Santos Magno – The crucial coach

Santos Magno

Santos Magno – The crucial coach

Santos Magno

Voted by a landslide into the Legends of Track and Field is Santos Magno. 

He was part of the great line of quarter milers pumped out of Bicol’s hot spot region. Magno was one of these 400m runners.

After his running career, he would become a vital part of the Gintong Alay Program in the 1980s. 

Santos Magno Early Days

Santos was born in 1952 in the Bicol Region.

He came from a batch of athletes, including Clemente Lupangoo and Romeo Montanez, from 1969 and was coached by Arsenio Jazmin in Albay’s province in the Bicol Region. The latter had been 4th at the Asian Games some years earlier in the quarter-mile.


Athletics selection on Albay from 1967 to 1970 with Mr. JASMIN


National Team

He placed silver in the Singapore Open in 1972, timing 48.5 behind Peyadesha of Malaysia 48.1. With 48.6 in the semis.

In 1973 the Asian Championships, Santos placed 5th in the final in 48.0 with training partner Lupangoo in 7th at the same time.

Having clocked 49.3 in the heats.

In Tehran’s 1974 Asian Games, Santos clocked 48.73 to place 5th in heat one and did not progress.

During the 1977 SEA Games, it finished 5th at 50.00. In the 1978 National Games in CDO, he won the 400m in 50.3.

Magno is on the right coaching Honesto Larce with Tony Benson.


Santos Magno Assistant Coach

By the 1980s, Santos was brought in as a coach on the Gintong Alay Program and helped Australian Coach Tony Benson with talented athletes’ training and scouting.

Combined with his mentor Arsenio Jazmin, the duo has produced several national athletes from the Bicol Region for half a century. More than Pinoyathletics can list. Including Isidro Del Prado and Romeo Gido. Among many other athletes he coached included National Junior Record Holder at the time Julio Bayaban. After Benson left the program in 1983, Magno carried on the work. Eventually, when he ended his stint as national coach.  If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to online casinos, you might want to check out https://casinosss.com . They have a wealth of information on the best online casinos, games, and bonuses.

He continued as a grass-root coach and then consultant coach and mentor to Bicol’s home province athletes.



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