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SEA Games 2019 Athletics

Full Results

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SEA Games 2019 Athletics Reviews

"SEA Games 2019

400M Men’s  1-2 for Vietnam. Photo Credit: AFP

400 m Final (8)

GOLD Tran Nhat Hoang VIE/2000 46.56

SILVER Tran Dinh Son VIE 46.68

BRONZE Phitchaya Sunthonthuam THA
4. Joyme Sequita PHI 47.71

5. Michael Del Prado PHI 47.74

6. Tan Zong Yang SGP 47.93;

7. Much.Saiful Safwan Saifuddin MAS 48.11;

With the absence of defending champion Trenten Beram. It was 19 years old Tran Nhat Hoang who led a 1-2 sweep for Vietnam with his compatriot Dinh Son. Hoang a newcomer had narrowly beaten Son at the SEA Games trials 2 months ago with both clocking 46.48. Such was the strength of Vietnam’s 400m Men’s Depth that Quach Cong Lich and Luong Van who were 3rd and 4th at the 2017 SEA Games. Ended up 4th and 3rd at the trials and not qualifying into the individual 400m. Sunthonthuam who took silver in 2017, was relegated to bronze.

-heats- (8) h1: Tran Dinh Son 46.92; Luqmaul Hakim Khairul Akmal MAS 47.56 (DNS in final); Del Prado 47.58; Nattapong Kongprakhan THA 47.95; Zubin Percy Muncherji SGP 48.75; h2: Tran Nhat Hoang/2000 47.06; Sunthonthuam 47.43; Tan 47.56; Sequita 47.76; Saifuddin 47.77;

800m Final (9)

"SEA Games 2019 Athletics

As Per Pinoyathletics Data numbers that have passed the SEA Bronze Mark of 2019

Team Filipinas 2019 SEAG Qualifying Standards
Qualifying StandardQualifiersSlotsQualifying StandardQualifiersSlots
110m/100m Hurdles14.15s1214.14s02
400m Hurdles51.52s221:00.73s12
3000m Steeplechase9.06.41s0210:36.90s02
20,000m walk/10,000m walk1:34.040253:17.10s02
High Jump2.18m021.83m02
Pole Vault5.25m123.60m22
Long Jump7.75m126.45m12
Triple Jump16.37m1213.32m02
Shot put17.12m1214.26m02
Discus throw44.80m1245.10m02
Hammer throw55.94m1254.88m02
Javelin throw65.94m1247.21m22
*Qualifying Deadline: 08 Sept 2019

List of Names of Athletes who have passed the Bronze of 2017 SEA Games (Updated June 11, 2019)


Only Individuals who have passed the bronze medal mark of 2017 are listed Some Notes Sea Games 2019 Athletics

  1. As no Qualifying Period as specified on the PATAFA site. Then all previous medalists were listed as passing the bronze. With the last SEA Games being the start.
  2. According to PATAFA Facebook Page, September 8, 2019, is the Deadline for Qualification
  3. Relays are not included at this point as in some cases might be reshuffled. Likely all relays will be fielded.
  4. Any Fil-Heritage athletes must have a phi passport. I have not included in these lists Fil-Heritage athletes who have passed bronze marks 2017 who do not have phi passports.
  5. As Per PATAFA overseas athletes are required to participate in at least one PATAFA sanctioned meet.
  6. Athletes highlighted in Red. Beram and Moren have Phi Passports but yet to participate in PATAFA meets for 2019.
  7. Guarte is not currently a member of the National Team but is a bronze medalist in 1500 from 2019. As of now nobody else has passed the bronze medal mark of last SEA Games in 1500.

As of now, 24 athletes have made it past the Bronze medal standard. 9 of the 24 are Fil-Heritage athletes. All of them except Kristina Knott are training outside the Philippines. Ernest Obiena and Mary Joy Tabal are training in Italy and Japan.

It was announced before the 5th place was the qualifying. However, as per the  28th May Update SPECIAL BULLETIN!!! For the information and reference of “all aspiring Filipino athletes” to represent the Philippines in the 2019 South East Asian Games, here’s the list of events .

Please also note this is a disclaimer.

This is just a list of athletes who have passed the bronze.

Ultimately the final team will be selected by the PATAFA. And accredited by the POC.

SEA Games 2019 Athletics Schedule

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SEA Games 2019 Rankings List

Athletics Day 1 + 2 Entries and Stats

Dec 6, 2019



2019 SEA  Rankings Athletics

SEA Games 2019 Breakdown and Forecasts Other Sports

November 10, 2019


How on Earth did the NSAs come up with 220 Golds for the SEA Games that is disneyland movie material right there?

Think about it there is 54 sports in SEA Games, so that means each sport will have to get 220/ 54 = 4.07 golds so 4-5 golds each. Take into account some sports also only have 2 golds max available.

Then going through the list I can say about 20 of these sports will not get any golds at all. Not naming any yet as some NSA Leaders might get clucky with their hunches and instincts.

So with 34 sports which will get medals that mean 220/34 = 6.47 or 6-7 golds each for the NSA that can win golds.

That is just looking at the basic logistics. I will try and come up with some sort of breakdown it seems the 220 gold count didn’t come with any form of break down by sport which would be interesting to micro analyze.

Below is Pinoyathletics very own forecasting of Number of Golds for Each Sport

Aquatics (2 to 3 Golds)

Remedy Rule (MB photo | Rio Deluvio)
  • Diving 0
    Open Water 0 (not sure if this event will sill push through)
  • Swimming 2-3 Golds
  • Water Polo 0
  1. James Delparine 50 Breast 27.91 #1 SEA for 2019, gold last sea games was 28.25.
  2. Remedy Rule 200 Butterfly 2:11.38 #1 SEA for 2019, gold last sea games was 2:12.03
  3. James Delparine 100 Breast 1:02,44 #3 SEA for 2019, the top 2 are 1:02.16 and 1:02.34. (possible but not sure)

Archery (0 to 1 golds)

Nicole Maria Tagle
  1. Nicole Maria Tagle (Silver in the Last SEA Games) The 2017 Bronze medalist best performer at the 2019 test event.

For more break down on the event and data please visit the below link

Badminton (0 golds)

Badminton 0 Golds, based on the current world ranking lists, 2017 SEA Games, and Asian Badminton Website. Breakdown in below link


Baseball/Softball (2-3 Golds)

Based on the World Rankings.

Mens Baseball
Womens Softball
Mens Softball

Basketball (3-4)

World Rank2017
3×3 MensAsia Cup
World Rank
3×3 WomensAsia Cup

Football (0)

Netball (0)

Rugby 7s (1-2)

Volleyball (0)

4 Teams in Women Basketball after Singapore withdraws.
Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philippines.
Thailand to win followed by Vietnam + Indonesia and then the Philippines.

SEA Games 2019 Athletics Predicts

November 10, 2019

SEA Games 2019 Mens 100m Review

Lalu Muhammad Zohri of Indonesia Athletics Federation/PB PASI goes in as the overwhelming favorite for the Crown of the fastest man in South East Asia. Zohri has broken the SEA Record 3 times this year with times of 10.15 and 10.13 (silver in asian champs behind Kiryu of Japan. He then brushed up an impressive 10.03 at the Seiko Golden Grand Prix in Japan (behind former Olympic Champion Justin Gatlin 10.01 and Kiryu 10.02.

Jirapong Meenapra จิระพงศ์ มีนาพระ the 2013 SEA Games champion ranks #2 however Meenapra has not finished on the podium in SEA Games 100 in 2015 and 2017.

Another one to watch is Malaysia’s Jonathan Nyepa who has a PB of 10.28 from 2017 and has been training in Florida.

2015 SEA Games Champion Eric Cray of the Philippines, Kritsada Namsuwan of Thailand the 2017 SEA Games bronze medalist will also be in the mix. It’s unclear at this point whether Malaysia will field Khairul Hafiz Jantan the defending 2017 SEA Games champion at this stage.

Pinoyathletics Forecast for SEA Games
Gold – Zohri INA -times are a lot better than anyone else is really world-class with some very impressive runs against the world’s best, and 3 times has broken sea record. 10.20 is really like a jog for him.

Silver – Nyepa training in the united states PB of 10.28, has been consistently running int he 10.3-10.4 range of Malaysia

Bronze – Punpa of Thailand young guy just 20 very good 200 runners with 20.77. Currently mentored by Loren Seagrave one of the best coaches in the history of track and field. has been consistent at 10.4-10.5

Philippine Entries –

Eric Cray (PB 10.25 NR, 2015 SEA Games Gold Medalist, No Time for 2019).

Anfernee Lopena (PB 10.47 2016, SB 10.61)









2019 SEA Rankings Mens 100m
1 Muhammad Lalu Zohri 1-Jul-00 INA 10.03
2 Jirapong Meenapra 5-Nov-93 THA 10.34
3 Jonathan Nyepa 6-Mar-96 MAS 10.37
4 Zulfiqar Ismail 31-Jan-99 MAS 10.41
5 Nixon Kennedy 26-Jan-95 MAS 10.42
6 Muhd Haiqal Hanafi 29-Apr-99 MAS 10.46
7 Siripol Punpa 9-Sep-99 THA 10.45
8 Kritsada Namsuwan 9-Feb-94 THA 10.46
8 Eko Rimbawan 29-Jul-95 INA 10.48
9 Russell Taib 5-Apr-98 MAS 10.49
10 Natthaphong Weerawattanaratiri 3-Feb-97 THA 10.49
11 Ruttanapon Sowan 10-Jan-94 THA 10.50
12 Khairul Hafiz Jantan MAS 10.50
13 Sudirman Hadi INA 10.50

SEA Games 2019 Mens 200m Review

Siripol Punpa

Anticipating a Golden Double for Muhammad Lalu Zohri of Indonesia. Undoubtedly the best sprinter SEA has ever produced. With the top 3 in SEA all running faster than the PB and gold medal-winning time and the now-vacant sprint throne left by Trenten Beram of the Philippines (20.84). Zohri although ranked 3rd in South East Asia doesn’t run 200m very much and still junior has run 20.81. With a 100m PB of 10.03 and frequent 10.1-10.3 runs. It is expected he has a lot more in reserve as he ran the 20.81 rather unchallenged at the Junior Nationals in Indonesia.

Also on the move are two more youngsters Punpa of Thailand who has improved his PB from 21.18 to 20.76 (the 4th fastest ever time by a Thai sprinter). And Malaysian/Australia Russel Taib who broke the Malaysian National record and improved his PB this year from 21.30 to 20.77.

The level of the 200m has gone up a lot with Nyepa of Malaysia also running 20.92. 

In 2018 only Beram (20.96) ran sub 21 seconds. In 2017 only Beram (20.84) and Jantan of Malaysia (20.90). But in 2019 4 men have broken 21 seconds.

Such is the steep level of competition that SEA Games silver medalist Jirapong Meenpra is only ranked 5th in the rankings in 2019.

Philippine Entries – unsure but nobody is ranked top 10.


Gold Zohri, Silver Punpa, Bronze Taib.


1Siripol Punpa9-Sep-99THA20.76
2Russell Nasir Taib5-Apr-98MAS20.77
3Muhammad Lalu ZohriINA20.81
4Jonathan Nyepa26-Mar-96MAS20.92
5Jirapong Meenapra5-Nov-93THA21.08
6Muhammad Lalu ZohriINA21.14
7Muhammad Azeem Mohd Fahmi2004MAS21.15
8Ruttanapon Sowan10-Jan-94THA21.20
9Muhammad Haiqal HanafiMAS21.20
10Eko RimbawanINA21.26

Men’s 400m Review

Vietnam has great depth in the 400. At the very top of the list
is Tran Nhat Hoang who took a new Vietnam record of 46.46 and improving his PB from 47.68 to 46.46 this year. At the final trials for SEA Games on Sept 16. Narrowly beating Tran Dinh Son in a blanket finish.

Dinh Son had got the better of SEA Games Champion Trenten Beram at the Asian Games drawing the same semi-final. He was also impressed in the Asian Grand Prix taking bronze twice.

Dinh Son this year improved from 46.70 to 46.64 to 46.55 to 46.46. Despite running many PBs such is the depth in Vietnam he was pipped in a hairline finish by the Junior Hoang.

With Beram no longer running the 400 titles is vacant. None of the top 3 have shown fine form and new athletes have emerged Suthonthuam the SEA Games silver is only ranked 8th and Cong Lich who was sea games bronze is not even qualified in the individual 400 ranked 9th.

The Philippines will be represented by Joyme Sequita who has run 47.41 this year and has a PB last year of 47.26 and Michael Carlo Del Prado who has been the big improver this year taking his PB from 48.29 to 47.49. The two getting the nod over the injured Udtohan.

Predicts – While the two Filipinos may improve on there bests they are quite far off medal contention.

Hoang (VIE) – Gold (prob low 46)
Dinh Son (VIE) – Silver
Sutonthuam (THA) – Bronze (PB of 46.39)

2019 SEA Rankings – Men’s 400m 2019.

1 2000 VIE 46.46
2 Tran Dinh Son 97 VIE 46.46
3 Luqman Hakim Khairul Akmal 25-Jan-99 MAS 46.92
4 Jomar Udtohan 96 PHI 46.95
5 Saiful Safwan Saifuddin 1999 MAS 47.00
6 Abdul Wafiy Roslan 20-Apr-99 MAS 47.11
7 Luong Van Thao 95 VIE 47.13
8 Phitchaiya Suthonthuam 31-Aug-99 THA 47.15
9 Quach Cong Lich VIE 47.33
10 Jirayu Pleenram 9-Feb-96 THA 47.37

Men’s 800m Review

Carter Lily

Carter Lilly took the National Record of John Lozada (1.47.77) that had stood since 2002. He had run 1.47.52 but before that 1.46.95 a the US Trials before obtaining his Filipino Passport.

Carter representing the Philippines is also within range of breaking the SEA Record of Batumulai Rajakumar of Malaysia which has stood since 1985 and the SEA Games record of 1:48.29 set by another Malaysian Samson Vallabouy in 1989.

Such is Carter’s performances the last few years, that the next fastest man seems light-years behind Vietnam’s Duong Van Thai who ran 1:48.97 back in 2017. Van Thai is the 3 Times SEA Games Champion 2011, 2015,2017

Filipino Representatives.

Lilly Carter
Marco Vilog

Pinoyathletics Picks
Gold Lilly Carter PHI
Silver Duong Van Thai VIE
Bronze Jirayu Pleenram THA

SEA Rankings 2019.

1 Carter Lilly PHI 1.47.52
2 Royson Vincent MAS 1.50.57
3 Jirayu Pleenram 9-Feb-96 THA 1.51.17
4 Marco Vilog 30-Jul-91 PHI 1.51.63
5 Duong Van Thai 92 VIE 1.51.74
6 Luong Duc Phuoc 2002 VIE 1.51.81
7 Putra Azmal Syazwan Azman 8-May-97 MAS 1.51.87
8 Fazri Bin Muhammad Zahari MAS 1.52.14
9 Tran Van Dang 2000 VIE 1.52.16
10 Bilal Bilano INA 1.52.54

Men’s 1500m Review

Duong Van Thai

2015 & 2017 SEA Games Champion Duong Van Thai of Vietnam dominates the field this year already nearly 3 seconds faster than the next placed athlete in 2019. Van Thai has a PB of 3:47.04 from the Singapore SEA Games.

2017 SEA Games 5000m champion. Nguyen Van Lai is the next highest ranked.

With Yothin Yaprajan of Thailand, the 2017 SEA Games Bronze medalist ranked 3rd. Yothin has a PB of 3:49.35 from the 2015 SEA Games.

The Philippines will be represented by Mariano Reduban Masano (PB 3.55.49) and Said Guermali (Not ranked in 2019, PB 3.54.26, 3.59.76 for 2019)

Pinoyathletics Top 3 Picks
Gold – Van Thai VIE
Silver – Yaprajan THA
Bronze – Van Lai VIE

2019 Rankings Men’s 1500m

1 Duong Van Thai VIE 3.50.65 SEA Games Trials HCMC 17-Sep-19
2 Nguyen Van Lai VIE 3.53.56 SEA Games Trials HCMC 17-Sep-19
3 Yothin Yaprajan 8-May-92 THA 3.55.49 ASC Doha, QAT 23-Apr-19
4 Mariano Masano PHI 3.55.86 Weekly Relays New Clark City 22-Sep-19
5 Sony Wagdos PHI 3.55.88 Weekly Relays New Clark City 22-Sep-19
6 Edwin Giron Jr. PHI 3.55.93 Weekly Relays New Clark City 22-Sep-19
7 Tran Van Dong 2000 VIE 3.56.49 SEA Games Trials HCMC 17-Sep-19
8 Muhammad Ridwan INA 3.57.23 Jatim Open Gresnik, INA 29-Mar-19
9 Mervin Guarte 3-Aug-92 PHI 3.58.20 National Open Ilagan, PHI 8-Mar-19
10 Robbi Sianturi INA 3.59.36 Jatim Open Gresnik, INA 30-Mar-19

2019 SEA Games Athletics – Reported but hopefully not true – organizers remove crucial events

While reported by a Vietnam newspaper but hopefully not true.  Most noteworthy is that other SEA Countries will have until Feb 28 to appeal for the inclusion of said events.  

The List of events allegedly excluded

  • Women’s Long Jump
  • Women’s High Jump
  • Women’s Marathon
  • Men’s and Women’s 10,000 or Walks

While Women’s High Jump, and Mens and Womens 10k or Walks are not big blows as we have no serious medal contenders based on SEA Rankings. Yet the exclusion of the Women’s Long Jump and Women’s Marathon bares a huge impact. In the Women’s Long Jump Marestella Sunang who is a medal chance having won bronze at the last 2 editions, was planning to retire after 2019 SEA Games but could be forced into early retirement if the cancellation of the event pushes through.

Marestella Torres
Marestella Torres x4 SEA Games Gold Medalist and SEA Record Holder. 2019 SEA Games Athletics

While its baffling as to why the Women’s Marathon would even be canceled. As Mary Joy Tabal is probably the strongest gold medal candidate in Philippine Athletics in Women. And she too may be forced into early retirement with the exclusion of the event.

Defending SEA Games Women’s Marathon Champion Mary Joy Tabal. 2019 SEA Games Athletics.

While the Philippines has the prerogative as the host. Should it actually remove any events in Athletics? As these are all Olympic events. And it may tarnish the value of the event itself to the Athletic Community of not just the Philippines. But also South East Asia as a whole. If any event should be removed it should be ‘The Mixed Relays’.

Article from Vietnam News below.

Đặng Thị Thu Thảo may not have a chance to defend her long jump title at the 30th SEA Games, as the event has been removed from the list of sports. — Photo

Viet Nam News HÀ NỘI — The Philippines will not hold several key track-and-field events at the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games next year, a decision that will likely affect Việt Nam’s achievement level in the games as one of the leading athletics teams in the region.

At the previous SEA Games in Malaysia, Việt Nam topped the athletics ranking with 17 gold medals – a record for the biennial competition.

The organizers revealed a list of 41 events that did not include women’s long jump, high jump, heptathlon, the marathon, the 10,000m race or the men’s and women’s walk.

Việt Nam is defending champions in women’s long jump and high jump and silver medallists in the 10,000m and women’s walk. The marathon has been a basic event of every SEA Games as it has been held at the Olympics since the first edition in 1896.

The organizers added two events never before seen in the SEA Games – mixed relay 4x100m and 4x400m.

According to Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng, Deputy General Secretary of the Việt Nam Athletics Federation. The removal of these traditional events is unreasonable. Việt Nam and other countries will have a chance to submit their opinions on the list before the final version is announced on February 28.

The 30th SEA Games will be held from November 30 to December 11 in the cities of Manila, Clark, and Subic. It will be the biggest ever edition with a record of 56 sports. — VNS


By Andrew Pirie

Andrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has worked as a PSC Consultant and Research Assistant from 2013-2015, Consultant, and Sprint Coach at Zamboanga Sports Academy from 2015-2017. Current editor and chief of, and has recently done consultancy work for Ayala Corp evaluating the Track and Field Program. Coaches Sprints, Middle and Jump events he is working towards his Level 3 Athletics Australia Coaching Certification in Sprints and Hurdles. He can be contacted on [email protected] You can find more information on Coaching here

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