Robyn Brown

Robyn Lauren Brown

UPDATE: Robyn Brown took Bronze at the 2019 SEA Games behind Huyen and Quach of Vietnam.

During the season she has improved her 400 Hurdlest time to 58.46.

She also helped the 4×400 women’s team set a new record and take bronze at SEA Games 2019.

Robyn Lauren Brown

Robyn Lauren  Brown who stunned the athletic community. With a 4 sec win over UAAP Champion Marilyn ‘Daffy’ Avila at the national open. Robyn has now secured her Philippine Passport.  A delighted Brown posted this on Facebook.

"Robyn Lauren Brown

Robyn  Brown

Leading up to the National Open win in June. In contrast, Brown has a Personal Best of 59.51 set in Torrance at the prestigious Mt. Sac Relays. However, she timed 1:01.80 at the Philippine Nationals which is somewhat far from her PB. But that is due to the traveling (some 11 hours Manila to Ilagan), long season and lack of a quality opponent. 

In addition, Brown’s 400 PB is 57.09 (April 2018), and 200 PB is 25.23 (April 2018) for 200m. However, as the differential for women hurdles is usually about 3 seconds according to Statiscian Jad Adrian Washif. Jad has a master’s in sports science and is currently studying for his Ph.D.

Based on her 400m time Robyn Brown should only be able to time 57.09 + 3 = 1.00.09 yet she has run half a second faster.


Why is this? 

Well take into consideration she doesn’t run many 400m, in fact, she just ran one in the whole year. So lets look at her 200m time 25.2 x 2 = 50.4 + 5 secs = 55.4. 55.4 + 3.0 secs = 58.4. So she has about another second to play around with before needing to bring her speed down more.


How does this change the local landscape

Robyn Brown already made a very big impression by beating a former national athlete (3 years in the training pool, in 2 separate streaks) Marilyn ‘Daffy’ Avila. Avila herself on the local scene was the #1 Hurdler and the UAAP Champion. So a 4-second dominating win really sent shock waves.

Now that Brown has secured her Passport she is ranked #1 with her 59.31 in the Philippine Rankings. As performances dated back to January 1 of the year the passport is obtained (this year) are eligible for rankings, but no new records are eligible only from the issue date of the passport onwards (July 2018).

Brown now the #1 Ranked for Selection for SEA Games in the Philippines next year. She is followed by Palaro Recor Holder Riza Jane Valiente who is from Bohol but now at Senior High school at JRU. Valiente has a hand-timed 1.01.5, and she was the most qualified athlete for the World Juniors but despite this. The PATAFA still went ahead and sent Edwin Giron Jr. (800 8th in Asian Juniors) Who was unable to secure a Visa for the meet in Finland. So no entry was sent.

Another Fil-Heritage Hurdler

However, there is another Fil-Heritage athlete looking at getting a passport in the Women’s 400 Hurdles who has a PB of 58.77. If that was too happen these two would be the top 2 contenders to represent the Philippines at the 2019 SEA Games.

Meanwhile, the Top 2 Juniors Valiente and Bernalyn Bejoy both 17 (1:01.9) will be competing at the ASEAN School Games in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Maybe not ready for Senior Level yet. But doing her utmost best Bernalyn Bejoy of Bacolod.

Now regarding the All-Time List. 59.51 puts Robyn Brown as #4. Elma Muros Posadas still holds the record at 57.57. 

400M Hurdles/Auto
157.57Elma Muros-Posadas14.1.19671fSingapore4.8.1991
258.09Mary Grace Melgar10.3.19816Asian GamesIncheon4.9.2005
359.29Agripina de la Cruz7.11.19601Bangkok, Thailand13.12.1985
459.51Robyn Lauren BrownMt. Sac RelaysTorrance20.04.2018
559.86Nene Gamo-Pellosis22.2.19643Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia23.8.1989
660.33Nenita Adan4.7.19652Taipei24.5.1987
760.99Edna Punelas-Carpio4.11.19714h2Manila30.11.1993
861.07Jennyrose Rosales30.11.941fUAAPDasmarinas08.12.13
961.49Anna Leah Hugo30.3.19742Singapore3.9.1995
1061.80Susanna Arangote2SEA GamesManila14.6.1983

How she would fare at SEA and Asian Level


With the retirement of SEA Games, Champion Nguyen Thi Huyen of Vietnam who has decided to start a family leaves the crown vacant. However, Vietnam has prepared for this with Quach Thi Lan who took the silver two years ago in Singapore 2015 SEA Games clocking 57.03 so far this year. Quach has a PB of 52.06 so has room to go 55 if she has to. Currently, Robyn Brown is seeded a distant second to Quach. With SEA Games silver medalist in 2017 Dipna Lim Prasad sitting in third with 59.55 but has a PB of 59.24 from 2015.

With this in mind, we think that Robyn Brown will be challenging Dipna Lim Prasad for Silver. Vietnam holds onto Gold with its new 400 Hurdler as Quach just has too much 400 speed for the other two to deal with. Nobody else this year has broken 1 minute.

So at Asian Level then?

In conclusion, Quach ranked #5 in Asia. Brown is ranked around 25-30. But take into account some countries have more than 2 runners ranked ahead. However, due to a low turnout in 2014 of just 9 runners, 59.93 made finals at Asian Games. So we look at the 2017 Asian Champs which also had 12 athletes with 1.01.60 last in final. Off both these results with her PB Brown can place about 6th at Asian Level.


Robyn Brown 3

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