Trenten Beram First Filipino sub 21


Pinoyathletics has inducted Trenten Anthony Beram into the Legends of Track Philippines Track and Field. Trenten represented the Philippines for almost 3 years from 2016 to 2018. In the short time he was with Philippine Athletics he set National records in the 200m, Indoor 200m, Indoor 400m. And above all was the first Filipino to break the 21-second barrier in the 200m as well as the first Filipino male to win a medal of any color in the 200m at SEA Games, in this case, the gold. Trenten Beram had contacted me via the PATAFA in 2014, and after providing a small amount of assistance via his dad and coach Amado. I then had to delegate the ongoing process of his Filipino passport back to the PATAFA as I had decided to leave the PSC to pursue a coaching development role in another part of the country.  I no longer would have the resources to help him. In tribute to Trenten, I have included several ‘golden’ articles from over the last few years.

Amazing Mia Guillergan

Amazing Mia Guillergan 9

Mia Guillergan Mia Guillerganst Mia Guillergan Erases Arsenia Sagaray 33-year-old Age Grade record. Mia Guillergan finished with a time of 10:15.18 in the 3000m on a cool summer evening on 21 November 2020. Just outside her PB and 12 seconds away from the Philippine Junior Record of Meagey Ninura. Ninura holds the Phillippine Junior (19 … Read more

Philippines Passports a must – Fil Heritage

Philippines Passports a must - Fil Heritage 13

Philippines Passports No Philippines Passports Fil-Heritage Athletes = NO RANKING NO RECORDS I have been getting a lot of queries by athletes of what they need in order to represent the Philippines. This article will save me a lot of time from having to relay repetitive generic information. This compulsory requirement has been endorsed by our National … Read more

Princess Joy Griffey her amazing story

Princess Joy Griffey her amazing story 24

Princess Joy Griffey This article has been withheld for a while, so now its essentially three articles merged into one. Fil-Heritage athlete Princess Joy Griffey whp was born in Bacolod. Was the top Filipina sprinter in the 100/200 from 2004 to 2014.  ‘ Princess Joy Griffey 2011 Following on from our original story on Eric … Read more

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