SEA Games 2019 other sports

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SEA Games 2019 Athletics Breakdown and Forecasts Other Sports

November 10, 2019

SEA Games 2019 Athletics
SEA Games 2019 Athletics

SEA Games 2019 Athletics

How on Earth did the NSAs come up with 220 Golds for the SEA Games? That is Disneyland movie material right there?

Think about 54 sports in SEA Games, so that means each sport will have to get 220/ 54 = 4.07 golds, so 4-5 golds each. Take into account that some sports also only have 2 golds max available.

Then going through the list, I can say about 20 of these sports will not get any golds at all. Not naming any yet as some NSA Leaders might get clucky with their hunches and instincts.

So with 34 sports, which will get medals, that means 220/34 = 6.47 or 6-7 golds each for the NSA to win golds.

That is just looking at the basic logistics. I will try and come up with some sort of breakdown; it seems the 220 gold count didn’t come with any form of breakdown by sport, which would be interesting to analyze.

SEA Games 2019 Athletics

Below is Pinoyathletic’s very own forecasting of the Number of Golds for Each Sport

Aquatics (2 to 3 Golds)

Remedy Rule (MB photo | Rio Deluvio)
  • Diving 0
    Open Water 0 (not sure if this event will still push through)
  • Swimming 2-3 Golds
  • Water Polo 0
  1. James Delparine 50 Breast 27.91 #1 SEA for 2019, gold last sea games was 28.25.
  2. Remedy Rule 200 Butterfly 2:11.38 #1 SEA for 2019, gold last sea games was 2:12.03
  3. James Delparine 100 Breast 1:02,44 #3 SEA for 2019, the top 2 are 1:02.16 and 1:02.34. (possible but not sure)

SEA Games 2019 Athletics
Archery (0 to 1 gold)

Nicole Maria Tagle
  1. Nicole Maria Tagle (Silver in the Last SEA Games) The 2017 Bronze medalist and best performer at the 2019 test event.

For a more breakdown of the event and data, please visit the below link.

SEA Games 2019 Athletics

Badminton (0 golds)

Badminton 0 Golds, based on the current world ranking lists, 2017 SEA Games, and Asian Badminton Website. Breakdown in below link


SEA Games 2019 Athletics

Baseball/Softball (2-3 Golds)

Based on the World Rankings.

Men’s Baseball
1 Indonesia
2 Philippines
3 Thailand
4 Singapore
Womens Softball
1 Philippines
2 Indonesia
3 Singapore
4 Thailand
Mens Softball
1 Philippines
2 Indonesia
3 Singapore
4 Thailand

Basketball (3-4)

World Rank 2017
31 Philippines GOLD
88 Indonesia SILVER
105 Thailand BRONZE
107 Singapore 4th
3×3 Mens Asia Cup
10 Indonesia
14 Vietnam
16 Philippines
18 Malaysia
World Rank
50 Philippines 4th
66 Malaysia GOLD
75 Indonesia BRONZE
80 Thailand SILVER
3×3 Womens Asia Cup
6 Thailand
8 Philippines
15 Malaysia

SEA Games 2019 Athletics

Football (0)

Netball (0)

Rugby 7s (1-2)

Volleyball (0)

4 Teams in Women’s Basketball after Singapore withdraws.
Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
Thailand to win, followed by Vietnam + Indonesia, and then the Philippines.

SEA Games 2019 Athletics

SEA Games 2019 Athletics Predicts

November 10, 2019

SEA Games 2019 Medal Tally: This is a response to data posted on Quora by John Jelsovsky. Listed below.

The Philippines ended upright in the middle of the medal count. The following nations got more medals than the Philippines:

  1. Malaysia – host country, population 31.6 million, entered 844 athletes (323 medals)
  2. Thailand – population 68.0 million, entered 818 athletes (246 medals)
  3. Indonesia – population 263.5 million, entered 535 athletes (191 medals)
  4. Singapore – population 5.6 million, entered 565 athletes (188 medals)
  5. Vietnam – population 92.7 million, entered 460 athletes (168 medals)

The Philippines has a population of 101.0 million, entered 497 athletes, and won 121 medals.

Malaysia and Thailand brought more athletes. More competitors = more chances, one of them will win a medal. Indonesia has a larger population than the Philippines, and Vietnam is nearly as large.

That only leaves Singapore doing surprisingly well for its small size. I suspect the massive wealth difference accounts for most of that. They can afford the best equipment, facilities, training, etc. For what it is worth, 5 other countries attended, but only won 97 total medals between them.


SEA Games 2019 Medal Tally My Comments

Firstly I’m afraid I have to disagree. The Philippines had .24% of medals per athlete based on the number of athletes it sent. Whereas all the other Big 5 SEA Nations had .30-.38 return on each athlete sent. At the same time, this may look like much, its significance as it dropped us to 6th place at SEA Games.

Furthermore, it debunks the claim that the Philippines did not send enough athletes. Assuming and already sent the best athletes, would there have been enough quality available to have made any difference. Say, for example, if we sent another 40 athletes, it’s not confident that would have changed the ratio of medal returns per athlete sent.

The Philippines also had.04% golds for each athlete sent this was again the lowest ratio. Thailand had.08% and all other countries had .1% or more per athlete.

Then we look at the main point of the question, which is about Population compared to medal count; for this, I have divided the number of medals and the number of golds. To figure out per million people how many awards and golds each major SEA nation had. 

Indonesia had the worst output with .725 medals per million people and .220 golds per million people.

Of course, a country like Indonesia, which has 2.5 times more people than the Philippines, can get away with this due to having the largest SEA Nations population (263 million). The Philippines had 1.198 respectable, but its 0.238 golds per million people lag far behind. In retrospect, the tiny nation of Singapore has 33.57 medals and 10.179 golds per million people.

A similar article which all may not be applicable this time around

How do you solve a problem like Philippine Sports (rev 1)


PSC 2019 CDM to NSAs: Field ‘only’ qualified athletes to SEA Games

MANILA – Team Philippines chef de mission (CDM) and Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) chairman William “Butch,” Ramirez said on Thursday the national sports associations (NSAs) should field only the deserving athletes in the 30th Southeast Asian Games, which the country will host from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 this year.

  1. P
  2. Tempo
  3. Athletes who have passed  bronze of SEA  2017


Battle looms for SEAG control

There is a looming head-on collision between parties looking to control the organization of the country’s hosting of the Southeast Asian Games.

Joey Romasanta, who assumed the Philippine Olympic Committee’s presidency after the stunning resignation of Ricky Vargas, wants the Olympic body to supervise the SEA Games organization because it is “the franchise holder of the Southeast Asian Games here in the country.”


It is a time to change captains. Romansata is now at the helm of the POC.


As POC eyes SEAG control, the president questioned

The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) new leadership wants to seize control of the 30th Southeast Asian Games organization.

But its president, Joey Romasanta, may have to hurdle a question of legitimacy first.

“If possible, I would like to revert to the original formula that the POC will run the [SEA] Games,” said Romasanta a day after replacing Ricky Vargas, who stepped down as the country’s local Olympic chief.

However, Romasanta’s ascension as the president faces a challenge from POC chair Abraham Tolentino, who will call for a special election when the board convenes an extraordinary general assembly on June 25.

As POC eyes SEAG control, president questioned

POC chief hears 120 anthem plays in SEA Games 2019

17 June 2019

  • POC President Ricky Vargas wants 120 Gold Medals at the SEA Games and to win overall
  • CDM and PSC Chairman Butch Ramirez wons to win overall
  • A total of 6 Billion Pesos is being spent on the SEA Games campaign, which the Philippines will host.
  • Vargas would not identify events Philippines aiming to win gold.
  • Thailand Boxing’s yearly budget is 100 Million Pesos a year, whereas ABAP is 20 Million Pesos a year

The Philippine Sports Commission has stood firm backing the original criteria set by the previous POC Taskforce under former CDM Julian Camacho. The government sports agency will only fund those who have legitimately qualified for the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, which kicks off on August 18.

Medal Tally

PSC Tells Non-Qualified Athletes: The PSC will only fund those who have

  • Hit Gold or Silver at SEA Games 2017 in Kuala Lumpur 
  • Won a medal in the previous 2014 Asian Games in Incheon Korea
  • Those with strong performances in a world or continental meet (e.g., Made the Final at Asian Championships)
PSC Tells Non Qualified Athletes
Ramon Fernandez PSC Commissioner


Above all, PSC Commissioner Ramon Fernandez said they would carefully scrutinize the list as far as funding is concerned. 


“We just had a board meeting and it was one of the matters that we discussed,” said Fernandez, who is reportedly set to be appointed as acting PSC chairman in the absence of suspended PSC chief William “Butch” Ramirez.

“We decided that we have to stick to the original criteria of the POC and fund the Asian Games participation of those who passed the grade. It is our duty to protect the people’s money and make sure that only the best and brightest will be funded.”


Therefore, unliquidated NSAs such as Cycling and Weightlifting must clear their finances before receiving any more funding, including the Asian Games. The PSC has set aside 72 Million Pesos for the Asian Games budget. 

Richard Gomez. Asian Games CDM.


Based on Fernandez’s calculation, around 30 to 40 of the 281 athletes listed by the new chief of mission, Richard Gomez, and deputies Robert Bachmann and Manny Cabili, did not make the grade.

This most definitely includes the Women’s Volleyball team, who have not finished gold/silver at SEA Games. Officials have stated they want to take the Volleyball team for ‘exposure’ purposes, not to assure a win.


“We just had a board meeting and it was one of the matters that we discussed,” said Fernandez, who is reportedly set to be appointed as acting PSC chairman in the absence of suspended PSC chief William “Butch” Ramirez.

“We decided that we have to stick to the original criteria of the POC and fund the Asian Games participation of those who passed the grade. It is our duty to protect the people’s money and make sure that only the best and brightest will be funded.”


PSC Tells Non-Qualified Athletes Source: 






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