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Pinoyathletics Directory of Coaches

Mandate of

Andrew Pirie & Airnel ‘The Professor’ Talatala Abarra

Pinoyathletics has decided to host a director of Cocahes and hence network of ‘Reliable Coaches’ in Track and Field.

We believe that in order to strengthen the Athletics culture in the Philippines, grassroots level coaches should always update and exchange their views and ideas on the latest innovations in training and coaching their athletes.

This is to assist athletes without a coach in finding a reliable program and coaches a potential mentor if need be.

In other countries, there is really a systematic level of coaches’ development system which is publicly posted on their federation’s website. Since the call for coaching level from PATAFA is very limited, we are not going off coaches’ level of qualifications in terms of IAAF and other seminars. And the network will consist of coaches who are keen in records safekeeping, open-mindedness, and constant communication within the PinoyAthletics Community.

That’s why we are keen on building coaches who would like to be included in our directory can email a list of athletes they have worked with and levels of improvement to [email protected].

Also we will launch a Social Media Group which will serve as online network for all Athletics coaches in the Philippines. Who wants to collaborate in establishing their training programs.

Pinoyathletics has a very comprehensive database of results online and offline which we will be using to counter check the data submitted to us. While this is to ensure the performance of the athlete and provide records for the coaches. If their programs are working well.

Hope to hear from all of you soon.


  1. Ernie Candelario (Sprints/Middle)
  2. Jim Lafferty (S&C)
  3. Jon Gilmer (Sprints)
  4. Davian Clarke (Sprints/Hurdles)
  5. Rosie Villarito (Throws)
  6. Emerson Obiena (Pole Vault)
  7. Miguel Arca (Jumps)
  8. Airnel Abarra (sprints)
  9. Tony Benson (Middle + Long)
  10. Fernando Dagasgas (Middle)
  11. Anthony Valdez (Throws)
  12. Zemm Sardea (Sprints)
  13. Happy Denuyo (S&C)
  14. Christopher Topee (Sprints and Hurdles)
  15. Art Fronda (Long Distance)
  16. Mario Castro (Long Distance)
  17. Noel Diel (all events)
  18. Jec Gando (Sprints and Middle)
  19. Riezel Buenaventura (Jumps)
  20. Stephen Tan (Long Distance)
  21. Beningo Marayag (Jumps)
  22. Henry Dagmil (Sprints + Jumps)
  23. Christabel Martes (Long Distance)
  24. Ardee Damaso (Distance)

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