Shiloh Corrales-Nelson Hurls Shotput Near 16 Meter Mark

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson Hurls Shotput Near 16-Meter Mark (23.05.23)

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson continued to build on her own Philippine Shotput Record with a heave of 15.94m on May 23 winning the Big West Championship at Fuller. The mark shattered her 15.15m throw at the Triton Invitational on April 7, 2023. The 22-year-old Shiloh was not able to attend the SEA Games due to college commitments but her throw of 15.94m would have been good enough for SEA Games silver.

At SEA Games 2023 in Cambodia Intadis of Thailand took Gold in 16.71m, Ekawati of Indonesia Silver in 15.24, and Maryata of Indonesia bronze in 14.44m. Jamela De Asis and Aira Teodosio who represented the Philippines in Cambodia SEA Games took 5th and 7th in 12.46m and 11.80m.

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson First Filipino Women Over 15m in Shotput! (07.04.23)

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson continued to raise the ceiling on the Philippines’ National Record in shotput and became the First Filipina to throw over 14 and 15 meters. Nelson heave of 15.15m at the Triton Invitational at the University of San Diego. Shiloh representing UC Riverside was third behind Cassidy-Osborne Butler (University of Las Vegas) and heptathlete Annie Kunz (Omorpho/Bell Lap Athletics) who registered 15.82 and 15.61 meters. 

Furthermore, Shiloh’s throw of 15.15m ranks her third in South East Asia behind Intadit of Thailand (15.87m) and Eki of Indonesia (15.44m). While the two mentioned have the SEA Games Gold standard, Shiloh has now gone from SEA Games bronze to silver standard. Unfortunately, Shiloh won’t be able to join SEA Games due to NCAA Commitments but she will look forward to joining the World University Games in Chengdu (July 26-Aug 6).

This is the 4th time this year Shiloh has set the Philippine Record in Shotput at 13.97, 14.50, 14.75, and now 15.15m. She currently holds the Phi Record in Hammer Throw.

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson again with 14.75m (01.04.23)

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson again surpassed her Philippine National Record in Shotput with a 14.75m throw at the Vince O’Boyle Track and Field Classic at UC Irvine, Los Angeles on April 1, 2023. Nelson’s mark keeps her in 3rd in South East Asian Rankings for 2023. She also threw 40.35m in the Discus which puts her at #1 in the Philippine Rankings. The mark was a lot further than national athleteAira Teodosio winning throw of 38.46m at the Philippine Nationals last week.

List of Philippine Records

Shiloh Extends her National Record (25.03.23)

After setting a Philippine Record in the Indoor and overall with 13.97m on Feb 3 at the Ron Mann Classic. Shiloh Corrales-Nelson further improved to 14.50m outdoors at the Rafer Johnson Jackie Joyner Kersee Invitational in Los Angeles on March 25. This further extended her Philippine Record. The 22-year-old Shiloh who represents UC Riverside was behind Natalie Ramirez of UCLA (15.43m) and Deandra Tyler of UC Irvine (14.99m), both American Athletes. 

Nelson’s performance moves even further ahead of the SEA Bronze standard of 12.51m. And ranks 3rd in South East Asia behind Areerat Intadit (Thailand) 15.87m, and Eki Erawati (Indonesia) 15.44m the SEA Games Silver and Gold medalists from 2021.

Unfortunately due to NCAA College commitments Shiloh won’t be able to join the 2023 SEA Games. Although is considering the World University Games in Chengdu, China from July 28-August 8.


Updated Philippines Records

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson Erases a Half-Century-Old Record in Shotput

One of the oldest records in Philippines Athletics came tumbling down. Shiloh Corrales-Nelson holds the Philippine Record in the Womens Hammer Throw. She hurled the Shotput a staggering 13.97m at the Ronn Mann Classic on Feb 3 at Flagstaff Arizona.

This erased the long-standing mark of Consuela Lacusong 13.92m which had stood since 1975. Lacusong had silver in 1977, bronze in 1981, and silver in the 1983 SEA Games in the shootout. Lacusong passed away due to diabetes in 2005. 

The 5’9 21-year-old Shiloh is the younger sister of Zion Corrales-Nelson the former national record holder in the 200m and 400m.

Shiloh is at the University of Riverside, the same college that SEA Games Hammer Throw record holder Caleb ‘The Man Mountain’ Stuart hailed from in California. Her performance of 13.97m was 4th on the school’s all-time indoor list. 

Shiloh’s previous best in the Shotput was 13.45m on 30 May 2021, which had already met the low SEA Games bronze medal standard of 12.51m.In the 2022 SEA Games, Ekawati 15.20m and Intadis 15.02m from Indonesia and Thailand secured the bronze. Neither girls are likely available for SEA Games due to NCAA school competitions. However, Shiloh and her sister Zion have not ruled out the possibility of representing the Philippines at the 2023 FISU World University Games in Chengdu, China July 28-August 2.

Shiloh also threw another national record in the rarely contested Women’s Weight Throw 17.65 meters.

List of “Updated” Philippines Records

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson Breaks Philippines Hammer Throw Record 56.30m 13.05.22

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson despite not being able to join the 2021 SEA Games Shiloh Corrales-Nelson again broke her Philippine Record in the Hammer heaving the hammer to a new distance of 56.30m. The performance saw Shiloh take third at the Big West Championships at Davis, California.

The mark improved her own Philippine national record at Drake Stadium of 55.20m on March 26. She was behind Marlene Gutierrez (UC Davis) 60.57m and Emily Hallett (Cal Poly) 60.39m. Nelson representing UC Riverside (with the same college coach as SEA Men’s Hammer Record Holder Caleb Stuart).

In the contrast, the SEA Games in Hanoi was won at 57.31m by Grace Wong Xiu Mei of Malaysia.

The performance of 56.30m would have seen Shiloh land silver at SEA Games had she joined in Hanoi.

In Hanoi Thailand’s 2019 SEA Games Champion Mingkamon Koomphon was a distant silver in 50.28m.


Full Results

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson Qualifies for SEA Games in Shotput


Shiloh Corrales-Nelson made a ‘legitimate’ qualification for the 2021 SEA Games in Hanoi. In her secondary event, the Shotput.

Shiloh heaved multiple Personal bests of 13.20, 13.35, and 13.45m at the High-Performance #4 meet in Chula Vista. Her best throw of 13.45m was above the SEA Games bronze qualification mark set by the PSC/POC Taskforce of 13.36m. Chula Vista is where the US and several other National teams have their training facility.

The three best series of throws for Shiloh were all well above her personal best of 13.07m.  13.45m ranks Shiloh 4th on the Philippines All Time list behind Consuela Lacusong, who has held the Philippine Record since 1975 of 13.92m, Josephine Dela Vina 13.89m (1970), and Mona Sulaiman 13.60m (1965). 

Shiloh’s Performance is the best in Women’s Shotput in 46 years.

All three of the women mentioned above have already passed away.

Shiloh needs a mark of 55.96m to qualify for the 2021 SEA Games in her primary event, the Hammer. However, she has improved the Phi Record from 50.55 to 53.63m so far this year.

Shiloh is the only female thrower who has made the qualification criteria in the Women’s Throwing events for the Philippines as none of the other female throwers obtained an automatic bronze medal qualification by winning a medal in the 2019 SEA Games. Evalyn Palabrica and Cerah Moren must surpass the 51.80m SEA Games bronze qualification mark in the Women’s Javelin.

The PATAFA had requested a maximum of 25 women in its entry by numbers list for the PSC/POC Taskforce on March 13, 2021. 

So far, the following athletes have hit the bronze medal’s PSC/POC Taskforce criteria in the last SEA Games

Not including relay athletes, Shiloh becomes #22 to qualify for SEA Games. Apart from previous medalists from 2019, Kyla Richardson (100), Yacine Guermali (1500, 3000), Kayla Richardson (100) are the only other new athletes to surpass the SEA Games Bronze mark in individual events.

So far, ten women have met the qualifying criteria. Knott (100,200), Kyla Richardson (100), Kayla Richardson (100), Joida Gagnao (3ks/5k), Robyn Brown (400 Hurdles), Natalie Uy (PV), Sarah Dequinan (Heptathlon), Christine Hallasgo (Marathon), Mary Joy Tabal (Marathon) and Shiloh (Hammer).

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson smashes own Hammer Throw Record (video)


Shiloh Corrales-Nelson showed consistency, securing her 2nd ever best Performance in the Hammer with 53.63m, just  15cm away from her National Record set just over two weeks ago. Shiloh’s Performance landed her 4th in the Big West. Emily Hallett of Cal Poly won in 58.82m. 

08.05.21 Pinoyathletics Track Talk Shiloh Corrales-Nelson Interview 

Shiloh Corrales Nelson smashes their own Hammer Throw Record

April 31, 2021

Shiloh Corrales Nelson (UC Riverside) smashed her Filipino National Record with throws of 52.36m and 53.78m. These were Shiloh’s 2nd and 3rd of 6 throws (the other 4 were all fouls). This was at the Long Beach Throws Jump Festival in California.

The 19-year-old closed in on the challenging SEA Games 55.96m Bronze Medal standard.


Every Time she see’s the performance of someone like the Malaysian Girl nearly breaking the SEA Record. It motivates her to be better. She wants to be the best in the SEA Games one day. Said her Uncle Brett.


A Freshman at UC Riverside Shiloh Finished second to Senior Brianna Villanueva (UC Irvine), who hurled the Hammer 56.08m (note to Philippines Media they do not award medals at these meets). Villanueva made her PB on April 22 at 57.22m. Sina Fatafehi (California Fullerton) was third in 53.08m.

Shiloh will also contest the Shotput and Discus in this meet.  She is very close in the Shotput to becoming the first athlete that did not win a medal in 2019 to make the bronze medal standard for the 2021 SEA Games as per the PSC-POC Taskforce criteria.

Also, the 20lbs Weighted Throw record (an event only held indoors) for Junior and Senior has been added to Shiloh Corrales Nelson’s list of documents she threw 15.74m in 2020. This brings Shiloh’s list of National and National Indoor Records to a total of 7.

Shiloh Corrales Nelson breaks Philippines Hammer Throw Record

April 10, 2021

Shiloh Corrales Nelson broke the Philippine National Record of Loralie Amahit-Sermona (50.55m), a 2x Bronze medalist. Shiloh registered a new record of 50.63m at the Triton Invitational in San Diego. This improved on her 50.50m mark from two weeks ago.

The mark Ranks Shiloh #2 in South East Asia for the year behind Grace Wong Xiu Mei, the 2017 SEA Games Champion, threw a 62.48m just 1cm off the SEA Record Saturday at the Malaysian Grand Prix in Kuala Lumpur.

Shiloh, who is turning 20 later this year, still has a lot of improvement ahead of her considering that throwers prime in their late 20s earlier 30s. Loralie was 29 when she set the Philippine Record.

It was an incredible weekend for Shiloh, throwing a 13.03m season’s best placing second at the same meet in the Shotput, improving her 12.75m from the other week. Thus, heading closer towards the SEA Games qualification for 13.36m.


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Shiloh Corrales Nelson 4 excellent National Records

Corrales Nelson came 5 centimeters away from breaking the Philippines National Record in the Women’s Hammer. Shiloh won the Chris Rinne Twilight meet on April 2 with a heave of 50.50m. 

The Philippine National of 50.55m is held by Loralie Sermona who took the bronze medal at the 2005 and 2011 SEA Games. The last and only time a Filipino woman has taken a SEA Games medal in the Hammer.


Nelson also threw a 12.75m season’s best at the Shotput meet to finish second behind Jordan Fink of Montana State 12.89m. And 40.82m in the Discus to end 4th. This year, she has thrown 43.31m in the Discus at the Jim Bush Legends meet in Los Angeles on March 24, 2021. The same meet where Kayla Richardson opened with 11.80.

Shiloh marks in the Discus, Hammer and Shotput are SEA Leading Ranks for southeast Asia in 2021. However, so far, only results have come in from Singapore in women’s throws. 

The SEA Games Qualifying for Team Philippines as indicated by the POC/PSC Taskforce as the Bronze medal (anything less is self-funded). The marks are 13.36m Shotput, 45.28m Discus, and 55.64m Hammer.

Shiloh’s best performances rank her #2 in Hammer #4 in Discus and #5 in Shotput on the Philippine Women’s All-Time Lists.

50.50m was an improvement on Shiloh Corrales Nelson’s personal best from 2019.

As the Corrales family has now submitted her Filipino Passport to Pinoyathletics.

The 50.35m mark from 2019 is being ratified as a new Philippine Junior Women’s Hammer Record.  And it surpasses the previous mark of 43.39m by Aira Teodosio set on November 6, 2016, at the Weekly Relay Finals in Pasig.

Hammer 50.35m Shiloh Corrales Nelson 06.07.2001 NACAC U23 Champs Richmond 18-May-19

The IAAF has already listed the Performance above.

13.07m Shotput 3 Birds with 1 Stone

Performances also being backdated include Shiloh 13.07m Indoor meet from 2020

13.07i Shiloh Corrales Nelson 06.07.2001 5 Mountain T’s Invitational Flagstaff, USA 31.01.2020

The IAAF has recognized this Performance.

This mark above sets 3 New Philippine Records

  • Philippine Junior Record in Shotput
    • As in Field events, indoor/outdoor records are considered joint combined.
    • Breaks the Previous Record of Kassandra Alcantra set at the UAAP in Pasig on December 1, 2018.
  • Philippine Indoor Record in Shotput
    • No Previous mark, so a new mark
  • Philippine Indoor Junior Record in Shotput
    • No Previous effect, so a new mark

The Women’s Shotput Record is held by Consuela Lacusong, set in 1975 with a throw of 13.92m.

Originally from Canada but now studying at UC Riverside under the same coach that guided SEA Record Holder and 2015 SEA Games Men’s Hammer Throw Champion Caleb Stuart.

Shiloh is The younger sister of former 200 and 400m National record holder Zion Corrales Nelson and SEA Games, 4×100 Silver medalist.



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