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Powerlifting Philippines 2016

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Team Philippines Report 2016 WORLD JUNIOR & SUB-JUNIOR POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS (October 12, 2016)

Powerlifting Philippines
Article by Joan Masangkay
This is the story of our Team in POWERLIFTING last month at the 2016 WORLD JUNIOR & SUB-JUNIOR.


 The country of Szczyrk, Poland, is icy. I can’t imagine that my preparation for the competition will be affected by the weather.  In this country the food is more vegetables & Fruits, there is no rice how much the Team tried to find it in groceries or restaurants, so we have no choice but to deal with bread & vegetables.

The whole Team felt weakened on the day of the competition, but still, we brought home 5-Silver Medals, and 5-Bronze Medals & a total of 10 medals.

2016 WORLD Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships held Szczyrk, Poland (August 29-September 3)

4 Philippine Powerlifting Team athletes are bringing home 5-SILVER MEDALS & 5-BRONZE MEDALS, a total of 10 medals from the recent 2016 World Sub-junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships held at Szczyrk, Poland.
The Team was led by Sub-junior 43kg Powerlifting Deadlift World raw record holder Joan Masangkay, a native of Masbate province & now residing at Barangay San Isidro, Galas, Quezon City, who won 4 Silvers & break 3 Asians Records from (Squat-115kg, Bench Press-55kg, Deadlift-112.5kg & Total-282.5kg).
While Rowella Abrea, native Leyte Province Sub-junior 47kg take home one bronze medal from Bench-67.5kg & one Silver medal from Deadlift-127.5kg.
In the Junior Division, Jasmin Martin gets her Bronze medal for the Deadlift competition when she lifted 145kg & Regie Ramirez, his last men’s Junior 59kg category, won 3 Bronze medals from (Bench Press-140kg, Deadlift-240kg &Total-600kg)
PAP (Powerlifting Association of the Philippines) President Eddie Torres, Head Coach Betina Bordeos & Director Cirilo Dayao said they are happy that all 4 Powerlifters gave the best to win 5 silver medals & 5 Bronze medals, a total of 10 awards to bring home glory in the Philippines
The athletes are Hoping to get a chance to personally deliver their achievements to our Beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte through a courtesy call.

Photo Details

1. (From the left Philippine Powerlifting Head Coach Betina Bordeos next to Regie Ramirez, Rowella Abrea, & Jasmin Martin)-
2. From the Left side JOAN MASANGKAY-43kg Sub-junior division(4 Silver Medalist/ Rank No.2 )at the 2016 World Junior & Sub- Powerlifting Championships, beside her REGIE RAMIREZ-59kg Junior Division ( 3 Bronze Medals/ Rank No.3), next is ROWELLA ANDREA ABREA-47kg-Sub-junior division ( 1-Silver Medal & 1-Bronze Medal/ Rank No.4), & JASMIN MARTIN-47kg-Junior Division (1 Bronze Medal)
3. SQUAT-115kg & DEADLIFT- 120kg Picture of Joan Masangkay courtesy of IPF(International Powerlifting Federation) photo

October 4, 2016

Powerlifting Philippines

Powerlifting Philippines – WORLD POWERLIFTING RECORD HOLDER JOAN MASANGKAY Gets to 2 Gold Medals & 2 Best Lifters in Raw Bench Press Competition

Joan Masangkay-43kg sub-junior division led her Team Cyber Muscle Gym & Team Petty Go Belmonte School when she got her 2 Gold medals & 2 Best Lifters for High school division & sub-junior category  in the 2016 Philippine National Raw Bench Press Championships, which was held last Oct 1 & 2 at Robinson’s Imus Cavite,

Masangkay lifted 42.5kg in the raw Bench Press first time in her career to lift 42.5kg on bench press natural competition,

I trained hard for this competition w/ my my father coach Cirilo Dayao because this event is qualifying round for the 2017 Asian Bench Press Championships will be held here in our country & this is may last sub-junior competition & I’m going up next year for Junior Division.


The other player of cyber muscle, one of the grassroots is very talented like Masangkay she is Jessa Mae Tabuan only 13 yrs old she has a three-weight class in the Philippine National Record (31kg, 35kg, & 39kg) & now she breaks a national record again in 39 kg developmental division when she attempted 45 kg in her first attempt in the bench press again she breaks the national register of Renalyn Claros of Leyte Sports Academy. Then her last attempt broke her new national record again when she lifted 47.5kg on the bench & qualified for the Asian Championships next year in the Cyber Muscle.


Emerging Talent

A 5 yr old girl named Joanna Tabuan-18kg bodyweight lifted her last attempt about 15kg on the bench, almost the same as her body weight; many people are clapping because she is only 5 yrs old & a petite little girl aside from Tabuan sisters & Masangkay.

Another team, cyber muscle, gets the Gold medal in Jose’s name, 111 Dayao-33kg-Boy’s developmental division & their father coach Cirilo Dayao-Master 1 Division; their Team won 6-Gold awards 1-silver medal, and 2- Bronze medals.

Three Players of Zest Power Gym gets the best lifter award & Gold medal in the competition; they are also qualified for the 2017 Asian Bench Press Championships; this is Rio Paralympics Agustin Kitan-66kg-open men’s division lifted 150kg his best bench press in the competition after him is Mark Abad-74kg open division-(153.5kg in bench/ Break national record), Vlademeer Sorezo-83kg open division-(162.5kg in bench press/ Break national record)

The Best Lifters Awardees of the 2016 Philippine National Raw Bench Press Championships are:

  • OPEN-Jinky Guion- Zest Power Gym 
  • Developmental-Jessa Mae Tabuan- Cyber Muscle Gym
  • Sub-Junior- Joan Masangkay- Cyber Muscle Gym
  • Junior- Maxen Fugen- Zest Power Gym
  • High School- Joan Masangkay- Betty Go Belmonte School
  • College- Max Fugen- the University of Asia & The Pacific
  • Master 1- Jinky Guion- Zest Power Gym
  • Master 111- Nina Oca- Zest Power Gym
  •  Open- Romeo Tayawa- Zest Power Gym 
  • Developmental- Lope Tabuan Jr. 
  • Sub-junior- Aeron Paul Cassamayor- Teresa Bodyworx 
  • Junior- Gabriel Hidalgo- Gayanes Gorillas
  • High School- Aeron Paul Cassamayor- Tomas Claudio Memorial School 
  • College- John Michael Zaldivar- the University Of Asia & The Pacific
  • Master 1- Agustin Kitan- Zest Power Gym 
  • Master 2- Roland Maye- Zest Power Gym
  • Master 4- Leo De Castro – Zest Power Gym
  1. Women’s Developmental champion-Cyber Muscle Gym
  2. open champion- zest power gym 
  3. sub-junior champion- new era university 
  4. Junior champion of the University of Asia & the pacific
  5. Junior champion of the University of Asia & the pacific
  6. college champion- new era university MENS:
  7. Boy’s Developmental Champion- Cyber Muscle Gym
  8. open champion- zest power 
  9. sub-junior champion-Teresa bodywork
  10. sub-junior champion-Teresa bodywork
  11. junior champion-university Asia Pacific
  12. junior champion-university Asia pacific
  13. college champion-university of Asia & the Pacific
  14. college champion-university of Asia & the Pacific
  15. highschool champion-Teresa National Highschool
  16. master champion-zest power gym


Pictures of competition:



3. CYBER MUSCLE TEAM Duterte sign


Powerlifting Philippines – 2016 Philippine National Raw Bench Press Championships held at Robinson’s Imus Cavite, Oct. 1 & 2, 2016.

In the pictures are Best Powerlifters of the Philippines from left is Mark Abad-74kg open division of zest power gym, (break the Philippine national record & Gold medalist champion)

Next is Photo Journalist Rafael “Boy” Gozum Jr.

Philippine National Powerlifting coach Ramon Debuque

In the middle is 2016 World Powerlifting Record Holder Joan Masangkay, who got two gold medals for the sub-jr/high school division and was also given a trophy as the best lifter of the year in both divisions in the 43kg High school division(Betty Go Belmonte School) and Sub-junior division(Cyber Muscle Team)

Next is Vlademeer Sorezo-83kg-open division(Gold medalist & breaking Philippine Record), then Coach of Cyber muscle gym team Cirilo Dayao- Gold Medalist in Master 1 division.


Powerlifting Philippines – JOAN MASANGKAY Sets NEW WORLD RECORD at World Championships

Jul 4, 2016

Contributed by Joan Masangkay,

Edited by Andrew Pirie.

Pinay sensation Joan Masangkay, a 17yrs old native of Masbate. But residing now at Barangay San Isidro Galas, Quezon City.  She brought home a 1-Gold medal for Deadlift & 1-Bronze Medal for squatting. Hence Joanne set a new world record in the deadlift competition at the 2016 World Powerlifting Classic Championship in Killeen, Houston, Texas (USA). At the same time, it was an incredible battle between Belarus Country, Russia, and the Philippines.

This is one of the best battles in the Powerlifting event in the 43kg Sub-junior division. In the third & final attempt in the Deadlift competition, Japan’s- Miya Shimizu lifted 77.5kg, PHILIPPINES- Veronica Ompod-100kg. And  USA- Brianna Morrison lifted 102.5kg,

The three created the biggest battle in the sub-junior division’s history when Russian- Olga Volynskaia lifted 107.5kg; she knew she would win the gold medal in the deadlift competition.

Olga was pleased because she felt that the two lifters would not succeed. Hence the two last lifters tried to break the world record. While the first one from BELARUS- Alina Chashchyna, body weight was 42.76kg when she lifted 110 kilograms of the world record. Consequently, Chashchuna successfully lifted the weight.

While Masangkay, whose body weight is 41.74kg, did not promise to bring honor to the Philippines. Before Masangkay lifted her 3rd & very last attempt, many of the World Championships’ spectators were sanctioned by IPF (International Powerlifting Federation).


Proving Doubters Wrong

People doubted our Filipina contender would succeed because she was short in stature at 4 “10′ in height. And thought it impossible to lift 110.5kg in the Deadlift competition. Most noteworthy was that one of the Commentator’s said

People doubted our Filipina contender would succeed because she was short in stature at 4 “10′ in height. And though it’s impossible to lift 110.5kg in the Deadlift competition. Most noteworthy was that one of the Commentator’s said

Despite this, Masangkay was not affected. On the contrary, while giving them all the strength she had, she successfully lifted the 110.5kg. And set a New World Record. Furthermore, creating a piece of history at the World Powerlifting Classic Championship in the Deadlift competition.

Masangkay said she dedicated her World record to our Newly elected President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, to all Pilipino out there & my Family, and most of all, to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Bring home 1 gold medal & 1 Bronze medal.


Ompod and Others

While in another event, Joan Masangkay’s teammate Veronica Ompod secured the Gold medal in the Squat Competition, and Brianna Morrison of the USA 2nd place got the silver medal. And Masangkay for the Bronze medal is also on the list in the women’s open division.

Also, Leslie Evangelista-47kg category took a silver medal for the Philippines in the Deadlift Competition & Jeremy Reign Bautista landed 4th place in all events,

While the Philippine Powerlifting Team brought home 2 gold Medals, 1 silver medal & 1-Bronze medal.

PAP Director Cirilo Dayao, PAP(Powerlifting Association of the Philippines) President & National Coach Eddie Torres.

And Assistant Coach Leslie Evangelista said 733 athletes participated in different countries in the whole world like the USA, JAPAN, GREAT BRITAIN, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, BELARUS,  RUSSIA, NEW ZEALAND,  IRELAND,  FINLAND, SWEDEN, SOUTH AFRICA, KAZAKHSTAN, ICELAND, URUGUAY,  ECUADOR,  NETHERLAND And Other parts of the world.

  • Joan Masangkay World RecordJoan Masangkay’s world record


Picture Description

1. In the picture, You will see the face of Super Powerlifter JOAN MASANGKAY-43kg sub-junior division. Shout very loud & Tears of joy after she lifted 110.5kg for the New World Record in the Deadlift Competition at the 2016 WORLD POWERLIFTING CLASSIC CHAMPIONSHIP in Killeen, Houston, Texas. Masangkay brings home 1-Gold Medal in the Deadlift Competition & 1-Bronze Medal in the Squat Competition

2. In the Picture, You will see  The PHILIPPINE POWERLIFTING TEAM headed by at the right side PAP President/Coach EDDIE TORRES.

From the left side, LESLIE EVANGELISTA-47kg open division-Silver Medalist/Deadlift Competition.

JEREMY REIGN BAUTISTA-52kg sub-junior division-4th place overall, from center JOAN MASANGKAY-43g sub-junior division-Gold Medalist Champion/New World Record Holder-Deadlift Competition & Bronze Medalist-Squat Competition, &

VERONICA OMPOD-43kg sub-junior division-Gold Medalist  Champion-Squat competition

Powerlifting Philippines – 2016 WORLD POWERLIFTING CLASSIC CHAMPIONSHIP (June 24, 2016)

Article by

Joanne Masangkay of Philippine Power Lifting

  • "<yoastmark

Powerlifting Association of the Philippines (PAP) sent 4 Strongest Women in the Philippines at the 2016 WORLD POWERLIFTING CLASSIC CHAMPIONSHIP Killeen, Houston, Texas June 19-26

4 Strongest woman in the Philippines sent by the Powerlifting Association of the Philippines (PAP) is JOAN MASANGKAY-43kg sub-junior weight class; she is a native Masbate Bicol region, but her residency is from Barangay San Isidro Galas, Quezon City.

Last year she competed at the 2015 ASIAN POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIP in Hong Kong, where she won 4 ASIAN Gold Medals & 3 New Asian record holders for our country.

She is top3 in the world for winning 4 Bronze medals in the last year’s World Powerlifting Equipped Championship in Prague, Czech Republic (EUROPE); Joan Masangkay her best (Squat-112.5kg, Bench Press-55kg, Deadlift-110kg, Total-277.5k).

This is her first time joining World Powerlifting Raw Classic Championship in the USA; she is in the top 5 in the world in this event.

But her Father, coach & Director of PAP Cirilo Dayao said he has faith that Joan will bring home a medal in the Philippines; also in the Philippine Powerlifting Team are

JEREMY REIGN BAUTISTA-52kg sub-junior weight class,

Veronica Ompod-43kg weight class, 

Leslie Evangelista-47kg, open division

Management Team

DIRECTOR Cirilo Dayao &  PAP President Eddie Torres & head coach of the Philippine Team they will give their best to bring home medals for our country & the Philippine Powerlifting team said they dedicated this competition to our

New President Rodrigo Duterte & Most of all, Our Lord God

From the left side JEREMY REIGN BAUTISTA-52kg sub-junior division, VERONICA OMPOD-43kg weight class, JOAN MASANGKAY-43kg sub-junior division, & PAP/COACH President EDDIE TORRES.

Powerlifting Philippines 2017



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