Pio Robillos – The King of the Cinder-path

pio robillos

Pio Robillos – The King of the Cinder-path

First Published June 1, 2015

Dating before Fortunato Catalon was a pre-war champion by the name of Pio Robillos. Robillos was a Cebuano. And he was known as the King of the Cinder-path during his time.

Most noteworthy was that Robillos represented ‘The Philippine Islands’; he won the 100 yards (91m). While at the inaugural 1913 Orient Olympic Games (renamed Far East Asian Games in 1915) was held at the Manila Carnival Showgrounds (now Rizal Memorial). He timed 10.8. At the same time, Robillos is reported to have run a time of 10.0 at the national championships in the same year.

Pio Robillos completed the sprint double, winning the 200m in 23.6. For instance, was back at this time, the Philippine sprinters dominated the Japanese.  Also, at the time when the world was at its infancy for modern track and field.

And by 1915, Pio Robillos was struggling to stay as the top sprinter in the Philippines, with Nicholas Llaneta dominating in 1914. In addition, he still ran 10.4y and 22.9y for 100 Yards and 220 Yards at the Philippine Nationals, the fastest time for the year. However, it was Genaro Saavedra who would emerge as the new Asian Champion in  Shanghai 1915 games. Robillos could only cling onto bronze in the 220 Yards, losing to Nicholas Llaneta, who won in a slow 24.2 (Asian Sport Celebrity, 2021, p. 158).


Later Years

Therefore Pio Robillos would later become a professor at Abellana High School in Cebu (Philippine Education, 1923 p. 325 & 565). He married Filomena Pastrano and had four children (My Heritage). By 1952 quite elderly he was situated in Cotobato (Cotobato 1952 Guidebook).

  • Atty. Miguel Luis “Mike” (former member of the House of Representatives; first married to Brenda Barranda, then later to Maria Carmen “Menchu” Grey)
  • Edwina (married to Ruben Claravall)
  • Mary Ann (married to Cenen Orosa; Miss Silliman University 1957),
  • Catherine “Chinky” (married to Butch Alano)

Living Relatives

  • 2.1 Filomina V. Pastrano (born 1874) – Pio Robillos
  • 2.1.1 Rosita P. Robillos – Luis Miguel Romero
  • Mike Romero
  • Edwina Romero
  • Mary Ann Romero – Orosa
  • Catherine Romero – Alano
  • 2.1.2 Sis. Nieves P. Robillos
  • 2.1.3 Fidel P. Robillos
  • 2.1.4 Anselmo P. Robillos
  • 2.1.5 Milagros P. Robillos
  • 2.1.6 Evelyn P. Robillos
  • 2.2 Jose V. Pastrano – Josefa Banogon
  • 2.2.1 Marcelo B. Pastrano – Josefa Colina Villegas
  • 2.3 Dolores V. Pastrano – Jose Longa
  • 2.3.1 Antonio P. Longa – Virginia Arnaiz Garcia
  • Chichu Longa
  • Antonio Longa
  • Milagros Longa – Godinez
  • Maria Isabel Longa – Manuel Sagarbarria
  • 2.4 Anselmo V. Pastrano
  • 2.5 Roberta V. Pastrano – Gabriel Roces
  • 2.5.1 Paquita Roces – Armando Revilla


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