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South East Asia 

South East Asia Rankings 2020

Rankings Compiled by ATFS Vice President Andrew Pirie. With information from Mr.  H. Hubbeling Asian Athletics Chief Statiscian and Jad Adrian Washif South East Asian Statiscian. 

With Several meets canceled due to the COVID Virus. In the Philippines, south-east Asia, and across the world. Pinoyathletics has compiled all the results. This Ranking List contains data missing from the IAAF Lists..

If you are going to use are materials in Media or whatever purposes please remember to reference as the source. Or we will be making it known publicly if we are not acknowledged.

Updated added recent Vietnam results and other meets. Stay tuned for further updates.

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2019 South East Asia Athletics Rankings

2019 SEA Rankings Athletics


**Please Note a lot of Results are missing from the IAAF Rankings Website. So this is considered a more comprehensive ranking list.


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**Any Fil-Heritage athletes that have not sent passports to [email protected] or Asian Athletics Association Statiscian will not be included in Rankings or Records.


*NB Lalu Zohri South East Asian Record 10.15 then 10.13, 10.03

For an article on the 2019 SEA Games Reports and Full Results


2019 South East Asia Women’s 100 Meter Rankings Review

For the 2019 SEA Women’s 100 Meter Rankings. It is the beginning of a series of posts where we will go 20 athletes Deep and explore events in more depth. This is based on our 2019 SEA Ranking Lists.

Zion Corrales-Nelson topped the Ranking List, putting her #2 all-time in the Phi Rankings. Zion, however, could not emulate this feat at SEA Games finishing 8th in the Final.

SEA Women's 100 Meter
Zion CN

Kristina Marie Knott clocked 11.42 the #3 All-Time time ever by a Filipina athlete. At SEA Games she narrowly missed out on the Gold by .01 against defending champion Le Tu Chinh of Vietnam. 

While Chinh ran a season-best her personal best of 11.40 was set in 2018 and unlike Knott and Zion did not set a personal best in 2019.

Although she peaked right to defend her SEA Games after getting off to a very good start from the blocks.

SEA Women's 100 Meter
Chetta, Knott, Chinh and Zion Nelson in SEA Games 2019 100m Women’s Final. Narrowly won by Le Tu Chinh from Knott.


Bronze Again and Again for Shanti

Shanti Veronica Pereira who was SEA Games Bronze medalist in 2015 and 2017, added her third bronze medal again in 2019 in the 100m Event.

Despite this Shanti clocked a personal best of 11.58 at the Asian Championships earlier in the year performing better than both Chinh and Knott at the same meet.

Shanti clocked 11.66 to take bronze at SEA Games just .08 from her PB.

SEA Women's 100 Meter
Shanti Veronica Pereira

Supawan Thipat who made the Asian Final finishing 8th in the 100-meter dash in 11.64, clocked a PB of 11.62 at the Asian Grand Prix. But wound up 4th in the SEA Games in a slower 11.74.

SEA Women's 100 Meter
Supawan Thipat

Another athlete who emerged was Alvin Tehupeiory of Indonesia better known as a 400m/400m Hurdler who came out and won the Indonesian nationals in the 100 and 200.

However, she could not duplicate these performances at SEA Games.

SEA Women's 100 Meter
Alvin Tehupeiory


2017 SEA Games Silver Medalist in 100m Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifili who trained in Florida but got injured had a very good showing at the start of the year clocking 11.65 into a -2.6 headwind.

Which is probably with wind adjustment better than her 11.59 +1.6 in 2018. She, however, was not able to duplicate this at SEA Games finishing 6th in 11.84.

Chattha of Thailand who has an 11.50 PB clocked 11.75 this year.



SEA Women's 100 Meter


1Zion Corrales-Nelson10-Nov-98PHI11.411.0West NCAA PrelimsSacramento24-May-19
2Kristina Marie Knott25-Sep-95PHI11.421.9AGPChonqing, China9-Jun-19
3Le Tu Chinh4-Jul-97VIE11.54-0.5SEA GamesNew Clark8-Dec-19
4Shanti Veronica Pereira20-Jun-96SGP11.580.4ASCDoha, QAT21-Apr-19
5Supawan Thipat10-Feb-94THA11.621.9AGPChonqing, China9-Jun-19
6Alvin TehupeioryINA11.64-0.9National GamesBogor, INA2-Aug-19
7Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifili20-Aug-93MAS11.65-2.6Perak AllcomersIpoh23-Feb-19
8Onuma Chattha27-Mar-97THA11.750.0SEA GamesNew Clark8-Dec-19
9Tassaporn Wannakit23-Nov-89THA11.80-0.6Thai OpenBangkok18-May-19
10Kwanrutai Pakdee6-Jan-93THA11.80-0.6Thai OpenBangkok18-May-19
11Kyla Richardson17-Apr-98PHI11.801.5Jim Bush InvitationalLos Angeles29-Jun-19
12Hoang Du Y2004VIE11.80NWIVietnam Youth Games19-May-19
13Suphanich Poolkerd28-Nov-97THA11.82-0.6Bangkok18-May-19
14Thi My Tien Huynh24-Mar-99VIE11.87NWIHo Chi Minh16-Sep-19
15Shereen Samson Vallabouy7-Oct-97MAS11.890.5La Crosse6-Apr-19
16Sidi Fatima Mohamad25-Mar-86MAS11.910.0Kuala Lumpur30-Mar-19
17Thi Thu Ha29-Jul-97VIE11.91NWIHo Chi Minh16-Sep-19
18Azreen Nabilah Alias29-Jun-00MAS11.920.4Kuala Lumpur16-Nov-19
19Thi Mong Tuyen Le14-Mar-90VIE11.93NWIHo Chi Minh16-Sep-19
20Shelly Komalam23-Apr-88MAS11.940.0Kuala Lumpur30-Mar-19



2019 South East Asia Women’s 200 Meter Rankings Review

For the 2019 SEA Women’s 100 Meter Rankings Review. It is the beginning of a series of posts where we will go 20 athletes Deep and explore events in more depth. This is based on our 2019 SEA Ranking Lists.

Kristina Knott  Photo Credit ESPN


The Ranking was topped by Kristina Marie Knott who set a new Trifecta of records South East Asian Record, SEA Games Record, and Philippines Record and in the process took the gold medal at the 2019 SEA Games in New Clark City.

While the US Born Knott whose mother Rizalina is from Cavite chose to live and train in the Philippines to prepare for SEA Games for over a year.

And enduring the same conditions as the rest of the local athletes. 

Knott clocked 23.07 to top the 200 Heats at the SEA Games setting a trifecta of records mentioned above.

And then went onto further improve that in the final with a 23.01 clocking in the final. 

Just missing out on the 200m Olympic Qualifying standard of 22.80 for 200m. Which she will be aiming for this coming year.

With Olympics rescheduled to 2021.


Contrary to the media’s publication of Philippine Mainstream Newspapers got there facts wrong and were incorrect Knott did not actually break Lydia De Vega Philippine Record as it had already been eclipsed.

She broke the mark of another Fil-Heritage athlete Zion-Corrales Nelson who had ran 23.24 and 23.16 earlier in the year.


SEA Women's 100 Meter
Zion CN

Nelson herself was ranked #2 in 2019 with the 3rd and 4th fastest times of the year behind Kristina Knott.

Nelson clocked 23.24 and 23.16 at the WEST NCAA Preliminaries in Sacramento in May breaking the 33-year-old National Record of Lydia De Vega set in Walnut in 1986 of 23.35s. Zion however did not participate in the SEA Games in the 200m.


Le Tu Chinh

Chinh of Vietnam

Le Tu Chinh of Vietnam the Champion from 2017 SEA Games wound up 3rd in the Rankings and was a very distant second to Knott in the 100m with a 23.45 clocking, outside her 23.30 PB. 

Newcomer Alvin Tehupeiory of Indonesia, better known as a 400 Hurdler Before.

Clocked a PB of 23.76 at the Indonesian National Games but was unable to replicate this in further meets finishing outside medals in the 2019 SEA Games. 

SEA Women's 100 Meter
Shanti Veronica Pereira

Shanti Veronica Pereira of Singapore the 2015 SEA Games Champion took bronze again in the SEA Games 200m in 23.77. 

Poolkerd also dipped under 24 seconds. Kayla Richardson the 2015 SEA Games silver medallist in this event timed a wind-aided 23.90.


200m Per Nation for Top 20



1Kristina Marie Knott25-Sep-95PHI23.010SEA GamesNew Clark7-Dec-19
2Zion Corrales-Nelson10-Nov-98PHI23.161.0West NCAA PrelimsSacramento, US25-May-19
3Le Tu Chinh4 Jul 97VIE23.450SEA GamesNew Clark7 Dec 19
4Alvin Tehupeiory5-Apr-95INA23.760.4National GamesBogor, INA4-Aug-19
5Veronica Shanti Pereira20-Jun-96SGP23.770SEA GamesNew Clark7-Dec-19
6Supanich Poolkerd28-Nov-97THA23.96-0.3Thai OpenBangkok19-May-19
7Shereen Samson Vallabouy7-Oct-97MAS24.281.8Ashton May InviteLa Crosse, US6-Apr-19
8Kayla Richardson17-Apr-98PHI24.280.4Taipei OpenTaipei26-May-19
9Kwanrutai Pakdee1-Jun-96THA24.38-0.3Thai OpenBangkok19-May-19
10Thi Thu Ha29-Jul-97VIE24.440SEA GamesNew Clark7-Dec-19
11Eka Cahaya Ningrum8-Jul-96INA24.550.6Jakarta, INA23-Sep-19
12Hoang Duy2004VIE24.57NWIVietnam Youth GamesHo Chi Minh22-May-19
13Shelly Komalam23-Apr-88MAS24.600.4Kuala Lumpur31-Mar-19
14Supawan Thipat10-Feb-94THA24.600.0Bangkok30-Aug-19
15Decerie Niala27-Dec-01PHI24.621.1Palarong PambansaDavao City2-May-19
16Nining Souhaly4-Nov-92INA24.651.2Gresik, INA30-Mar-19
17Sidi Fatimah Mohammad25-Mar-86MAS24.69-0.3Bangkok, THA19-May-19
18Thi Ngoc Hoang10-Feb-95VIE24.81NWIHo Chi Minh18-Sep-19
19Valentine Lonteng2005INA24.840.4Jakarta, INA19-Nov-19
20Ulfa Silpiana8-Mar-97INA24.901.2Gresik, INA30-Mar-19
1Kayla Richardson17-Apr-98PHI23.902.6Final QualifyingRedlands, US16-May-19

2019 South East Asia Women’s 400 Meter Rankings Review

So far we have covered the 2019 SEA Womens 100m and 200m Rankings Review.

It is the beginning of a series of posts where we will go 20 athletes Deep and explore events in more depth.

This is based on our 2019 SEA Ranking Lists.

Vietnamese Dominate Top 3 Spots

Quach Thi Lan
Quach Thi Lan

Unlike in the 100-200 where the Philippines occupied the top 2 spots. The Vietnamese Sprinters dominated the Top 3 spots in the Women’s 400m.

In fact Vietnam had 7 of 20 of the top women in South East Asia in 400m. Quach Thi Lan, 24 had the fastest time of  the year with 52.26.

Quach PB is 52.06 from 2014 where she took silver at the Asian Games. Despite leading for most of the year Quach ended up second to her team mate at SEA Games.

Thi Nguyen Huyen

Huyen Thi Nguyen the 2015 and 2017 SEA Games Champion made it three in a row after returning back from giving birth.

Nguyen clocked 52.80 her fastest time for the year to win at New Clark City.

Huyen ran her 52.00 PB when she won the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore.

Another member of the Vietnamese 4×400 relay squad (that went onto win Gold in the 2019 SEA Games at New Clark City) Thi Hang Nguyen clocked a PB of 53.29 at the Asian Grand Prix at Chonqing.

The Vietnamese National Record is 51.83 set in 2003 SEA Games by Nguyen Ti Tinh.

No Local Filipino is ranked in the Top 20

Its also important to note that no local based Filipino athlete is ranked in the Top 20 in South East Asia the cut off is 56.43 for 20th place in 2019 Rankings.

Former Phi Record Holder Zion Corrales-Nelson is ranked #6 with 54.41 and Robyn Brown #16 56.47 however both are based in the United States. Kayla Richardson the Phi Record Holder in 400m could only manage 57.34 to place 7th at SEA Games 2019 400 way out from her 53.81 National Record. 

400m Per Nation for Top 20

1Quach Thi Lan18-Oct-95VIE52.26AGPChonqing, China7-Jun-19
2Nguyen Thi Huyen19 May 93VIE52.80SEA GamesNew Clark8-Dec-19
3Thi Hang Nguyen19-Aug-90VIE53.29AGPChonqing, China4-Jun-19
4Chinenye Josephine Onuorah4 Oct 02THA53.81SEA GamesNew Clark8-Dec-19
5Shereen Vallabouy7 Oct 97MAS54.32Bryan Clay InvitationalAzusa, US17-Apr-19
6Zion Corrales-Nelson10-Nov-98PHI54.41Brutas HamiltonLos Angeles27-Apr-19
7Hoang Thi Ngoc10-Feb-95VIE55.14SEA Games TrialHCMC16-Sep-19
8Nurul Faziah Mazlan4-Jul-91MAS55.52Kuala Lumpur31-Mar-19
9Arisa Weruwanarak26-Jun-03THA55.53SEA GamesNew Clark8-Dec-19
10Dewi Ayu Agung Kurnia12-Nov-94INA55.56Indonesia National GamesBogor, INA2-Aug-19
11Thi Oanh Nguyen22-Feb-96VIE55.99Ho Chi Minh, VIE16-Sep-19
12Hoang Thi Minh Hanh12-Sep-99VIE56.19Ho Chi Minh, VIE16-Sep-19
13Supanich Poolkerd28 Nov 97THA56.21Ubon Ratchathani, THA15-Jan-19
14Ratchada Talee21 Jul 97THA56.38Ubon Ratchathani, THA15-Jan-19
15Sri Maya Sari24 Apr 94INA56.40Cibinong, INA2-Aug-19
16Robyn Brown27 Jul 94PHI56.47Fullerton, CA3-May-19
17Fathin Faqihah Mohd Yusuf10 Jun 96MAS56.49Kuala Lumpur, MAS16-Aug-19
18Eka Cahaya Ningrum8 Jul 96INA56.68Cibinong, INA2-Aug-19
19Thi Kim Phuong Le2003VIE56.69An Giang, VIE20-May-19
20Chelsea Cassiopea Eva Bopulas4 May 2000MAS56.73Kuala Lumpur, MAS17-Nov-19

2018 South East Asia Rankings Athletics Complete



**Please note Filipino athletes who have not submitted passport scans to will not be included in the 2018 SEA Rankings. Please email passport scans to [email protected] for inclusion thanks.


Men’s 100m Dash


2018 SEA Rankings Athletics

Men’s 200m Dash


Mens 400m Dash


Mens 800m


Mens 1500m


Mens 5000m


Mens 10000m


Mens 3000m Steeples


Mens Half and Marathon


Mens 20K Walk

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Men’s Long Jump

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Men’s Shotput and Discus

Hammer and Javelin

Men’s 4×100 and 4×400

Men’s Decathlon

Women’s 400m & 800m

Women’s 1500m & 5000m






2018 Results


Watch this space for updates


Other References:


By Andrew Pirie

Andrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has worked as a PSC Consultant and Research Assistant from 2013-2015, Consultant, and Sprint Coach at Zamboanga Sports Academy from 2015-2017. Current editor and chief of, and has recently done consultancy work for Ayala Corp evaluating the Track and Field Program. Coaches Sprints, Middle and Jump events he is working towards his Level 3 Athletics Australia Coaching Certification in Sprints and Hurdles. He can be contacted on [email protected] You can find more information on Coaching here

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