Renier Ranges outdoes the Men 100 Meter Weekly Relays

Ranges, a rising star in Philippines Athletics, ran an 11.00 100-meter dash (10.82 hand-timed). Week 10 of PATAFA Weekly Relays, October 23; his performance was the highlight of Week 10. VMUF 11th-grader Ranges is the national school champion in the 100-meter dash. Ranges’ time beat his previous best of 11.07 set in Pangasinan. Ranges represented LGU Lingayen.

National Decathlete Janry Ubas (Villanueva), and John Dave Puno (Cebu) bronze medalist in the Men’s 100m at the National Open, both ran 11.06 on October 16. All Categories in 100-meters are complete for qualifying for the final. Ranges had the fastest time not only in Youth Boys but overall in all categories. He’ll compete in the 100m Youth Boys Finals in Pasig on November 19-20. His 200m PB is 22.87, set on September 17 at PinoyAthletics Allcomers #3.

John Dave Tumangan (11.1ht) and Emmanuel Morales (11.2ht) finished behind Ranges. Men’s Youth Division was deep. Finals cutoff is 11.8ht. Five athletes tied at 11.8; only two made the top 16. And Jolo and Aaron Renier also ran 11.8 finishing 16th and 18th overall.

The three Boys with Correa finished second in the 4×100 behind UST in 46.63 and qualified third for finals.

Ranges have been in the PinoyAthletics program with coach Enzo Williams since June 2021, facilitated by Coach Camaso Sports Director of VMUF. After the discontinuation of the SEA Youth and SEA School Games, VMUF sent him to Weekly Relays. Renier goal is to break 11 seconds in the final and to defend his Palaro title in 2023 in the 100 Meter Dash.


Renier Ranges wins the 2002 Boys 100M National High School Title

About the Author

For those who don’t know me, I am a Filipino-New Zealand Coach living in Australia. I am a Level 3 Performance Athletics Australia Sprints and Hurdles Coach. And have been consulting Tony Benson a lot over the last few years.
I am the co-founder of PinoyAthletics along with Professor Airnel Talatala Abarra who is better known as the Organizer of the Blue Knights Mindanao competition that ran successfully for 6 years in Mindanao with the absence of any effort by PATAFA or PSC to put up a viable accessible competition for athletes in Mindanao in Athletics.
And also worked with the Philippines Sports Commission from 2013-to 2015 as an Advisor and Research Assistant to then PSC Commissioner in charge of Athletics Jolly Gomez. Following that, I was the head coach in athletics at the Zamboanga Del Sur Sports Academy near Pagadian from 2015-to 2017 until I ran into some issues with the DEPED regarding them wanting to take control of all 8 athletes in sprints I qualified for Palaro with programs that wrecked the athletes before the Palarong Pambansa.
Just under a year ago, I got into a partnership with the Sports Director of VMUF (Pangasinan).
As I knew in the past I had the ability, to produce good results, but had seen coaches I had worked with and provided programs for hand these athletes over to somewhat careless coaches in Manila Colleges. I was trying to avoid and protect against that scenario this time around.

One of the first questions I asked the VMUF sports director was this.

What happens if Manila or National coaches come after the athletes in this program?
His answer was I will tell those coaches to ask you. If he had said we will let them go. I would have walked away and not wasted my time. But this guy had the same desire as me to build an autonomous program.
So here we are 8 months later the Risk Taker and the careful planner in the union. During the pandemic when many were sitting at home scratching their heads, we had a training bubble. We held events, and we sent athletes around the country to compete at other events. But most importantly we had a planned structured periodized program that works.

VMUF Men’s Team

Our group now has the best male college sprinters in the country. We have won Silver at the 2021 nationals 100m, silver and bronze in 200m at the 2022 nationals, bronze in 400m at the 2022 nationals, and the icing on the cake was the Gold in the Men’s 4×100.
But the best was yet to come to this young guy Renier Ranges, last week in Iloilo claimed the coveted national secondary boys 100m title.
Although it was his worst run technically, due to his structured training program he still came in so much faster than everyone else even with the errors he still won the race.
Our reach also extended to other events we got two Silvers in the Women’s Long Jump and Triple at Iloilo National Schools, and also a bronze in the 800m boys.
At the national open, we got bronze in women’s 800 and 1500 and Silver in women’s 4×100.
One girl from DLSU in Manila asked me which school my junior 400 sprinters were going to in Manila. And replied none of them.
She asked why I said it was like a downgrade for him. Again why? I said because VMUF is the only college in the Philippines (even before the pandemic) that will pay to send athletes overseas as he is being sent to Malaysia in July at the school’s expense to try and break the national junior 200 and 400 records.
So ends a successful season 1, with 19 of 20 athletes on our programs setting new personal bests. Can hardly wait for season 2.
The below message is that with a structured program, persistence, and thinking outside the box anything is possible. You have to go after opportunities not waste them.



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