Ricky Vargas one of the Greatest POC Presidents

Ricky Vargas one of the Greatest POC Presidents 1

RICKY Vargas has resigned as president of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), sources told SPIN.ph.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Olympic body’s executive board at the POC office in Pasig City, Vargas decided just 16 months after office.

POC’s first vice president Joey Romasanta is set to take over the POC leadership after Vargas stepped down during the meeting.





Ricky Vargas wins POC Elections ends the 13-year rule of Peping.

February 23, 2018

Article from Inquirer by Marc Anthony Reyes

Ricky Vargas one of the Greatest POC Presidents 2

Boxing chief Ricky Vargas bested incumbent president Jose “Peping” Cojuangco Jr. by a wide margin to become the Home Workoutsnext Philippine Olympic Committee president in a much-anticipated election Friday held at Wack Wack Golf and Country Club.

Vargas gained 24 votes from the 43 qualified voters, including national sports associations and athletes, while the 83-year-old Cojuangco could only muster 15 votes.

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Ricky Vargas one of the Greatest POC Presidents 3

Ricky Vargas Plans to Evaluate NSAs after Asian Games

Sept 8, 2018

Article by Andrew Pirie

  • Editor and Founder of Pinoyathletics.info & ATFS Statistician 
  • Former PSC Consultant and Research Assistant to Commissioner Jolly Gomez 2013-2015.
  • Sprints Coach and Consultant of Zamboanga Sports Academy 2015-2017

Pinoyathletics.info is fully behind Ricky Vargas’s plans to fix Philippine Sports.

Recently I have been reading POC President Ricky Vargas’s statements regarding the aftermath of the Asian Games.

I like most of what I hear.

Ricky Vargas is very determined to clean up Philippine Sports thoroughly.

When he sits down with NSA leaders, I hope that it’s more productive than talk, not just the NSA leaders go on their merry way, and nothing comes off it.

That would really be a shame as the Philippines hosts the SEA Games next year.

And it’s essential now any issues are ironed out immediately. 

Ricky Vargas
Not Dropping the Ball on Philippine Sports. New POC leadership under Ricky Vargas.

I applaud Mr. Ricky Vargas for his honesty on so many fronts. I think to make him a good leader. And have summarized some of his key points.

  1. The first, even though his Boxing Association delivered medals, unlike so many NSA. He is not afraid of self-criticism. For him, he really wanted Gold Medals. So he set high standards. And was not happy he did not make those high standards and is looking for answers to improve. He didn’t like other NSAs after failing to achieve his target, settle, and why the performance was good. 
  2. He was consistent with labeling non-performing NSA. Even if some of the non-medalists NSA were headed by his friends, people voted for him as a leader or even helped him come to power.  He doesn’t give anybody special treatment.
  3. Appreciation of Data. Which I personally believe is fundamental. Data is like Glu. People do not see Glu as a delicious subject. But it holds a sports program together or not.
  4. Recognizing that High Medal Sports such as Athletics, Swimming, and Shooting need to do a lot better.
  5. Labeling the importance of the following and asking NSAs to present their plans
    1. talent identification
    2. strengthened organizational structure
    3. coaching
    4. sports science
    5. international exposure
  6. Recognizing the result of Basketball even though it was a last-minute preparation 5th place.
  7. Highlighting 4 Major areas for improvement 
    1. Being inclusive, not exclusive
    2. Transparency
    3. Accountability
    4. Leadership Issues


While Pinoyathletics agrees with most of this.

We feel different NSAs have different challenges they face, so they can’t really be stereotyped.

But Mr. Vargas has pretty much covered everything pinoyathletics.info can think of, plus more, he has been very thorough with his outlook for Philippine Sports.

We did, however, have hope on Ricky Vargas’s promises to help clean up Philippine Sports.

And recognize that Mr. Vargas is there to clean up Philippines Sports, not there to solve people’s personal grudges in the past.

We think Mr. Vargas is all business and leaving the politics out of the sports.

Well, that’s enough for a Saturday Morning.

We will follow up with articles on the Asian Games’ importance of Data and a write-up on Planning and Periodization.


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