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Powerlifting Philippines Joyce Reboton Medals at Worlds 

Philippines Powerlifting 2018

October 2021

Veronica Ompod four Gold Medals at World Championships 

October 2021


  • Below is a list of the Philippine Powerlifting Records (Deadlift, Bench, Squat to parallel or down).
  • Kindly supplied by national weightlifting coach Edmundo Cardano.
  • Included in the list of Records is the University of the Philippines Thrower Precious De Leon.

1. Raw records begin Nov 2011
2. Only lifts in PAP-recognized raw events are considered
3. Raw lifts in non-raw competitions (including PAP events) are not considered
4. and will mention only PAP-registered team names.

Records sourced from

  1. Powerlifting Association Philippines Facebook Page
  2. Philippine National Raw Powerlifting Records as of 2016-11-30
  3. Philippine National Powerlifting Records as of 2017-05-06



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