Akani Simbine powers to a sizzling wind-aided 9.82 fastest time in the world this year

Akani Simbine

Akani Simbine powers to a sizzling wind-aided 9.82 fastest times in the world this year https://youtu.be/Gx8AsyUJAGg Akani Simbini has run the fastest time in the world under any conditions with a wind-aided 9.82 in the Semi-Finals of the South African Championships in Pretoria. It was the fastest he has ever run but the wind was … Read more

如何计算Bmi的终极指南 (simplified Chinese)


如何计算Bmi的终极指南 (simplified Chinese) https://youtu.be/6hYu-q2C1Y4   BMI指数不能直接测量您体内的脂肪。 在阅读完本文后,将使用免费的BMI计算器。 您会发现自己的体重指数以及被认为是健康的BMI。 而是可以用来确定我们的体重是否在健康范围内。 它仅基于人的体重和身高而定。 ; 衡量BMI指数可以将我们分为两类: 体重过轻-小于18.5 健康的BMI体重-在18.6至24.9之间 超重-25至29.9之间 肥胖-超过30 ‘ 请记住,BMI没有考虑很多因素,仅应作为指导。 ‘ 如何计算BMI? 要衡量您的BMI,我们可以使用以下公式: ‘ BMI如何计算您的BMI 关于运动员,我们将撰写有关身体成分测试的后续文章,该文章将更适合进行测试。 ‘ 体重指数计算器kg BMI指数是一种基于身高和体重的身体脂肪度量,适用于成年男性和女性BMI。 使用标准或BMI计算器度量标准输入体重和身高。 选择“计算BMI”,您的体重指数将显示在下面。 ‘ BMI计算器 Español Your Height:   (feet) (inches) Your Weight:       (pounds) Your BMI:   Body Mass Index Categories: Underweight = <18.5 Normal bmi … Read more

Идеальный рост и вес – (Ideal Height and Weight Russian)

Как рассчитать ИМТ

Идеальный рост и вес идеальная высота масса тела: как рассчитать рост и возраст (Ideal Height and Weight Russian) Прочитав это, вы узнаете, какой вес является идеальным в зависимости от роста. Идеальная масса тела должна быть уникальной для всех. Основными факторами, определяющими идеальный вес человека, являются рост, пол, возраст, телосложение, тип телосложения и т. Д. Хотя … Read more

Manolita Cinco Dopeno

Manolita Cinco

Manolita Cinco Dopeno After inducting Francisca Sanopal into the Legends of Track and Field, it only seemed right to induct another Asian Games medalist in the Hurdles, her great rival Manolita Cinco.  Cinco was born on 30 Nov 1931. She won the BPISAA title in 1953 in Vigan, clocking a meet record of 12.2. In … Read more

Pole Vault Men Olympic Qualifying Update

Pole Vault Men

Pole Vault Men Olympic Qualifying Update Mondo Duplantis has been the most dominant athlete having 6 final jumps over 6 meters in 2020 and 6 final jumps outdoors over 6 meters in 2020. Including setting the world record in Glasgow in 2020 at 6.18m. He is 16cm ahead of his nearest competitor Sam Kendricks whose … Read more

Bruce Ventura athlete – Legendary Thrower

Bruce Ventura athlete

Photo Caption: Bruce Ventura athlete in 1991 Bruce Ventura athlete – Legends of the Throwers Circle First Published  September 14, 2013 Today we add another Legend to our circle of champions of the past. Fil-Heritage Thrower Bruce Ventura will be immortalized forever among the legends of our sport.  Bruce Ventura was the Philippine National Record Holder in … Read more

Malaysian Athletic Results 2021

Malaysian Athletic Results 2021

Malaysian Athletic Results 2021: Hakimi pumped up for Europe. 3X Sea Games Champion in the Triple Jump Hakimi Ismail looks to be heading over to Europe to train to start in May and aiming for the Olympic Standard in the Triple Jump. Hakimi holds the SEA Games and SEA Record of 16.77m set during the … Read more

Letsile Tebogo of Botswana 18 year old Clocks 10.14!

Letsile Tebogo

Letsile Tebogo of Botswana 18-year-old Clocks 10.14! Letsile Tebogo clocked 10.14 (+0.8) m/s in the U20 Division of the Botswana Nationals at Gaborone on February 21. The 18-year-old born in 2003 broke Isaac Makawala’s senior national record of  10.20 set in 2014. Tebogo attributed his success to the contributions made by his former coach Mogomotsi … Read more

Wayde Van Niekirk – Changes Coach


No ill-feeling between myself and Wayde van Niekerk‚ says Tannie Ans Celebrated athletics coach Tannie Ans Botha has opened up about her high-profile parting of ways with long-time protégée Wayde van Niekerk a few days ago and insisted there is no bad blood between them. Botha turned Van Niekerk from a 100m and 200m sprinter … Read more

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