800m Running

800m running

800m Running In 800m running, credit always goes to those athletes who can manage race pace variations. In setting a race distribution model, the objective for the athlete is to run the first 400m first half as close to 90% of maximum 400m speed velocity as possible and the second half as close to 85% … Read more

Pole Vault Womens Olympic Qualifying Update


Pole Vault Womens Olympic Qualifying Update Anicka Newell of Canada added the most recent qualifying performance in the Womens Pole Vault, clearing the Olympic qualifying mark of 4.70m on January 2 at the Expo Explosion at Belton Texas. Newell beat Canadian Record Holder Alysha Newman (4.65m), who had already qualified for the Olympics. The 27-year-old … Read more

Nordic Curls vs Leg Curls

nordic curls

Nordic Curls Anatomy Protect Your Hamstrings – Reduce the Risk of Strain or Injury with This Strengthening Exercise How to do the Nordic Hamstring Curl? The Nordic hamstring curl involves kneeling on a pad (for knee comfort) and lowering under control. Simultaneously, the ankles are held in place by a partner, a loaded barbell, or … Read more

Xie Zhenye – Amazing Chinese #2 Sprinter

xie zhenye

Xie Zhenye Xie Zhenye Xie Zhenye as China’s Second Fastest ever 100m men after Su Bingtian. Is the current Asian Record Holder over 200m. Zhenye opened 2020 with 10.31 (-.2) on 15 September 2020 and 10.13 (+2.9)  on 23 August, running both these times in China. He also clocked 20.72 (-0.4) on September 17. September … Read more

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