athletics Sports Trivias were intentionally made simple, understandable to target even non-runners/athletes/track and field athletes (in other words, the masses)  to read and see the following.

While neither of the unique ideas, information gathered is intended to be owned, claimed as my discovery. Citations for each (as much as possible and available) are necessary.


Athletics Sports Trivias – INTERNATIONAL

  • Umabot sa 110 Russian athletes ang Hindi nakapaglaro noong Rio 2016 dahil sa state-run/sponsored doping program. Partial ban ang hinatol ng Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) sa 7 sports teams habang Total ban naman sa Athletics, kasama ang Weightlifting. 68 rito ay mula sa Athletics team ng Russia at kasalukuyang tinatayang 12 na ang muling pinayagang lumahok sa mga darating na international games bilang ‘neutrals’.


Balita. “Russian Champs, Pinayagang Lumaro Ng IAAF.” Balita 12 Apr. 2017, XLV ed., sec. 134: n. pag. Print.

“IAAF Clears Seven More Russians to Compete as Neutral Athletes.” BBC Sports, 11 Apr. 2017, Accessed 19 Apr. 2017.


Philippines Athletics Trivia questions

Elsewhere in History.

  • Ang kauna-unahang Far Eastern Championship Games (Far East Games) ay ginanap sa ating bansa noong 1913 sa Maynila. Ito na ngayon ang kinikilalang Asian Games na ginaganap kada dalawang (2) taon.
  • Si Simeon Toribio, pride ng Zamboanga ay tinaguriang “Filipino Field Athlete of the Half-Century.”
  • 5 sa 27 na atleta / koponan na kabilang sa listahan ng Philippine Sports Commission Hall of Fame ay galing sa Athletics. Ito ay sina: Isaac Gomez (sprinter), Innocencia Solis(sprinter), Mona Sulaiman (sprinter, thrower), Miguel White (hurdler) at Simeon Toribio(sprinter).



“Far Eastern Championship Games.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 22 Apr. 2017. Web. 22 Apr. 2017.

“Philippine Sports Hall Of Fame.” Philippine Sports Commission, May 2010, Accessed 22 Apr. 2017.

Athletics Trivias – PALARONG PAMBANSA

  • Ang Athletics ang pinaglalaanan ng pinakamaraming medalya sa taon-taong Palarong Pambansa ng DepEd. Umaabot ito ng 192 sa kabuuan(Gold, Silver, Bronze). Sa ilalim ng 16 events sa Elementarya (2 team relay), mayroong 45 ang Boys at 45 din sa Girls Elementary. Habang 54 sa Boys Secondary habang 48 sa Girls Secondary sa loob ng 20 events (2 team relay). [tala para sa Palarong Pambansa ngayong taon — Antique 2017]
  • Itinala ni Jomar Udtohan, atleta mula NCRAA, ang bagong record sa 100m,200m at 400m dash kasabay ang record sa 4×100 at 4x400m team relay kung saan siya ay kabilang, lahat sa parehong taon (Laguna 2014). Sa kasalukuyan, siya pa rin ang may tala ng Palarong Pambansa record sa 200m at 400m dash, Secondary Boys. (21.8 at 48.7 seconds, respectively)


“DepEd Palarong Pambansa 2017.” DepEd Palarong Pambansa 2017, Apr. 2016, Accessed 20 Apr. 2017.

Pirie, Andrew. “Palarong Pambansa Records.” N.p., 22 Apr. 2017. Web. 22 Apr. 2017.

[Possible next subjects]

  • Sporting schools in the country

ENGLISH version (proposal)

Track and Field Trivia

Ms. Kimberly Goloran wrote original Trivia of the University of the Philippines, one of our Junior Authors.

Philippines Athletics Trivia questions

Philippines Athletics Trivias

After we have had, I don’t usually post this… Coach Rose Home workouts, Best thing coach, said, Beach photos, and now athlete photos. I see people are getting very bored, but at least young people show they can obey the home quarantine rules in place. To alleviate or add to the boredom whatever way we look at it. Trivia Game is how it works. I will ask a question. Then whoever answers correctly gets to ask the next question and so on.

Track and Field Trivia Who held the Philippine National Record in the Men’s 100m Before Eric Cray broke it?

Philippines Athletics Trivias

Ralph Waldy Soguilon. He clocked 10.45 in the United States in 2007. Which stood as the Philippine Record until Eric Cray broke it with a time of 10.33 in 2014. Answered by Ninoy Marayag.





Who set the Philippine Record Before Henry Dagmil broke it in Men’s Long Jump

Philippines Athletics Trivias
Dagmil Failure at the 2003 SEA Games in Triple Jump led him to become a 3x SEA Games Champion.
(Photo Credit: Philstar)

Nino Ramirez set the meet record way back in 1936 at the infamous Berlin Olympics. Ramirez was the most dominant Long Jumper of the 1930s. He was so dominant it took 68 years for his national record to be broken in 2004—Ramirez, who had leaped 7.65m. The record was finally broken in 2004 by Henry Dagmil, who leaped out 7.83m. Dagmil, who was dropped from the national team for a poor showing at the 2003 SEA Games, created arguably the greatest catalyst comeback in Philippine Track and Field History.

Ruperto Evangelista, who became the greatest coach in Philippine Track and Field History, played second fiddle in the jumps to Ramirez. Ramirez, a UST student, leaped a meet record in the inaugural 1938 UAAP, which stood until Benigno Marayag broke it in the 2000s.
(Answered by Ralph Soguilon)

Can you Name the 6 Men from the Philippines who were SEA Games Champions in the 400 Meters?

Isidro Del Prado’s best time of 45.57, even though shy of the 45.30 A Standard, is still very comfortably below the 45.90 B Standard. Del Prado made it past the first round of the Olympics when he participated. To date, 45.57 is still faster than quite a few countries’ national records, including New Zealand, which has a national record of 46.09.

Isidro Del Prado (3 Times), Ernie Candelario (twice), Jimar Aing, Julius Nierras, Archand Bagsit, and Trenten Beram. Isidro Del Prado went onto coach Candelario, Aing and Nierras. (answered by Nino Marayag)

Who was the President of the PATAFA Before Go Teng Kok?

Governor Jose Sering of Surigao Del Norte was the President of PATAFA before Go Teng Kok became President in 1991. (answered by Airnel Abarra)

Who holds the Oldest Palaro Record in Athletics Elem/Secondary?

Arthur Enon in Secondary Boys Shotput at the 1990 Palaro. He threw the Men’s 7.26kg shot, put 13.19m. Now youth athletes strictly throw 6kg or less. So it’s unlikely and will ever break enon’s record. (answered by Aya ‘Chirpy’ Andrade)

Can you name the 3 Baton Passing Techniques?

Up, Down, and Push Pass. Baton passing. (answered by Ralph Soguilon)

Who were the members of the 4×100 Team that held the Phi Record before Eric Cray and Co broke it?

Ralph ‘The Chef’ Soguilon, Henry Dagmil, Arnold ‘Queen Boar’ Villarube, Albert Salcedo, and Alex Gabito. They timed 40.55 at the 2005 SEA Games, taking the silver medal. (answered by Ruel Correos)

What year and at which event did John Lozada break Isidro Del Prado long-standing Phi Record

John Lozada ran 1:47.77 at the 2002 Asian Grand Prix in Manila. (Answered by Reynaldo Tolentino and Ojon Artiaga)

What event did Mario Castro win his only SEA Games Gold medal in as an athlete?

Mario Castro won the 10,000m in the 1985 SEA Games. (Answered by Ruel Correos)

Who was the first Filipino to win the Pole Vault at the SEA Games

Chamberlain Gonzales, one of three vaulting brothers, crowned himself SEA Games Champion in 1983. Back then, 4.20m was enough to win the title. (Answered by Reynaldo Tolentino)

Which athlete and What year did this Filipino athlete win the 100-200 double at both SEA Games and Asian Championships?

Legend of Philippines Track and Field Lydia De Vega

Lydia De Vega, 1987 (Answered by Ruel Correos)

What year and at which Continental Championships did Elma Muros break the Phi Record in the Heptathlon?

1998, Asian Games (Answered by Enzo Williams)

How many Filipinas have gone over 4 meters in Pole Vault, and can you name them.

3 Natalie Uy, Deborah Samson, and Alyana Nicolas (Ruel Correos)

15 Gold Medals won by Elma Muros how many Long Jump and Heptathlon

8 and 2. (Enzo Williams)

How Many Warnings allowed in Walks before a DQ given?

3 (Ruel Correos)

Who was the Flagbearer at the 2003 SEA Games?

(nobody answered right)


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