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SEA Games 2019 Athletics  As Per Pinoyathletics Data numbers that have passed the SEA Bronze Mark of 2019

Team Filipinas 2019 SEAG Qualifying Standards
Qualifying Standard Qualifiers Slots Qualifying Standard Qualifiers Slots
100m 10.43s 1 2 11.76s 2 2
200m 21.26s 1 2 23.68s 2 2
400m 46.48s 1 2 54.55s 1 2
800m 1:50.76s 2 2 2:12.31s 1 2
1500m 3:53.68s 1 2 4:37.24s 0 2
5000m 15:01.80s 0 2 17:36.98s 0 2
10,000m 30:54.86s 0 2 37:36.64s 0 2
110m/100m Hurdles 14.15s 1 2 14.14s 0 2
400m Hurdles 51.52s 2 2 1:00.73s 1 2
3000m Steeplechase 9.06.41s 0 2 10:36.90s 0 2
20,000m walk/10,000m walk 1:34.04 0 2 53:17.10s 0 2
Marathon 2:31.52 1 2 2:58.17s 1 2
High Jump 2.18m 0 2 1.83m 0 2
Pole Vault 5.25m 1 2 3.60m 2 2
Long Jump 7.75m 1 2 6.45m 1 2
Triple Jump 16.37m 1 2 13.32m 0 2
Shot put 17.12m 1 2 14.26m 0 2
Discus throw 44.80m 1 2 45.10m 0 2
Hammer throw 55.94m 1 2 54.88m 0 2
Javelin throw 65.94m 1 2 47.21m 2 2
Decathlon/Heptathlon 6737 1 2 5288pts 0 2
*Qualifying Deadline: 08 Sept 2019

List of Names of Athletes who have passed the Bronze of 2017 SEA Games (Updated June 11, 2019)

SEA Games 2019 Athletics  Only Individuals who have passed the bronze medal mark of 2017 are listed—some Notes

  1. As no Qualifying Period was specified on the PATAFA site, all previous medalists were listed as passing the bronze. With the last SEA Games being the start.
  2. According to PATAFA Facebook Page, September 8, 2019, is the Deadline for Qualification
  3. Relays are not included at this point, as in some cases might be reshuffled. It likely and will field all relays.
  4. Any Fil-Heritage athletes must have a phi passport. I have not included in these lists Fil-Heritage athletes who passed bronze marks in 2017 who do not have phi passports.
  5. As Per PATAFA, overseas athletes are required to participate in at least one PATAFA-sanctioned meet.
  6. Athletes are highlighted in Red. Beram and Moren have Phi Passports but have yet to participate in PATAFA meet for 2019.
  7. Guarte is not currently a member of the National Team but is a bronze medalist in 1500 in 2019. As of now, nobody else has passed the bronze medal mark of the last SEA Games in 1500.

As of now, 24 athletes have made it past the Bronze medal standard.

9 of the 24 are Fil-Heritage athletes. All of them except Kristina Knott are training outside the Philippines. Ernest Obiena and Mary Joy Tabal are training in Italy and Japan.

It was announced before the 5th place was the qualifying. However, as per the  28th May Update, SPECIAL BULLETIN!!! For the information and reference of “all aspiring Filipino athletes” to represent the Philippines in the 2019 South East Asian Games, here’s the list of events.

Please also note this is a disclaimer.

This is just a list of athletes who have passed the bronze.

Ultimately the final team will be selected by the PATAFA. And accredited by the POC.


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SEA Games 2019 Athletics Day 1 + 2 Entries and Stats

Dec 6, 2019

2019 SEA  Rankings Athletics


SEA Games 2019 Mens 100m Review

So, in that case, PATAFA did make the right decision in selecting Guermali and Masano. Despite our differences, we can see the reasonability of the PATAFA President and coaches making this choice.

Methodology #2 – Based on Times

Sonny Wagdos

Now as well as having served as a grass-root coach. As a selector, I would have to employ an unbiased opinion based on data as a statistician. Aswell every coach feels their athlete is potential if we look at performances based on time.  

  1. Masano 3:55.83 (PB)
  2. Wagdos 3:55.86
  3. Giron 3:55.83 (PB)
  4. Guermali 3:59.06
2018 Asian Junior 800 Finalist Edwin Giron Jr.

With this in mind, Masano and Wagdos are the strongest candidates. As we can argue, Guermali may or may not have run faster if they all ran faster. But that would just be speculating. 

Regardless we have presented both points of view for the athletic community and the public’s opinion.

So we come up with this formula for selection 1500m = Masano + Guermali or Wagdos – Giron.

This would have been a much easier process if PATAFA had made the list Public to lessen selection uncertainty. In the future, it is better to have a clear Methodology that is kept to rather than deviating from the original methodology.

2015 SEA Games Selection Issues

On a side note, it was again a tough predicament in the 2015 Selection for the Men’s 1500. When in the 2013 SEA Games, the bronze was a ridiculously low 3:58.37. Mervin Guarte got the nod as the top guy, with Roldan Verano ranked 2nd in 3:55, Maulas and Rudyfer both having run 3:57, and Sonny Wagdos having run 3:55.72 but in the unsanctioned PRISAA Meet.

2015 Selection SEA Bronze 3:58.37 (selection Period 2013 SEA Games until 2015)

  1. Mervin Guarte 3:55.10
  2. Roldan Verano 3.55.3
  3. Sony Wagdos 3:55.72 (PRISAA Unsanctioned)
  4. Rudyfer Hernandez 3:57.8
  5. Wenlie Maulas 3:58.30.

Guarte and Verano were selected. But Verano later had to withdraw due to PLDT his work not allowing him time off. Mervin went on to win the Silver at the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore in 3:48.06 behind his long-time nemesis Duong Van Thai of Vietnam.

The Philippines add more athletic events to the SEA Games competition.


Hanoi (VNS/VNA) – The Philippines, hosts of the 30th Southeast Asian Games, have added six events to the competition list after coming under heavy pressure from participating countries and the Asian Athletics Association (AAA).

The Philippines Olympics Committee announced last December they would organize 56 sports with 523 events in the Games, which will be held later this year.

Although it would be the record number of sports, other countries, including Vietnam, complained after several disciplines were omitted.

In track-and-field, they wanted to hold mixed 4x100m and mixed relay 4x400m for the first time but refused 10 events, including women’s high jump and long jump, in which Vietnamese are the champions.


After meetings, organizers did a U-turn and brought the events back.

AAA did not approve the Philippines’ submitted entries and asked them to hold all athletic regular events, including men’s and women’s 5,000m, 10,000m, and walk otherwise; the continental governing body would not accept athletics in the November-December Games.

The Philippines filled up their competition list for the second time, but women’s marathons and heptathlon were axed.

Vietnam reigns champions of the men’s 5,000m and women’s 10,000m and silver medalists in the men’s and women’s 10,000m and women’s walk.

Walkers Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuc and Nguyen Thanh Ngung expressed their disappointment after and cut their events. Now they are back as title favorites as both of them recently reached remarkable results that made them the No 1 in ASEAN.

The sister and brother duo, who are both number one in ASEAN, took part in the Asian championship in Japan and finished seventh with a time of 1:30.15 and 1:41.50, the best among Southeast Asian walkers.

Phuc won the SEA Games title in 2015 before taking time off for family reasons.

Vietnam hopes to repeat its success in Manila two years ago when it scooped a record 17 gold medals.

The 30th Games will be held from November 30-December 11 with around 10,000 competitors.

Two years ago, in Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam won 58 golds and finished third behind the hosts (145 golds) and Thailand (72 golds).-VNS/VNA



2019 SEA Games Womens 4×400 Video and Relay Splits

GOLD – Vietnam 3:34.64
Co Nguyễn Thị Oanh – 53.2
Quách Thị Lan – 52.2 /1:47.3
Hoàng Thị Ngọc – 54.3 /2:41.6
Nguyễn Thị Hằng – 53.0 / 3:34.64
SILVER – Thailand 3:39.78
Sukanya Janchaona 56.3
Supanich Poolkerd 53.7
Arisa Weruwanarak 54.3
Chinenye Onuorah 55.5
BRONZE – Philippines 3:43.41
Jessel Lumapas 56.1 /1:52.8
Maureen Schrijvers 56.2 / 2:49.0
4. Indonesia 3:45.01
5. Malaysia 3:47.00








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