Indonesia National Games Pon Papua 2021 XX Athletics Results

Photo: Goh Chiew Tong)

Rio Maholtra Wins Gold And Breaks The PON PAPUA 2021 Record In The 110-meter Goal Run


Athlete 110 Meters Men’s Goal 304 RIO MAHOLTRA (BLUE) from South Sumatra managed to finish ahead with a record time of 14.11 ahead of Hirzan Rahmadon (14.33) in position 2. 304 RIO MAHOLTRA (BLUE) won the gold medal in the men’s 110-meter hurdles. Timika. PHOTO: PR PPM/ Fernando Rahwarin

TIMIKA – Rio Maholtra, a runner from South Sumatra, won a gold medal and broke the record in the 110-meter hurdles at the XX Papua PON, which was held at Mimika Sport Complex (MSC), Tuesday (5/10/2021) with a time of 14.11. second.
“Seriously, this is the most stressful race that I participate in. Because it is the responsibility of the province that has provided motivation and support, both morally and morally,” said Rio.

In addition, there have been no matches for two years due to the pandemic. So he only focused on training and last year got married.


“For two years, there were no matches, so I focused on training in Cibinong, West Java, and thank God I won,” he said.


He said it was the first time this victory. But personally, this is the third PON Papua 2021, and this is the third medal and second gold.


“Previously, he won a gold medal at PON XIX West Java and PON XIV in Riau, with the same number, namely the 110-meter hurdles,” he said.


Meanwhile, for the record time, in PON Papua 2021, he recorded a time of 14.11 seconds. This is a new PON record, which Eli Zakaria previously held from East Java with a history of 14.16 seconds.


“Essentially, I would like to thank all parties. Even though I was tense and almost fainted, God still gave me a smooth finish until I finished and won the championship,” he said.


In the 110-meter hurdles for the men, Rio recorded a time of 14.11 seconds and had to compete with six other runners, namely Hirzan Ramadhan (Riau), with a time of 14.33 seconds. Ghanes Bagus Pandega (East Java) with a time of 14.41 seconds.

Then, M Khairudin Syahputra (North Sumatra) with a record time of 14.71 seconds. Then Haris Halim (East Java) with a time of 15.71 seconds.

While Novan Warisal (Papua) with a time of 15.25 seconds, and finally Lenoord Fredrik Ajawaila (Papua) with 16.12 seconds. (Mujiono / Angelbertha)

Maria Londa Presents Long Jump Gold Medal for Bali in Pon Papua 2021


Maria Natalia Londa, an athlete from Bali, won a gold medal in the long jump final at Mimika Sport Complex, Tuesday (5/10/2021). Photo: PPM Public Relations/Joseph Situmorang


TIMIKA – Although still undergoing therapy due to a knee injury some time ago, the female long jump athlete in athletics from Bali Province, Maria Natalia Londa, won a gold medal at the XX Papua PON at the Mimika Sport Complex (MSC) Athletic venue, Tuesday (5/10). /2021).

In this Pon Papua 2021 , Maria Natalia Londa managed to win a gold medal with a jump of 6.26 meters. However, this achievement can still not break the national record that was recorded by himself with a jump record of 6.70 meters.

When met by reporters, Maria Natalia Londa said that her party admitted that facing XX PON during a pandemic like this was very difficult for all athletes, especially during training sessions. But his party is still trying to adapt to all conditions to present achievements for the province of Bali.

“Exercise as usual, but this pandemic hinders this. If there is one positive, then all of them must be quarantined at the National Training Center (Pelatnas), training in their respective rooms,” he said.

Maria revealed that for PON Papua 2021, the most challenging factor was the problem of erratic weather.


“The weather is the same, but suddenly this rain is blocking our vision. Moreover, using optimal speed with a 20 cm pedestal as a sign of validity is a bit difficult,” she said.


After winning the gold medal, this woman from Bali once decided to retire at the 2019 Philippine SEA Games. But he canceled that intention, and in this Pon Papua 2021, he proved his prowess by winning a gold medal for the seventh time during the four PONs he had participated in.


“Yes, I canceled my retirement and was still given the blessing of God to live it first. My target is still in the SEA Games and Asian Games next year because I still want to give the best for Indonesia,” he said.


Maria hopes that with facilities throughout Indonesia that are getting better, she wants young generations to excel in the future.

“As Pak Luhut (Binsar Panjaitan) said, with equal distribution of facilities and coaches, hopefully, it will produce young athletes who perform better than me,” he hoped. 

Here are the results of the women’s long jump final:

  1. Maria Londa from Bali with a long jump of 6.26 meters
  2. Spiritual from NTB with a long jump of 5.79 meters
  3. Veinsensia Awuwet from Papua with a long jump of 5.72 meters
  4. Ni Luh Mita Yuni from Bali with a long jump of 5.61 Meters
  5. Fatmawati from Jambi with a long jump of 5.52 meters
  6. Destiana adinda from West Java with a long jump of 5.41 meters
  7. Nova Aprilia from Bangka Belitung with a long jump of 5.28 meters
  8. Gresia Rahel Yaung from Papua with a long jump of 5.00 Meters.

(PPM PR/Ryeno Guritno/Jimmy Rungkat/Aurora)

Indonesia National Games Pon Papua 2021 XX Athletics Results

5000m Men’s (October 5)

    1. Agus Prayogo (West Java) 14:44.29
    2. Pandu Sukarya (West Java) 14:56.77
    3. Robi Sianturi  (Bangka Belitung) 15:31.97
    4. Matthew Walli (NTT) 15:42.84
    5. Tamius Assa (Papua) 16:33.37
    6. I Dewa Ali Mariya (Papua) 16:38.31
    7. Syamsuddin M (SS) DNF

110 Hurdles Mens

1 14.11 INA Rio Maholtra
14.33 INA Hiram Rammadan
14.41 INA Ghanesh Pandiga
14.71 INA M. Khairullah Syaphura
14.71 INA Haris Rahdan S.

100 Hurdles Women’s

13.74 INA Emilia Nova
13.99 INA Ken Ayuttha P.


14.45 INA Rohani
14.57 INA Mestri Pralial

Long Jump Women’s

  1. Maria Natalia Londa (Bali) 6.26m
  2. Rohani (NTB) 5.79m
  3. Vinsensia Awutet Amjaram  (Papua) 5.78m



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