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Shaunae Miller Uibo, Bahamian sprinter and Olympic gold champion, won the Women’s 400m at the Oregon Relays on Saturday, April 24, with this year’s world best time.  She won convincingly over Lyana Irby and Jessica Beard of the USA.
Uibo clocked 49.08, which is the fastest time in the world this year. She took the lead ahead of the Namibian junior Christine Mboma, who ran 49.22 at the Namibian Nationals in Windhoek on April 17. 

In the qualifying period for the 2019 Olympics, Salwa Eid Naser of Bahrain leads 48.14 from Shaunae Miller Uibo 48.37, both set on October 3 in Doha. Miller finished behind Naser at the World Championships in that event. 

Shaunae Miller Uibo, however, did state she will only run the 200 meters at the Olympics due to scheduling. And will give the 400 meters a miss.

Claremont, Back to Track Series. 24.07-25.07.20

Shaunae Miller Uibo now has the world lead for 2020 in 100-200-400

Shaunae Miller-Uibo
Shaunae Miller. Photo Credit: Our World of Athletics

Shaunae Miller Uibo of the Bahamas, better known as a 200 and 400 runner, clocks 10.98 (+1.4 m/s), a world season lead in the Claremont Back to Backtrack series after running 11.03 in the heats. The 26-year-old Miller smashed her PB from last year of 11.19. To show she is a force to be reckoned with leading into the 2020ne Olympic Games.

17-year old Tammari Davis was 2nd in 11.15, and Nattalia Whyte (Jamaica) 3rd in 11.19.

Shaunae Miller Uibo tidied it up with a double winning the 200m the following day in 21.98 (+2.0 m/s) with the maximum allowable wind conditions for a legit run. Miller-Uibo now owns the World Lead in the 100m, 200m, & 400m. and ran Miller PB of 21.74 last year at Zurich.

She finished ahead of a once more sharp hurdler, Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (Puerto Rico), who clocked a big SB of 22.45s, and Lynna Irby in 22.47s, her fastest time since 2018.

Quanera Hayes, who won another heat in 22.80s (+1.5), placed 4th overall, while Kyra Jefferson took 5th in 22.88s (+1.4).

Lyles does 100/200 Double, but Bromell is Back!!!

Trayvon Bromell made a comeback of sorts winning 100m Heat 3 in a legit 9.90 (1.4). But then opting not to compete in the final. Bromell, who took Bronze at the 2015 World Champs, had not broken 10 seconds since 2016 and at that time had a PB of 9.84. 

In the Final 2019, World Champion Noah Lyles, who has a PB of 9.86, clocked a wind-aided 9.93 (+2.3), beat Andre De Grasse of Canada, the 2019 World bronze medalist in the 100m 9.97. De Grasse had run 9.97 earlier in the heats.

Lyles won heat one of the 200min 19.94 (0.8). Lyles’ time beat the previous 2020 world lead of 20.06 set by Kenneth Bednarek, set earlier this month. Steve Gardiner of Bahamas also dipped below 20 seconds with 19.96.

Noah Lyles Photo Credit Our World of Athletics

Full Results (Source Trackinsun)

Claremont -FL- (United States), 24-25.7.2020


100m Finals (24) h1 (2.3) 1 Noah Lyles 9.93; 2 Andre DeGrasse (can) 9.97 (9.97 (1.9) 1h2); 3 Andre Ewers (jam) 10.17 (10.10 (1.4) 3h3); h2 (1.8) Divine Oduduru (ngr) 10.10; 2 Kendal Williams 10.14; 3 Nickel Ashmeade (jam) 10.16; 4 Devin Quinn 10.19 (10.17 (2.1) 1h4); h3 (1.5) 1 Jaylen Bacon 10.18; 2 Ryiem Forde (jam) 10.29; 3 Keston Bledman (tto) 10.44 (10.39 (2.1) 4h4); h4 (1.4) 1 Jak Ali Harvey (tur) 10.33; 2 Evan Miller 10.47

in heats: Trayvon Bromell 9.90 (1.4) 1h3; Senoy-Jay Givans (jam) 10.11 (1.9) 2h2; Jeff Demps 10.31 (1.4) 3h1; Devon Allen 10.35 (2.1) 3h4

400m 1 Aleekm Bloomfield (jam) 45.07; 2 Josephus Lyles 45.40



100m Finals (24) h1 (1.4) 1 Shaunae Miller-Uibo (bah) 10.98; 2 Tamari Davis 11.15; 3 Natalliah Whyte (jam) 11.19 (11.15 (1.9) 2h2); 4 Lynna Irby 11.27; h2 (2.0) 1 Aleia Hobbs 11.16; 2 Quanera Hayes 11.43; 3 Jordan Lavender 11.62; 4 Samantha Dirks (biz) 11.66

in heats: Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (pur) 11.22 (0.9) 1h3; Javianne Oliver 11.37 (2.1) 2h1; Brittany Anderson 11.50 (1.9) 4h2Sources:




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