UAAP Athletics 2022 Unlikely

UAAP Athletics 2022

With the UAAP Athletics not likely Happening until 2023. It has not been held since 2018. This gap could surpass the record of 1942-1946 when the UAAP was put on hold during the Japanese Occupation of World War II. A similar hiatus that has now been exceeded was due to Martial law no UAAP 1972-1974. … Read more

2021 UAAP Season 83 Cancelled

2021 UAAP Season 83 Cancelled 2

UAAP 2021 Season 83 Cancelled FANS AND athletes alike held on to a glimmer of hope as they awaited the fate of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines’ (UAAP) Season 83. However, as the stringent community quarantine protocols persisted, the league’s Board of Trustees (BoT) officially announced the season’s cancellation last December 11.  Although the … Read more

What are the current UAAP Residency Rules?

uaap residency rules

UAAP Residency Rules This article is continued from the effects of the DEPED K TO 12 Implemented Program. Furthermore, we have gathered information from various sources. Yet as we are not the official representatives of the UAAP. will not be held accountable and can update this information at any time. We welcome any corrections … Read more

How K12 school effects Philippine Athletics

How K12 school effects Philippine Athletics 5

This article will discuss

The implications of the DEPED introduced K TO 12 Program in the Philippines.
Its effect on the sport and challenges face.
I will also suggest ways to improve or counter the effects of the K TO 12. For this case study I will use the sport of Track and Field. But this case study can also be applied to other sports.

University of Santo Tomas 50 loose scholarships

University of Santo Tomas 50 loose scholarships 6

University of Santo Tomas 50 loose scholarships Introduction: The University of Santo Tomas is due to drop several of its athletes from its program in December. Due to lack of budget from incoming school fees.  It is standard procedure for UST to drop non-performing athletes, but it usually happens around June. Leaking information from the Varsitarian (UST official student … Read more

5 Years Uaap Schools Athletic Performances Evaluations

UAAP Athletics 2022

5 Years UAAP Schools Athletic Performances Evaluations Please note any media wishing to use this or any articles on our website must provide a citation to Pinoyathletics.  Uaap Athletic Performances Characteristics Filipino Collegiate Athletes   “You’re a high school athlete and u went to UAAP or NCAA University. Because u claim there u have food, … Read more

Riveting Shiela Talja close to Kwiatkowski NR

Shiela Talja

Shiela Talja No Wind Gauge/No Sanction Originally Published 22 December 2019 By Andrew Pirie ATFS Statistician    Sheila Talja of Ateneo got close to Marisa Kwiatkowski National Triple Jump with a 12.92m leap at the Ateneo dual meet. Accompanied by an also impressive 5.96m long jump. As no wind gauge and no PATAFA sanction are … Read more

2019-2020 UAAP Season 82 News

Kat Tolentino

uaap season 82 UAAP Season 82 to gift ‘super seniors’ with extra playing year ‘ MANILA – University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) athletes whose final playing year was cut short after Season 82 was canceled due to corona virus disease 2019 are set to be gifted with an extra year of eligibility.  Outgoing … Read more

UP close with Jeremiah Malonzo (video)

UP close with Jeremiah Malonzo (video) 16

Photo Caption: Malonzo stops all four of UST Top Sprinters UP close with Jeremiah Malonzo (video) conducted an online interview with newly-crowned UAAP 100m Women’s Champion Jeremiah Malonzo. The pint-sized Malonzo took the UAAP 100m in the most emphatic victory over powerhouse UST 2015 Champion Eloiza Luzon, with last year’s champion Karen Janario well … Read more

2017 UAAP Athletics Results and Comprehensive Reports

2017 UAAP Athletics Results

UAAP Athletics 2017 Results   As and miscalculated the Heptathlon results in the original UAAP official results. Therefore, I have added the correct calculations. 2017 UAAP Athletics Results  and Reports Palarong Pambansa 1500, 3KS, and 5k Champion James Orduna studying at UE. Consequently, bulldozed the UAAP Boys 5000m Record. While Previously, the mark was shared … Read more

2013 UAAP Athletics Results and Videos

2013 UAAP Athletics

2013 UAAP Athletics MORE TO BE ADDED PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE UAAP 2018 Like our Facebook Page   Andrew PirieAndrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has worked as a PSC Consultant and Research Assistant from 2013-2015, Consultant, and … Read more

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