Nanette Lusterio (1954-2012)

Mrs. Lusterio enjoying some good times with her Gintong Alay TeamMates.

Remembering Nanette Galarrita Lusterio (1954-2012)

Article by Nicky Lusterio, Ignacio Dee, and Pirie Enzo

Above all, I Would like to thank Nanette’s daughter Nicky for permitting me and contributing photos to this article. Mr. Ignacio Dee for his insight as a long-time follower of Track and Field in this country.

Nanette Lusterio

Nanette Galaritta Lusterio passed away on August 13, 2012, at the young age of 58. 

Lusterio came to be known as the pride of Alubijid (not far from Cagayan De Oro) in Northern Mindanao; besides representing NMRAA in local, regional, and the national school meets.

Above all, a woman who truly loved representing her country and the sport of Track and Field. 

In contrast, Mrs. Lusterio was overshadowed by other great athletes of her time; her career spanned the entire 1970s. 

However, Nanette holds her place in Philippine Track and Field History

In contrast, her feats include holding the Philippine Junior Record (1.63m) in the Junior Women’s High Jump for 21 years, from 1972 to 1993. 

Above all, a very popular and charismatic athlete who her friends will dearly miss, her peers firmly believe she deserves a place among the greats of our sport.

Nanette Lusterio Early Days

Nanette Galaritta Lusterio was born on June 12, 1954, in Alubijid, Northern Mindanao, Nicasio Lusterio Sr. and Pureza. 


She was emerging as a talent in the 100m Hurdles clocking 15.5s at the Malaysian Open and High Jump in the early 70s. 

The then 18-year-old Lusterio, who stood at 5’6, set a Philippine Junior record in the women’s High Jump of 1.63m, which stood 21 years.

While it was broken in 1993 by Chery Ann Janiva (1.64m), and in 1974 she went on to equal the Palarong Pambansa High Jump Record of 1.64m.



Representing the Philippines at two SEA Games. And going on to win a Bronze and then a silver at the 1977 and 1979 SEA Games in the five events Pentathlon, respectively, and was still active in local sporting events leading up to the early 80s.


Ms. Lusterio attempted the Straddle Technique.


List of Known Performances

Nanette Lusterio


1972 100m Hurdles -15.5s Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Open

  • 100m Hurdles -16.0s (Silver) Singapore, ASEAN School Games
  • High Jump – 1.63m (Philippine Junior Record 1972-1993) 24/7/72 Manila.
  • 1973 High Jump -1.53m Asian Championships (5th Place)
  • 1974 High Jump -1.60m (Palarong Pambansa Record)
  • 1975 Pentathlon – 3395 pts Asian Championships (5th Place)
  • 1976 100m Hurdles – 14.5s 15/3/1976. Lucena City, Palarong Pambansa
  • 1977 100m Hurdles -15.53et (5th)  Kuala Lumpur, SEA Games
  • 1977 Pentathlon – 2916 pts (Bronze) Kuala Lumpur, SEA Games
    • (15.60, 7.94m, 1.54m, 5.08m, 2.45.6)


  • 1978 Long Jump- 5.09m (1st) Palarong Pambansa
  • 1979 High Jump – 1.55m (5th) Jakarta, SEA Games
  • 1979 Pentathlon -3011 pts (Silver) Jakarta, SEA Games
  • (15.86, 8.54m, 1.54m, 5.11m, 2.39.35)
  • 1981 100m Hurdles -14.90et 3 10/12/1981  Manila
  • 1982 100m Hurdles -15.8 3rd Palaro
  • 1982 High Jump 1.40 3rd Palaro
Nanette Lusterio


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