Saint Ralph

Saint Ralph (2004) Comedy and Drama

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Saint Ralph (2004)

Saint Ralph is a 2004 Canadian comedy-drama film written and directed by Michael McGowan. Its central character is a teenage boy who trains for the 1954 Boston Marathon in the hope a victory will be the miracle his mother needs to awaken from a coma.

Saint Ralph premiered at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival and was given a theatrical release in 2005.

Ralph resembles a typical adolescent in many respects. He’s a little bit of a misfit. Except for his one friend Chester, girls frequently find it difficult to understand the jokes and mistreatment that boys at school perpetrate. In addition, he can’t help indulging in pleasures of the flesh despite being aware that he is sinning (venal or mortal?).

Finally, when his mother, who has a severe unknown sickness, goes into a coma. Ralph discovers himself at a turning point. Ralph is in desperate need of a miracle since he does not want to become an orphan (his father perished in the war, most likely in Korea as it is in 1954).

following a religion class lecture on saints and miracles. Ralph determines that by winning the Boston Marathon, he will prove himself and save his mother’s life. What follows is an emotional and occasionally amusing narrative of his journey to Boston. A wonderful tale with warmth, comedy, and wit that is truly satisfying.

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