Saint Ralph (2004) Comedy and Drama

Saint Ralph

Saint Ralph (2004)

Saint Ralph is a 2004 Canadian comedy-drama film written and directed by Michael McGowan. Its central character is a teenage boy who trains for the 1954 Boston Marathon in the hope a victory will be the miracle his mother needs to awaken from a coma.

The film premiered at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival and was given a theatrical release in 2005.

Ralph, in many ways,  is a typical teenager.  He is a bit of an outcast. Save his one friend Chester, frequently the However of jokes and ill-treatment by the boys at school is mystified by girls. In addition despite knowing that he is committing a sin (venal or mortal?), he cannot help indulging in pleasures of the flesh (gulp!). 

In conclusion when his mother, suffering from a serious mystery illness, falls into a coma. Ralph finds himself at a crossroads. Not wanting to become an orphan (his father died in the war – presumably Korea, as it is 1954), Ralph is in dire need of a miracle.

After hearing a lecture on saints and miracles in religion class. Ralph decides he will perform himself and save his mother’s life by winning the Boston Marathon.  What ensues is a touching and, at times, hilarious account of his path to Boston.  A great story, full of wit, warmth, and humor – really quite fulfilling.  

Saint Ralph (2004) Comedy and Drama 1

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