Pinoyathletics National Virtual 1k Challenge – FULL RESULTS

2021 Pinoyathletics Athlete of the Year

Pinoyathletics National Virtual 1k Challenge – FULL RESULTS The Pinoyathletics National 1000m Challenge has now concluded. Alfrence Braza of Iloilo, the winner of the BBGPH Run 10,000m, Talking Chinoy 5000m, and National 3000m Championships in 2021, has emerged as the event winner in 2:32.23 (road). Louie Agawa (Baguio City) came in second, who timed 2:33.04 … Read more

Jonelle Halog PB 10.78 100m

Jonelle Halog

Jonelle Halog beats a long time PB with 10.78 100m 26 Year Old Filipino-Canadian Jonelle Halog broke his PB from 4 years ago with 10.78 seconds to win the Ottawa Twilight Meet #13 in Canada. Halog was born in Davao to two Filipino Parents, has held a Filipino passport, and ran in the Weekly Relays … Read more

How Many Filipina Sprinters are in Tokyo? Regine Tugade Watson of Guam #1

Regine Tugade

Regine Tugade Watson of Guam #1 July 22, 2021 There is not just one but two Filipina sprinters at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games also qualifying with the universality rule along with Kristina Knott of the Philippines is Regine Tugade-Watson who represents Guam (2 Filipino parents). Will lineup in the 100m while Kristina Knott is … Read more

‘The Leader of Men’ Ruperto Evangelista -The Greatest Coach in Philippine Track and Field History

Ruperto Evangelista

‘The Leader of Men’ Ruperto Evangelista -The Greatest Coach in Philippine Track and Field History From Left Claro Pellosis, Ruperto Evangelista, Aparicio Mequi, Walter Brown (swimmer), Isac Gomez, and Edison Diamante at the 1958 Asian Games. Published on January 1, 2020. Ruperto Evangelista Not much information is available online regarding the Great Coach of the … Read more

魏永利-追踪美女 (Wei YongLi Chinese)

Wei Yongli

魏永利-追踪美女 (Wei YongLi Chinese) 亚历山德拉·伯格哈特(Alexandra Burghardt)女士之后,本周的 Track Beauty》是2014年亚运会冠军,中国勇勇卫(YongLi Wei) 几周后我们将进入2018年亚运会,这是多么合适。 我们可能会想到苏炳田和另一个中国人,他摔断了10秒。 魏永利的确,自2014年在11.48赢得亚运会以来,永利魏已经走了很长一段路。   她今年以10.99、11.07和11.10赢得了“亚洲女性”的三个领跑时间。 实际上,这位26岁的年轻女子正处于乡村女友李旭美的喊叫范围之内。 李旭美是1997年创下的中国亚洲纪录10.79。 卫是捍卫她的亚运会女子100m冠军的2018年亚运会的坚定支持者。 Pinoyathletics希望Wei轻松赢得100米短跑。在雅加达, 这条赛道虽然据称是Balsam Rubber,但不是Mondo还是很新,又快。 在二月份的亚运会前,男子分别以10.24斯里兰卡和10.25 Zohri的成绩前进。 考虑到这一点,我们相信Wei将在不到11秒的时间内轻松赢得比赛。 魏先生今年的成绩不是200跑,成绩为22.97 PB(每100.11.48, 每100损失约0.5,或者没有真正接受过200次训练)。 除此之外,魏还在2017年巴哈马拿骚世界接力赛中获得了中国 4×100铜牌. 她还是2013年和2015年亚洲100冠军。以及2012年亚洲室内冠军。 10.99视频RésisprintInternational La Chaux-de-Fonds 体态运动预测 Wei CHN 10.93 Hajar Saad Al-Ameeri BRN 11.1 Viktoriya Zyabinka KAZ 11.2 Dutee Chand IND 11.2-11.3 *请注意,Ameeri现在不参与竞争。也许是由于论文。   参加比赛的还有哈萨克斯坦的维克托里亚·兹亚宾卡(Viktoriya Zyabinka), 他是100m和200m的2017年亚洲冠军。 即使是2016年的Zyabinka … Read more

Hang Cleans with dumbells

hang cleans with dumbells

Hang Cleans with dumbells. The hang cleans with dumbells, and the press is power and strength-building exercise that works pretty much every major muscle group and involves most of the joints in your body. … Can you power clean with dumbbells? The hang cleans with dumbells offers a similar range of motion and cycle-time as … Read more

2021 Thailand Open Athletics

2021 Thailand Open Athletics

2021 Thailand Open Athletics Parinya Chuaimaroeng misses out on Olympics with 14.08m in Triple Jump 23-year-old SEA Games Parinya Chuaimaroeng of Thailand leaped 14.08m at the Thailand National Championships yesterday, close to the 14.32m qualifying standard for the Olympics. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as the Women’s Triple Jump had 32 slots and 32 athletes were all over … Read more

Janry Ubas -Profile-

Janry Ubas

Janry Ubas Profile: Born: 2 January 1994 College: Far Eastern University Coach: Dario De Rosas Philippine Team 2013 onwards Based in Manila Hometown: Balubal, Cagayan De Oro     Career Highlights SEA Games 2015 Decathlon Bronze 2017 Long Jump Bronze 2019 Decathlon Bronze Decathlon  Performances 100M: 11.10 (0.3) SEA Games, Singapore 2015 110 Hurdles: 15.75, … Read more

2021 Jamaican Olympic Trials and Junior Championships in Athletics

2021 Jamaican Olympic Trials

2021 Jamaican Olympic Trials and Junior Championships in Athletics  START LISTS Womens 100m Heat 1 : Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce   Womens 100m Heat 2 : Elaine Thompson-Herah Womens 100m Heat 3 Womens 100m Heat 4     Andrew PirieAndrew was elected Vice President of the Association of … Read more

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