Pole Vault Men Olympic Qualifying Update

Mondo Duplantis

Pole Vault Men Olympic Qualifying Update

Mondo Duplantis has been the most dominant athlete having 6 final jumps over 6 meters in 2020 and 6 final jumps outdoors over 6 meters in 2020. Including setting the world record in Glasgow in 2020 at 6.18m. He is 16cm ahead of his nearest competitor Sam Kendricks whose best performance is 6.06m.

World Rankings as of 28 February 2021 for Pole Vault. Of Interest KC Lightfoot new entry to the 6-meter club is of interest 5.82m to 6.00m this year.

The Olympic Qualifying Period for pole vault men was

  1. 1 May  2019 to 5 April 2020
  2. 1 Dec 2020 to 29 June 2021


Below is a list of Pole Vault Men who has made the standard so far.

Please note 20 qualifiers. Minus Russia. So 19 qualifiers. 

The USA has 3 qualifiers and can choose between

  1. Sam Kendricks 6.06m
  2. Christopher Nilsen 5.95m
  3. Jacob Wooten 5.90m
  4. Matt Ludwig 5.90m
  5. Cole Walsh 5.83m
  6. Audie Wyatt 5.82m
  7. Andrew Irwin 5.80m


Outside the qualifying period

KG Lightfoot (USA) 5.82m 

Bo Kanda Lita Baehre (Germany) 5.81m

Ernest obiena

Ernest John Obiena is, as so far, the only qualifier in Philippines Athletics, having registered 5.80m and has a PB of 5.81m. EJ was ranked 12th= in the world in 2020 and 10th= in the world in 2019.




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