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Shot put is an ancient Olympic sport that involves the “putting” of a weighted ball for distance. For a thrower to properly put the shot, it is more important to have the specific form in the throw-over muscle or speed.

The easiest form of putting is called the stand-and-deliver and is used to teach beginners proper upper and lower body movements.

This involves standing inside the ring with the shot in hand over the middle knuckle

. After the shot is placed in the crook of the neck, the thrower rotates the upper body and feet back while bending at the knees and then rotating back while exploding upwards.

The next form is more advanced and requires more speed than the stand-and-deliver technique, called the glide.

The thrower begins at the back of the ring, facing the back with the dominant leg forward.

After adjusting, bring the other leg up into the air while remaining crouched; after such a time, immediately bring the leg in the air back and then kick your entire body back to the toe board.

The dominant leg should land first, and then the body should rotate while shooting the body and arm upward with the shot.

To become better at the shot, put form is key; that being said, you should also not disregard the weight room to train the entire body.

Olympic lifting styles can help with speed and strength, especially the snatch.



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