Riza Jane Valiente

Riza Jane Valiente

Despite the fact Riza Jane Valiente already has a Filipino passport having run at the ASEAN School Games.

PATAFA still made the error of selecting the less qualified Edwin Giron Jr. which backfired as he wasn’t able to secure a VISA/Passport in time.


Riza Jane Valiente is the most qualified for World Juniors

May 14, 2018


We are still sticking with our original suggestion that Riza Jane Valiente (already has a Philippine Passport).

Is the most qualified for the Asian Junior Championships.

Riza Jane won the Palaro (set Palaro record) in 1:01.5 (1.01.64 = -30 pts) from standard, then a few weeks later won the Philippine National Games in 1:02.57 = (-60 pts from standard) if we go of her best electronic time.

Whereas Karen Janario who was suggested ahead of her did not participate in PNG or National Open and has the best time of 25.39 in the qualifying period or (-111 pts) from the World Junior standard of 24.20. In the 100 Hurdles, she is -74 points.

James Lozanes 66.39m mark was outside the qualifying period for world juniors of October 2017 onwards, as it was done in July.

So his mark of 56.73m means he is not the most qualified male it would be Edwin Giron Jr. whose recent run of 1:52.70 puts him -70 points from the qualifying.

Concluding that Riza Jane Valiente is the most qualified for the World Juniors as nobody has hit the qualifying standard and in IAAF Points she is the closest.

Malaysia recently having 9 athletes qualified for the World Junior Champs. It got me thinking what about the Philippines?

Despite having 17 Total Records broken at the Palaro.

The Philippines Junior athletes are dropping further and further behind the global standards. 

Only Fil-Heritage athletes have ever qualified for World Juniors

Fil-Heritage Sprinters Kayla Richardson (2015 SEA Games 100m Champion) and in Corrales-Nelson in the 2014 and 2016 World Juniors were the countries only legitimate qualifiers.

As other athletes sent prior to this were all wild cards. 

Richardson went to the 2014 World Juniors in Eugene as a 16-year-old and clocked 12.03 and 24.53 finishing 5th and 4th in her heat and not professing to the semifinals. 

In 2016 in Poland 11.97 and 24.29 6th and 5th in the heats.

Zion in 2014 ran 24.34 5th, and was dqed in the 400 for stepping out of her lane. In 2016 she ran 100 and 200 11.80 3rd in heats, and 24.00 in 200, placing 4th and qualifying for the semifinals where she ran 24.05 to finish 5th in the semifinals.



So in 2018, the Philippines has no legitimate qualifier in any event for World Junior Championships.


Somethings to note

  1. only athletes with Filipino Passports can be considered
  2. Only athletes aged 16, 17, 18 or 19 on 31 December 2018 (born in 1999, 2000, 2001 or 2002 may compete. The maximum number of events in which a Youth athlete (born in 2001 or 2002) can compete in two individual events plus one of the relays. If the two individual events are Track Events, only one of these may be longer than 200m 
  3. Members who have no male and/or female qualified athletes whom they wish to enter in any Championships event may enter one unqualified male athlete OR one unqualified female athlete in one event of the Championships (except the Field Events (see below),
    Combined Events, 10,000m, 3000m Steeplechase, and 5000m Women).
  4. Members who have no male and/or no female qualified athlete but whose best athlete excels in a Field Event may submit to the IAAF, by the time of the Preliminary Entry deadline, the name of their athlete plus performance they would like to enter in the Field Event. The Technical Delegates will make the final decision and, to do so, may seek the opinion of the relevant Area Association.
  5.  All performances must be achieved during the period 1 October 2017 to 2 July 2018. Please note that the Final Entries deadline remains three Mondays before the first day of the competition, i.e. 25 June 2018. (entry due

List of IAAF World Junior Qualifying Standards and Rules


Riza Jane Valiente is closest of the non-qualified

Riza Jane Valiente

As no athlete has hit the qualifying standard, we took a look at comparing athletes in different events.

The best way to do this was the IAAF Scoring System. Riza Jane Valiente in the 400 Hurdles for Girls came up as the closest qualified (-30 points) from the qualifying for World Juniors.

James Lozanes the SEA School Games Record Holder was (-33 points) in Javelin and Jessel Lumapas the Palaro 400 Record Holder was (-65 points) in the 400m.

Valiente who hails from Bohol is 17 years old she is born in 2001. She is the Palaro Record Holder in the 400 Hurdles, and has is a 3-time Palaro Champion in this event.

She has one more year left to play in the Palaro.

Valiente already has a Filipino passport as she represented the Philippines at the 2017 ASEAN School Games finishing 4th.

Valiente is coached by Rosseller Regulacion

World Junior Athletes from the Philippines Comparisson

World Junior Athletics July 10-15 Tampere, Finland
EventQFAthlete NameMarkQF PointsPointsDifferential
World Junior Athletics
100m10.55Veruel Veradero10.871024925-99
200m22.04Veruel Veradero21.351017906-111
400m47.70John Kenneth Nodos49.541000886-114
800m1:50.00Edwin Giron Jr.1:52.70950880-70
1500m3:48.00Edwin Giron Jr.4:03.021002820-182
110H14.20Marjun Sulleza14.921030906-124
400H53.00Ferdinand Trinadanio54.93986898-88
Long Jump7.55
High Jump2.16
Triple Jump15.60
Pole Vault5.10Francis Obiena4.401021833-188
Discus56.00 (1.75kg)
Javelin68.70James Lozanes56.73941771-170
Shotput18.25 (6kg)
Hammer68.00 (6kg)
100m11.80Jessel Lumapas12.211032950-82
200m24.20Jessel Lumapas24.911017950-67
24.20Karen Janario25.391017906-111
400m55.00Jessel Lumapas56.781013948-65
800m2:08.70Bernalyn Bejoy2:14.451012918-94
1500m4:27.00Leslie De Lima4:42.34998889-109
3000m9:35.00Leslie De Lima10:06.74991894-97
100H14.10Karen Janario14.691006932-74
400H1:00.75Riza Jane Valiente1:01.64813783-30Palaro
1:00.75Riza Jane Valiente1:02.57813753-60PNG
Long Jump6.15Trexie Dela Torre5.641031921-110
High Jump1.82Alexie Caimoso1.721043945-98
Triple Jump12.85Rosnani Pamaybay11.811000895-105
Pole Vault4.050
Javelin50.00Ann Katherine Quitoy45.72894814-80

Riza Jane Valiente 3

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