Puripol Boonson

Puripol’s U18 100m world record

Thai sprinter Puripol Boonson holds the under-18 100m world record.
Puripol, 16, raced 10.09 seconds in the 100m semi-final in Colombia last Tuesday (August 2).

Thai sprinter set U18 record at 16 years, 210 days.

His 10.12s final time cost him a gold in the championships.

His semi-final race broke Anthony Schwartz’s 10.15s U18 world record.

Puripol has a personal best of 20.19 seconds in the U18 200m. Usain Bolt is second with 20.13s, behind U18 world record holder Erriyon Knighton (19.84s).

Jirapong Meenapra ran 10.45s in the 100m on July 11, 2009. This time ranks 231st in the world behind Puripol.


Puripol Boonson 200m breaks SEA Record
16-year-old Puripol Boonson (born January 16, 2006). Again took a considerable chunk off his SEA Record with a 20.19 clocking, beating the 20.37 he ran to win the SEA Games 2 months ago. The wind reading was +1.7 so Boonson had a legitimate wind reading. The performance came at the Kozanov Memorial in Almaty, Kazakhstan June 26-27 with a horde of young Thais in a selection of various events.
Boonson’s time was just outside the Record for 16-year-olds by the legendary Jamaican and 3x Olympic Champion Usain Bolt 20.13 set in 2002.
Coming in second was Soraot Dapbang also of Thailand another teenager (born 2004), and the SEA Games Silver medalist in both 100 and 200. Dapbang’s time of 20.54 was faster than the old SEA Record of 20.68 of Supachai Chimdee and Reanchai Seehawong’s 20.69.
It was a fast race with the top 5 all under 21 seconds. Shajar Abbas of Pakistan took the Bronze in 20.87, Mohammad Abargehi of Iran 20.91, and Milad Jahani of Iran 20.93.
The Thais narrowly missed out on the world qualification time of 38.51, with a 38.65 Gold Medal in the 4×100 Relay.

Puripol Boonson athletics youngest 200m Champion in SEA Games History

Again the Thai Super Kid lowers his SEA Record to 20.37. After 20.41 in this morning’s heats. The youngest 200m Champion in SEA Games History.

GOLD Puripol Booson (THA) 20.37 (SEAR, SEA Games Record, NR)

SILVER Ngan Ngoc Nghia (VIE) 20.74 (NR)

BRONZE Chayut Kongprasit (THA) 20.77

4. Muhammad Arsyat Bin Md Saat (MAS) 20.95

5. Lee Siong En Reuben Rainer (SGP) 21.07

6. Jonathan Nyepa (MAS) 21.24

7. Nguyen Van Chau (VIE) 21.46

8. Eko Rimbawan (INA) 21.76

2021 SEA Games 200m Men’s Heat 1 16-year-old Puripol Boonson 20.41 SEA Record

Puripol Boonson the Thai Super Kid broke the SEA/SEA Games and Thai National Record with a mark of 20.41 to comfortably rule the first heat of the SEA Games Men’s 200m. Albeit Boonson who is the hottest thing in SEA Athletics and the Thai new crop of faces is just 16 years of age born in 2006.

His mark is just outside the 20.33 world age grade record for 16-year-olds set by none other than American Erriyon Knighton.

Asia’s Usain Bolt however seems like a happy kid at ease with his much older opponents at the regional level.

Heat 1

1. Puripol Boonson THA 20.41 (SEA / SEA Games / THA National Record) Q

2. Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En SGP 21.16 Q

3. Jonathan Nyepa MAS 21.25 Q

4. Chau Nguyen Van VIE 21.59 Q

5. Lwin Moe MYA 22.05

6. Chantivea Yatpitou CAM 22.45

7. Deunpheang Xayyapheat LAO 22.67


Puripol Boonson proved he was no fluke after he clocked 10.24 last year one month before turning 16 in December. The mark subject to ratification wind reading etc is a new world age grade record for 16-year-olds .01 faster than 10.20 (+2.0) by Anthony Schwartz of the USA.


Subject to wind reading. 16-year-old Puripol Boonson has clocked 10.19 to win the Thai National Games and broken the long-standing national Men’s record of Thailand of Reanchai Seehawong set in the semi-finals of the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok, where Seehawong took silver to the Great Koji Ito of Japan.

Heading to the 2022 SEA Games in Vietnam, the performance of 10.19 on personal bests ranks Puripol Boonson only 2nd to Lalu Zohri of Indonesia (10.03, 2019) the 2018 World Junior Champion in 100 Meters.

Puripol Boonson had earlier topped the heats with a 10.31 effort besting all the senior men of Thailand including the 2019 SEA Games medalists in the 100 and 200.

Puripol Boonson 15-Year-Old Thai 10.24 and 20.70! ratified by Asian Athletics showing the Strength of Regional Development in Athletics in Thailand.

15-year-old Puripol Boonson times last December in Junior Division of Thailand National Championships 10.24 (+1.1) & 20.70. Have been accepted by Asian Athletics Association after Thailand athletics submitted all the photo finish documents.
Junior Men: 100 m (21)/+1.1: Puripol Boonson (born 13 Jan 2006) 10.24 / NJR & NYR / missed the NR by 0.01.seconds only as 2 nd fastest THA All-Time (; 10.39/+0.3 as 1h1); 200 m (23)/+0.8: Puripol Boonson 20.70 / NYR / missed the NR by 0.02.seconds ; the NJR by 0.01 seconds only as 3 rd fastest THA All-Time (&; 21.27/+1.2 as 1h9); note: this nearly unknown Youth sprinter (previously listed as Phooripol Bunson)
Obviously achieved these excellent times, which are by far the fastest times by an Asian Youth runner during 2021 season / the performances in the finals were officially confirmed by THA Athletics Association with evidence of photo- finish documents from both races (2 nd placed athletes finished at 10.67 resp. 21.82) and by a copy of the pasport from this Youth athlet,E who was absolutely unknown before this season and who achieved his Pre-best with poor 10.88 & 21.95/21.33w earlier this year (at the THA Senior Champs on 27 th & 29 th Jun 2021)
Which had been unfortunately the only official competition in Thailand during 2021 before these champs in December. 10.24 are 3 rd place & 20.70 are 2 nd place in the World Youth 2021 Rankings / in addition these times each qualify for 3 rd place in the ASIA Youth All-Time Rankings
Puripol Boonson is 15 years old born on Jan 13, 2006. The results will be passed onto World Athletics which puts Puripol Boonson at the top in the 2021 SEA Rankings against the open men.
Puripol Boonson 200 times is faster than the 10.36 and 20.71 winning times at the 2019 SEA Games. And it’s just .01 seconds away from the SEA Games Record of 20.69 set by Thai Reanchai Seehawong set at the 1999 SEA Games.
This is evidence of Thailand’s very strong regionalized system (not relying on a centralized program). Where during the pandemic it could still continue with training and holding events in less-affected regions. Which allows it to continue finding and producing talent very efficiently.

10.24 in 100 Meters

15-Year-Old Puripol Boonson has had an incredible run stopping the clock at 10.24 (+1.1). Puripol Boonson is perhaps the best junior find ever for the Thai hails from Samut Prakan province in Central Thailand.

The World Record for 15-year-old boys is held by Sachin Dennis of Jamaica at 10.20 in 2018.

It is also the fastest time in South East Asia even among the Men for 2021 it beats the 10.26 time of Lalu Zohri of Indonesia. The World Junior Champion from 2018 was also a very fast junior before in his own right. 19-year-old Marc Louis Brian of Singapore occupies the third spot in 10.39.

It proves to be a very interesting SEA Games 2022 with Puripol Boonson being hinted to be invited to the Thailand National training camp. Puripol Boonson’s time at the Thai Nationals on December 21 is even a lot faster than the winner of the Mens which was clocked at 10.57 in Bangkok.

A New Thai Junior Record
A New Thai Youth Record
Just .01 off the National Record of 10.23 set by Reanchai Seehawong 23 years ago in the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok

In conclusion with the likes of outstanding age-grade athletes such as Zohri (Indonesia), Azeem (Malaysia), Louis Brian (Singapore), and now Puripol Boonson (Thailand). It makes us think we may actually have the genetics and talent in South East Asia and we just need to look harder for it.

100 m Results
รอบชิงชนะเลิศ/FINAL +1.1
10.241 58. ร.ร. อัสสัมชัญสมุทรปราการ Aภูริพล บุญสอน
10.672 117. สํานักงานตํารวจแหงชาติณฐวรรธ เอี่ยมอุดม
10.763 37. กีฬาจังหวัดนครสวรรค ทีม Aวัชพล ถันทอง
10.824 128. องคการบริหารสวนจังหวัดพัทลุงณัฐพล สุขเกษม
10.885 128. องคการบริหารสวนจังหวัดพัทลุงวีรยุทธ แดนขนบ
10.936 69. ร.ร. กีฬาจังหวัดนครศรีธรรมราชเอกภินัย แกวหนู
11.077 65. ร.ร. กีฬาจังหวัดขอนแกนนันนภพ สมบูณนอย
11.128 108. สมาคมกีฬาแหงจังหวัดสุราษรธานีปยวัช เอ็นดู

20.70 in 200 Meters

Puripol Boonson at 15 proved his 10.24 run was no Fluke at the Thai Nationals. When he ran a swift 20.70, just .02 off the Thai National and Junior Recordset by 17-year-old Supachai Chimdee back in 2009.

Puripol Boonson time was the fastest time in South East Asia even ahead of Australian Based Russell Taib of Malaysia’s 20.89.

It was also faster than the 21.0-21.1 winning time of the Open Mens 200m at the Thai National Championships on Dec 23 in Bangkok.

200 m. RESULTS
รอบชิงชนะเลิศ/FINAL +0.8
20.701 58. ร.ร. อัสสัมชัญสมุทรปราการ Aภูริพล บุญสอน
21.822 37. กีฬาจังหวัดนครสวรรค ทีม Aวัชพล ถันทอง
21.973 128. องคการบริหารสวนจังหวัดพัทลุงวีรยุทธ แดนขนบ
22.004 56. ร.ร. กีฬาจังหวัดอุบลราชธานีธีรวุฒิ อินเลิศ
22.075 69. ร.ร. กีฬาจังหวัดนครศรีธรรมราชเอกภินัย แกวหนู
22.236 128. องคการบริหารสวนจังหวัดพัทลุงณัฐพล สุขเกษม
22.287 115. สโมสรทหารอากาศลักกี้ ยูยามาดู
22.968 11. สมาคมกีฬาจังหวัดอุบลราชธานีธนดล วุฒิสังข


Here are the stats

100m 10.39 (+0.3) 100m Heats, 10.24 (+1.1) 100m Finals
200m 21.27 (+1.2) 200m Heats, 20.70 (+0.8) 200m Finals.

I ran the 200m Video through Kinnovea software 200m time is quite Legit. 100m video doesn’t have a clear enough view of finish for me to counter-check time.

I also had a discussion with Top sprint coach Loren Seagrave who was coaching in Thailand before about the guy, and the kid is the real deal accordingly.

Here is a link to the results from the Thailand Athletics Website. The Thailand Nationals in Bangkok was Dec 21-24. Im sure the IAAF will review the times soon. As the event is just finished.









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