Pinoyathletics – Talking Chinoy Virtual 5000m Run Alfrence Braza 15.03! Full Results and Winners


5000M Full Results  ***MEDIA RELEASE*** 25th January 2021 Lany Cardona Adaog wins Womens Division for TEAM TITUS! Not to be outdone was the Winner of the Women’s Division for the Pinoyathletics / Talking Chinoy Virtual 5000m. 30-Year-old Lany Cardona Adaoag of Bolinao, Pangasinan. She took the Title in the Womens Division and was the most … Read more

Kristina Knott

Kristina Knott

Kristina Marie Knott 09.04.22 23.46 for 200m at Coral Gables Tips: Just like Kristina Knott, many people love running so much that they even form running clubs and hold some running events. As a part of a running event, running medals can be used to record the course of the event and can also be … Read more

PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Allcomers 3 (September 17 Live at Lingayen!)

PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Allcomers

PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Allcomers 3 PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Allcomers 3 WHAT TO DO? Read Information Below including the Guidelines Email Events and Team Lists to [email protected] with proof of payment. Attach COVID Vaccination to Form or email to [email protected] Make Payment of 250 PHP to GCASH Account # 09053117155 Kimberly Jane Moneda. Sign waiver and email to … Read more

Hurdling Hurdles for 100 and 110? an amazing guide


Basic Hurdling Hurdles Training We are hurdling the ability to apply movement or new movement speeds over hurdles while maintaining optimal sprint form. This article will explain some fundamentals of Basic Hurdles Training. ; The Differential to 100m sprints is Males add 1.8 to 2.0 seconds for 110m Hurdle Time Conversion. Females add 0.9 to … Read more

2022 Philippines National Athletics Championships Results Day 1

2022 Philippines National Athletics

2022 Philippines National Athletics Championships Start List (Pasig April 28-29)   YOU CAN VIEW ALL VIDEOS WE HAVE FROM THE EVENT HERE   SHARE THIS ARTICLE LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE Andrew PirieAndrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has … Read more

200 Meter Dash – 4 Ways to Run one

200 meter

200 Meter Dash 4 Ways to Run one The 200 Meter dash is a test of speed and endurance that requires an all-out sprint for the race duration. It’s a balance between power and finesse, so it demands plenty of practice, ability, and technique. Making sure your form is on point is key to winning … Read more

PinoyAthletics Magnificent Under Distances (July 16)

2022 Philippines Marathon

PinoyAthletics Magnificent Under Distances (July 16) EVENT HIGHLIGHTS! 1. Guhan the Top Junior Male athlete of the year 2022 so far in Philippine Athletics, 150/300 on his route to the junior 400 records in Malaysia on July 31. 2. 10 women in the Long Jump preparing for a dress rehearsal for the Marestella Torres Long … Read more

How to Improve Philippines Sports

psc files

How to Improve Philippines Sports In light of the situation with the POC Senate Hearing scheduled for November 16. I bring up this old article from pinoyexchange. It seems nothing much has changed.  So can you suggest in the comments more Ways How to Improve Philippines Sports? Thread started by Coolenz from The Original … Read more

7 Amazing Fitness Tools That Can Elevate Home Workouts

Fitness Tools

7 Fitness Tools That Can Elevate Home Workouts HOME SWEET HOME. Just because Thailand is under partial lockdown doesn’t mean the fitness trend shouldn’t continue! So why not create your fitness sanctuary in the comforts of your own home? These fitness tools will help you achieve those fitness goals in no time – no gym … Read more

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