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2019 May SEA Roundup in Athletics – Izlyn improves from 14.14 to 13.88 women’s hurdles in the US College System


13 May 2019

Singaporean Sprinter Nur Izlyn Zaini, 21. Claimed sole ownership of the National Record in the women’s 100 Hurdles. With a time of 13.88  (+1.7) at the 2019 Sun Belt Outdoor Champs in Jonesbro, Arkansas, on the weekend. 

This mark was shattered by .26 seconds, the previous mark she had shared with Jannah Wong. So far this year, Zaini had run 14.33 on April 19 in Atlanta and a wind-aided 13.84 in Columbia. She then followed up with a credible 4th in the final with a 13.97 (-1.1) headwind.

The Performance catapults Zaini from 5th to 2nd in the SEA Rankings for 2019, only behind Emilia Nova of Indonesia 13.70. Nova has run 13.59 with no wind reading as well. Zaini took bronze at the 2017 SEA Games with a then-national record of 14.14. Nova took silver in the Heptathlon but now is focusing more on the 100 Hurdles individual event. 

Nur Izlyn Binte Zaini of Singapore in action during the Women’s 100m Hurdles Heats Event. Photo by: SNOC

Improvement in the US NCAA Div 1 System

The Bottom line is the other SEA Nations like Singapore are sending their athletes to US Colleges. And the results are very evident, as presented in the case of Zaini, who has been at Georgia Southern for one year. 

Such opportunities to study and compete in the US Div 1 system seem to improve the athletes rather than just staying and training at home. Another athlete who benefited a lot was Soh Rui Yong of Singapore, who became a 2x SEA Games Champion in the Men’s Marathon after schooling in Oregon.

A prerequisite for athletes accepted into US Colleges on scholarships is the SAT Test. In the Philippines, it can be taken at the 13 following locations.

The Opportunity of studying in the United States provides a level of coaching, facilities, and competitions. That Filipino athletes will get nowhere near in the UAAP leagues. Therefore, with its partnership with the US Sports Academy, the PSC should really be pushing for athletes in all sports to study in America. Like what many other countries are already doing.

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Athletics: Switzerland-based Serena Teoh targets SEA Games after setting the national mark in half marathon


Serena Teoh set a New Singapore Half Marathon record in Spain with 1h22.07, breaking the national mark of Mok Ying Rong 1h23.14 set in 2016. Teoh works as a risk analyst in Basil, Switzerland. The qualifying time for the SEA Games women’s marathon in December is 2:58:17, pegged to the previous edition’s bronze-medal time. Teoh hopes to clock around 2:55 in Tokyo in a few months.



2019 Singapore Athletics Open Results

March 31, 2019


2019 Singapore Open Track and Field Championships – Reports

Day 2 Reports

Due to time constraints, I ran out of time to post a full analysis of Day 2. Due to a lot of competitions coming up and other commitments. Later on, we will post a summary of Philippine Results in a table.

The article on Jomar Udtohan 46.95 is here


Day 1 Report

Francis Medina ran Season’s Best of 51.52, improving his 53, and 52-second clockings at the Hong Kong Summer meet and Philippine Nationals. For a well-deserved silver. But in good company behind Keisuke Nozawa, an Olympic Semi-Finalist in this event at the 2016 Rio Olympics alongside Eric Cray.

Kristina Knott of the Philippines was Finalist at the Asian Games in the 200. Narrowly held onto a win over 2015 SEA Games Champion Shanti Veronica Pereira of Singapore 23.79 to 23.85.

Same order as SEA Games Ismail 16.01m, Diones 15.96m, and Tepparak 15.85m. Malipay 4th last SEA Games dropped down to 5th place. Hakimi will now carry onto Malaysia for the Grand Prix on March 30. After having leaped a windy 16.47m +3.1 in Australia. Tiring the last few weeks.

Rayzam Shah Sofian, the SEA Games Champion, improved his season’s best from 14.12 at Ilagan to 13.89 in heats and then again to 13.82 in finals. To place 3rd behind two Hong Kong athletes that both broke the meet record.

SEA Games bronze medalist, Clinton Bautista of the Philippines, finished 5th in season-best of 14.18 #2 SEA athlete. Clintons PB is 14.14 from last year in Taipei. He ran 14.22 at the national open in Ilagan. A good run from Alvin Vergel broke his PB 14.64 in heats to 14.56 and then repeated that in the finals.

Marco Vilog, the SEA Games silver medalist, took silver, improving his season’s best from 1.53.09 at Phi National Open to 1.51.63. He hit the 1.51.70 5th place qualifier for SEA Games.

Joining Carter Lily, who ran it at the Phi Nationals on the SEA Games squad. Presumably, this means as two have now qualified, the qualification mark moves from 1.51.70 to 1.51.63. With Carter already having timed 1.49.17 this year.

Evalyn Palabrica broke her Personal best set 5 years ago in 48.25m at the 2014 UAAP Palabrica threw the Javelin 48.34m and finished 5th. But Evalyn showed she is well on track for SEA Games, sitting in 4th SEA Rankings. But behind 3 Thai’s of only 2 will get to compete at SEA Games. Palabrica took the bronze medal last SEA Games. Nachan of Thailand, the SEA Games Champion in her first competition of 2019, took the gold.

Albert Mantua of the Philippiwho threw his PB of 46.94m at the National Open who was the season lea until today in the Men’s Discus. I finished with a bronze.  Binh improved his PB from 47.31m at the National Games last year in Vietnam.  Mantua safely made it over the 44.80m qualifier for SEA Games yet again.


Philippines Entries in order of Appearance

Day 1


Day 2

RESULTS AND REPORT PATAFA sends 23, 2018 Singapore Track and Field Open

Apr 10, 2018

Aries Toledo 9th in the Shotput 10.72m

400 Heats

Alejan makes his debut in 47.91, Alferos 48.50, and Caido wins heat in 49.09. Also, Famous Actor Jericho Ejercito of the Philippines goes through in a 50.03 PB.

A Final. 4 Filipinos, 4 Malaysians, and a Thai.

800 Finals

Gold – Neri 1:53.89

Silver Vilog 1:55.87

Womens 100m Heats

  1 #   80 Fukushima, Chisat  30 JAPAN                    11.59Q  0.4  1
  2 #   81 Ichikawa, Kana     27 JAPAN                    11.76Q +0.0  2
  3 #    2 Liao, Yan-Jun      20 CHINESE TAIPEI           11.77Q +0.0  3
  4 #  222 Pereira, Shanti    22 SINGAPORE MA             11.73Q  0.4  1
  5 #   82 Maeyama, Miyu      22 JAPAN                    11.80Q +0.0  3
  6 #    1 Chen, Wan-Mei      19 CHINESE TAIPEI           12.16Q +0.0  2
  7 #  298 Enn, Wendy         24 WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB      12.02q +0.0  3
  8 #   62 Unani, Serafi Ane  29 INDONESIA                12.32q +0.0  3
  9 #  273 Chutrakun, Jirawa  18 THAILAND                 12.38q +0.0  3
  9 #   28 Zaini, Nur Izlyn   20 FLASH ATHLET             12.38q  0.4  1
 11 #  152 Menon, Smriti      20 NATIONAL UNI             12.40q  0.4  1
 12 #  172 Luzon, Eloisa      22 PHILIPPINES              12.43q +0.0  2
 13 #   55 Aini, Niafatul     24 INDONESIA                12.43q  0.4  1
 14 #  173 Malonzo, Jeremiah  22 PHILIPPINES              12.50q +0.0  2
 15 #  299 Fernando, Shalina  22 WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB      12.51q +0.0  2
 16 #   63 Utami, Tri Setyo   27 INDONESIA                12.80q  0.4  1
 17 #   22 Hamkah, Haanee     17 FLASH ATHLET             12.97q +0.0  3
 18 #  263 Goh, Si Hui Clara  18 TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC      13.00q +0.0  3
 19 #   25 Razali, Syarah     19 FLASH ATHLET             13.93  +0.0  2

4 Months into 2018. Philippine Track and Field send 23 athletes to the Singapore Open. 

Old Man Alejan makes his season debut in Quarter Mile.

Captain Smiley

In the 400m, the only member of the 4×400 Relay that hasn’t run a 400 yet since the SEA Games Edgardo Alejan, 32. He refers to himself as the older man of the Philippines 400. He will make his season debut. Alejan, who clocked 47.71 at SEA Games and has a PB of 46.90, is the 2013 SEA Games Silver medalist and 2015 SEA Games Bronze medalist.

Among the entries include the 2011 SEA Games Champion Heru Astriyanto of Indonesia. While the Philippines has only one entry, Malaysia has entered six athletes in the 3 Heats of the 400. Indonesia has enteredWithouthout its fastest, Singapore is man Percy Zubin Muncherji, who is on a college scholarship in Indiana, United States.

Alejan will join with Bagsit, Del Prado, and Alferos. With Alferos and Alejan replacing Mico and Bigyan from the last outing. In the Pre-Asian Games, the Philippines clocked 3:13.84 in the 4×400. The Philippines will be up against Malaysia and Indonesia.

EverGreen Marestella Torres, the SEA Games Bronze Medalist who is now 37 years old, will mainly be challenged by Parinya of Thailand, a 6.30 jumper.


Shanti (Photo Credit: www.singaporeathletics.org.sg)

30-year-old Chisato Fukushima (11.36) of Japan, the 2015 Asian Champion, spearheads Heat 1. Also featuring SEA Games Bronze medalist Shanti Veronica Pereira (12.01).

Heat 2 has the Philippines Eloiza Luzon (12.04) and Jeremiah Malonzo (12.16) the top 2 in the UAAP.  The fastest in the heat is Ichikawa (11.43) of Japan. Heat 3 has Miyu of Japan (11.51), Liao of Taipei (11.64), and 2011 SEA Games Champion Unani of Indonesia. 

Zulueta and Janario will compete for the Philippines in a straight final. With 2015 SEA Games Champion Shanti Pereira (24.61 this year). Janario is the 2016 SEA Youth Champion.

Luzon, Malonzo, Zulueta, and Janario will team up in the 4×100. Looking to improve on the 47.91 they posted at the Time Trial in March. Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan will also participate.

Again, many Malaysian men will be competing in the 100m, although most of them are at the Commonwealth Games in the 4×100. Malaysia sends their best juniors. Ismail, 19, heads Heat 1 with 10.46. Hanafi, 19 Heat 2 with 10.47. Saadon leads Heat 3 with 10.53, while National Champion Lopena of the Philippines 10.60 will also start. Lopena finished 2nd at the Singapore Open last year.

Heat 4 features Jomar Udtohan, who recently ran a PB of 10.56 at the Pre-Asian Games. Heat 5 has Calvin Kang 4th in the 2015 SEA Games from Singapore.




Singapore Athletics also makes Marks.

Feb 24, 2018

Singapore Athletics Zubin Percy Muncherji also pelted his 400 Indoor record with a 47.82-sec run, improving his 48.50 last month. 

Dipna Lim

While Dipna Lim clocked 59.55 and met the 59.78 qualifying standard for Singapore to go to the Asian Games.

Dipna, who is the SEA Games silver medalist in this event, the last 2 SEA Games. Clocked her time in Perth, Australia, at the Strive C Meet.

It is the fastest and first sub-1-minute clocking since her PB of 59.24 in the 2015 SEA Games.


Perth Singapore Athletics

2015 SEA Games 200m Champion Shanti Veronica Pereira of Singapore. Built on her Seasons Lead for Women’s 200m improving her 24.85 on Jan 15, 24.61 (1.5) to place second at a meet in Perth, Australia. SEA Games silver medalist 400 Hurdles Dipna Lim opened her season with a win in 1.01.74.

2015 SEA Games Champion Shanti Veronica Pereira leads the 200M SEA Rankings 24.61.

Pereira joined with the Women’s Team of Enn, Menon, and Nur Izlyn to clock 47.77, the Men’s Team clocked 41.68 in the 4×100.

The relays both missed out on Commonwealth Games qualification. Meanwhile, at Gladstein studying at Indiana University,

Singapore National Record Holder Zubin Muncherji clocked a 49.09.

Any Other Results of Filipino athletes Local or International, please email

pinoyathletics@gmail.com, we would love to hear from you.

Muncherji opens up the Season with 4 Indoor National Singapore Athletics Records.

Article by Andrew Pirie

ATFS Statistician 

Singapore’s 400m Record Holder Percy Zubin Muncherji is now studying at Indiana University. At the same time, opening up his seasons with quite a few impressive runs. And Mukherji, who ran indoors for the first time, shattered the National Indoor Records.

All runs were recorded at Bloomington, Indiana. 

Muncherji broke the records In 200 and 400 of Yusof Azahari(23.14, Aviva Indoor Grand Prix 2006), and  Shafiq Kashmiri 49.57 set in New Haven, United States 2008.

4 Singapore Athletics National Indoor Records

On December 8, 2017, when Zubin clocked 1:04.38, a newly established Singapore Athletics record in the 500m. This was followed on Jan 6, 2018, with a 48.50 run, an indoor 400 record. Also marks later of 48.70, 48.66, 48.64.  On Jan 19, 1:21.99, an indoor 600 record. And on Jan 27, a 200 indoor record of 22.60.

He did not participate in the 2017 SEA Games due to military service. But was 5th at 2014 Asian Juniors.

IVP Singapore Athletics Results 13.01.18 to 21.01.18

Only Results good enough for SEA Top 10 2018


100M (17) (-0.9) S. Veronica Pereira 12.08

1500M (17)  Z. Yee Ling 5:03.01

100H (17) 0.0 J. Ong 15.80, S. Raj 16.40, S. Tan 16.60


100M (17) H1 (-0.6) K. Amri 11.16, H2 (-1.4) D. Liew 11.34

100H (17) H1 (0.0) C. Ang 14.70, D. Ang 15.17, H2 (0.0) L. Ong 15.34

14.01.18 Singapore Athletics Track and Field Series 1

Singapore Athletics only no Filipino Athlete, performances good enough for Top 10 SEA

Rankings will be published at the end of the month.

SEA Games High Jump Champion Michelle Sng


110H: Chen Xiang Ang 14.49 (0.8)


100M: Anwar Kashful (00) 12.73, Be Lee Yiew Ling (03) 12.84 (0.0)

100H: Ke Ong Jin Rong 15.50, Tia Louise Rozario (00) 15.69 (0.0)

HJ: Michelle Sng 1.82m 

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