Philippines University Games 2015-2019 Records

2019 University Games of the Philippines

Philippines University Games Philippines University Games 2015-2019 Records Philippines University Games Athletic Records L Palaro Records Tertiary Open Mens & Womens I will first be dealing with the Tertiary level Men’s Records.  It is important to note a few things here. The BPISAA (Bureau of Public Interscholastic Athletics Association) a previous incarnation of the Department … Read more

Siripol Punpa

Siripol Punpa

Siripol Punpa of Thailand Clocks 20.76 for 200m to take SEA Season Lead Siripol Punpa takes gold at the Balkan Cup and in the process takes the SEA lead in the 200m.Erzurum, Tukey Siripol Punpa Thai Sprinter Siripol Punpa has taken the 2019  Lead for South East Asia in the Men’s 200 Meter. The exciting … Read more

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