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Philippines Weightlifting

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Hidilyn Diaz now an Inspiring Children’s Book

September 14, 2020

I am so excited to announce the launch of a children’s book that I am featured in!

This is one of my WHY’s in life, before I won the silver medal for the Philippines at the 2016 Rio Olympics, I didn’t give up on my preparation for the Olympics because of the younger generation. I wanted to build a Weightlifting gym for them, I built it, but what I want is to give them the inspiration to continue with their dream in weightlifting. I came from nothing to eventually become a silver medalist. We never know, one of these kids might be the next Gold Medalist.

This is my advocacy, to spread awareness of weightlifting and to find the next athlete who will be better than I ever was.

I thank God for giving me this mission in life and for giving me the wisdom to continue my dream despite the trials and challenges I’ve endured.

This book is the story of my life to inspire the younger generation to dream high and tell them to reach their dream but they have to work hard because there is no instant in life.

I hope you will get inspired by this book especially right now we are in Pandemic, we need inspiration, hope, and care.

You can buy the books here:




Hidilyn Diaz Wins Virtual Oceania Meet

August 1, 2020

RIO Olympics silver medallist Hidilyn Diaz was in outstanding form in winning the innovative Eleiko Email International Lifters Tournament recently.

Spending the lockdown in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she was supposed to hold her training camp for the now-postponed Olympic weight lighting qualifiers, Diaz lifted 216 kgs. to capture the gold medal in the women’s 59 kg. category, which had 51 participants.

Sharp as ever, Diaz beat Australia’s Fatima Yakabu and South Africa’s Johanni Taljaard, who posted 189 and 188 kgs. to settle for silver and bronze, respectively.

Diaz thinks online competitions have helped her to stay focused on her goals – which includes giving the Philippines its first-ever Olympic gold medal.

“I’m grateful that I competed in this event, I was able to prepare and set my mind to it,” said Diaz, who also won the 30th Southeast Asian Games gold last year.

The online competition organized by the Oceania Weightlifting Federation to mark the original July 24 opening date of the Tokyo Games has attracted 751 entries from 63 countries.

59kg Category
1 Hidilyn Diaz Philippines Zamboanga 58.80 95 121 216
2 Fatima Yakubu Australia Zubin 58.64 84 105 189
3 Johanni Taljaard South Africa Stellenbosch 59.00 83 105 188
4 Jacinta Sumagaysay Guam Hagatna 58.30 82 105 187
5 Cotruta Andreea Romania Botosani 56.50 85 100 185
6 Rebekka Tao Jacobsen Norway Larvik 57.79 78 103 181
7 Anneke Spies South Africa Mosselbay 58.90 80 100 180
8 Jenly tegu Wini Solomon islands Honiara 58.87 75 103 178
9 Sanju Chaudhary Nepal Nepalgunj 59.00 77 96 173
10 Kayla Shepard Canada Kelowna 58.00 73 92 165
11 Katrina Birch Australia 57.95 70 92 162
12 Mary kini Lifu Solomon islands Honiara 57.60 70 90 160
13 Georgia Cameron Canada Victoria 58.90 72 87 159
14 Bea Komolafe England London 59.00 70 89 159
14 Olivia McFarland New Zealand Auckland 59.00 72 87 159
16 Iris Abigail Leguizamon Paraguay Asunción 59.00 70 85 155
17 Sarah Hearn Australia 58.57 64 90 154
18 Caroline Mundell Canada Coquitlam 58.90 69 82 151
19 Jess Sewastenko Sewastenko Australia Sydney 59.00 64 88 149
20 Alison Cranston Australia 58.48 63 80 143
21 Bernenice Detudamo Nauru Nauru 58.60 65 75 140
22 Lily Strange Australia North Brisbane 58.70 64 75 139
23 Morima Agigo Nauru Nauru 58.90 63 75 138
24 Hannah Collinson-smith New Zealand Wellington 56.20 60 75 135
25 Carolina Tierra Ecuador Riobamba 59.00 55 75 130
26 Lalau Harris Nauru Nauru 57.30 55 70 125
27 Shannon Good Australia Dungeon 57.60 55 68 123
28 Rebecca Scherri Malta Valletta 56.65 59 63 122
29 Dionne Buckley Australia 57.50 52 70 122
30 Doushka Priyanka Gopaloodoo Mauritius Phoenix 58.20 54 68 122
31 Leehane Stowers New Zealand Auckland 58.00 54 67 121
32 Charlotte Saxton Australia 58.85 51 63 114
33 Melissa Hanson Australia Tasmania 57.04 49 63 112
34 Jessica North Australia — 58.45 44 65 109
35 Katie Ward Australia Milton 58.65 47 60 107
36 Demi Holdcroft Australia Brisbane 57.80 47 56 103
37 Tebeau Roboam Kiribati Tarawa 55.50 45 55 100
38 Muraka Tau Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 58.20 45 55 100
39 Sarah Kavanagh United Kingdom Rotherham 59.00 45 55 100
40 Diane Bousadda Canada Vancouver 57.20 44 54 98
41 Jessica Brouff Australia Milton 58.59 43 51 94
42 Emily Cook Australia 56.95 37 47 84
43 Asyl Alrashied Saudi Arabia Jeddah 59.00 37 45 82
44 Merryn Hillhouse Australia Brisbane 59.00 34 45 79
45 Tenganga Taunikarawa Kiribati Tarawa 56.70 35 43 78
46 Merryn Hillhouse Australia Milton 56.47 32 45 77
47 Jorja-Leigh Riddock Jersey Jersey 57.00 27 50 77
48 Patrizia Cocchis Australia Sydney 57.07 29 40 69
49 Valerie Silver Australia Logan 57.00 27 37 64
50 Kleo Isaac Australia 58.25 28 36 64


IOC Approves Revised Weightlifting Olympic Qualification System For Tokyo 2020

Lausanne, 29 May 2020; The IOC has approved the International Weightlifting Federation’s (IWF’s) revised Olympic Qualifying System for Tokyo 2020, which now extends the qualifying period to 30 April 2021.

All results and rankings achieved by weightlifters during the qualifying events held prior to the cessation of qualifying will be retained with no changes to their value.

Following the suspension of qualifying events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent postponement of Tokyo 2020, the revised qualifying system will allow for a further qualification period, which will run from 1 October 2020 to 30 April 2021. Replacements for the canceled events originally scheduled will be held during this period.

The revised qualification system has been developed around key principles of clean competition and fairness. The criteria whereby weightlifters must participate in at least six competitions throughout the overall period starting 1 November 2018 has been maintained.

Weightlifters had also been required to compete in at least one of the specified competitions during each of the first, second, and third original qualifying periods.

Some weightlifters had already competed in six events, including one in each of the qualifying periods. The third period, however, was brought to a premature end by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, not all weightlifters had the opportunity to fulfill this eligibility requirement.

Philippines Weightlifting – Asian Championships in Weight Lifting

THE country’s top weightlifters, including Cebuanos John Febuar Ceniza and Elreen Anne Ando, are expected to compete in the 2020 IWF Asian Championships in Kazakhstan.

Therefore the Asian Championship set in March is the final Olympic qualifying event. Similarly, the PH team weightlifters need to accumulate enough points to make the cut in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In addition, The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) gave a P2.2 million budget for the airfare, accommodation, allowance and other related expenses of the seven athletes and four officials who competed in Italy.

Above all this is apart from the P1.7 million budget for the core team of Diaz.

Philippines Weightlifting – Bronze for Macrohon

31 January 2020.

JUST IN: 2019 SEA Games gold medalist Kristel Macrohon won 2 bronze medals in the women’s 71kg category of the Roma World Cup in Italy! ?? #LabanPilipinas

?Clean and jerk – 115kg
?Total – 209kg

Philippines Weightlifting

Philippines Weightlifting

Diaz Wins 3 Golds at World Cup

Dec 2019

2016 Olympic silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz claimed 3 Golds medals a the Roma World Cup in Italy. Snatch, Clean and Jerk and total in the Women’s 55kg category.

Above all, the performance highlighted Day 1 of the championships. Above all ‘The Roma World Cup’ serves as the highest senior world championship for this year. And it is an Olympic qualifying meet. 

The 2016 Rio Olympics silver medalist dominated the snatch (93kg) and clean and jerk (119kg). For a total lift of 212kg. To complete a sweep in the women’s 55kg event of the world tournament.

Ukraine’s Kamila Konotop came in 2nd with 196kg and Tunisia’s Nouha Landoulsi bagged the overall bronze with a total lift of 194kg.

In addition, Diaz currently ranks No. 4 in the women’s 55kg category topped by Chinese weightlifters Liao Qiuyun, Zhang Wanqiong, and Li Yajun.


Philippines Weightlifting
Bronze for John Ceniza

Bronze for Ceniza

In addition, John Ceniza took a surprise Bronze at the World Cup. The Cebuano rallied to finish on the medal podium. Therefore lifting 152 kilograms on his final attempt in the clean and jerk. However to compensate for a 117kg effort in the snatch.

After that, the combined output in both events gave the 22-year-old Ceniza a total lift of 269. In conclusion a performance good enough for third place in the men’s 61kg category. Behind champion Tuan Kim Thach of Vietnam and silver medalist Shota Mishvelidze of Georgia.

Thach carried 293 kgs after posting 161 in the clean and jerk and 132 in the snatch. To defeat eight other contenders. While Mishvelidze compiled 286 (155 in clean and jerk and 131 in the snatch).

Ceniza, who collared a silver medal in the recent 30th Southeast Asian Games. Therefore positioned himself for a possible Olympic berth. Along with fellow Filipino lifters Nestor Colonia and Olympic silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz.


Philippines Weightlifting

Photo by Josh Albelda/Rappler

Hidilyn Finally Takes SEA Games Gold

It was a very dominating win for the 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist Hidilyn Diaz. Now 29 Hidilyn dominated the women’s 55kg category at the SEA Games. Diaz hoisted 91kg in the Snatch and 120kg in the Clean and Jerk to amass a total score of 211kg.

Cheered on by a small local crowd. Diaz took her first SEA Games Gold Medal. Nguyen Thi Thuy (Vietnam) was a distant silver with a combined total of 197kg and Juliana Klarissa (Indonesia) took bronze with 175kg.

The stunning performance of 211kg is better than the 200kg she lifted while 52.61kg at the 2016 Olympics for Silver. And nearly right up to the 212kg gold medal performance of Hsu Shu-Ching of Taipei (212kg). The performance sets up Hidilyn for a gold medal chance in Tokyo Olympics next year.

This year has been so good to me and I’ve made a large progress in terms of training and technique,” said Diaz who also owns a gold medal in the Asian Games. “We’re in the right track for Tokyo 2020.” (from inquirer)


Philippines Weightlifting
DECEMBER 2, 2019: Philippines’ Hidlyn Diaz celebrates her gold medal finish at the 55kg weightlifting at the 30th SEA Games 2019. INQUIRER PHOTO/ Sherwin Vardeleon

Her SEA Games journey began 14 years ago in 2005 a wide-eyed 15-year-old. Who ended up finishing dead last. Has truly come along way lifting the status of Philippines Weight lifting. As a great ambassador for the sport.

Diaz had silver at the 2011 & 2013 SEA Games in the 58 kg category. Diaz had to wait 6 more years to finally get her gold as women’s weightlifting was not played at the 2015 and 2017 SEA Games.

It has been a good outing so far for Philippines Weightlifting with Hidilyn niece Mary Flor Diaz taking the bronze in the lighter 45kg category with 159kg. John Ceniza nabbed a silver in the men’s 55kg with 252kg. The Philippines hence so far has completed a complete set of Gold, Silver, Bronze in the Weight lifting so far. Vietnam leads the medal tally with 2 golds so far.


Hidilyn Diaz gives her coveted medal a big bite after delivering the first gold for Team Philippines Weightlifting in the 18th Asian Games.
Joey Mendoza

Hidilyn Diaz 11th at World Champs

Asian Games Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz dropped down to 11th at the World Champs of Weightlifting at Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Albeit her performance of 203kg was not far from the 207kg she registered to win the Asian Games. But it now makes us contemplate how much more difficult it would have been for Hidilyn to win at Asian Games if some nations were not serving doping suspensions.

Therefore the weight category was changed from 53kg to 55kg division. But Hidilyn to rectify this increased her body weight to 54.70kg. 

The Shock came when a southeast Asian rival Sukanya Srisurat of Thailand lifted a big total of 232kg, this was a massive improvement of Sukanya who finished silver behind Hidilyn in Jakarta at the Asian Games but in the -58kg category one above Hidilyn where she lifted 225kg. Thus improving 7kg to win World Champs.

With athletes from countries whose Federations were serving drug bans returning. Athletes such as China’s Yajun and Wangqiong returned with 225kg for silver and bronze. One athlete from Kazakhstan and also Shermetova of Turkmenstein who was silver behind Hidilyn at Asian Games wound up 9th.

However, in 49kg Women Eileen Perez finished 29th of 34 competitors lifting 148kg. Behind her 154kg Asian games performance.

While Nestor Colonia finished 13th with a 280kg effort in 61kg men.

Hidilyn Diaz ranks #1 in the World in Weightlifting

Hidilyn Diaz for the first time ever ranks #1  -53kg in the world for the year 2018. Which only has less than 2 months to go. The update was provided on Instagram by Hidilyn strength coach Jay Futalan of the PSC. Diaz won the Asian Games and targets the Philippines ‘ first-ever Olympic Gold.

Hidilyn Diaz gives her coveted medal a big bite after delivering the first gold for Team Philippines in weightlifting in the 18th Asian Games.
Joey Mendoza

Philippines Weightlifting Hidilyn Diaz wins the elusive Gold at the Asian Games

Hidilyn Diaz delivered the Philippines Weightlifting 1st Gold at the 2018 Asian Games. In conclusion, tying the Philippines effort from 2014 of 1 Gold Medal. Similarly which then came from Daniel Caluag in BMX. Diaz, the Olympic silver medalist (200kg) in Rio hoisted a total of 207kg. She was coming second after the snatch round with 92kg.

And then pumped out 110kg on her first attempt on the clean and jerk. It was her second lift of 115kg that secured her the win. She attempted 117kg int he clean and jerk but failed. It had been noted Diaz had been lifting 120-125kg in training in Clean and Jerk.

Kristina Sermetowa of Turkmenistan took the Silver with a 206kg total after she led the Snatch round with 93kg.  Sermetowa took silver at the world championships last year.

Surodchana Khambao the lesser-known of the Two Thai’s was the surprise bronze medalist with 204kg. World Champion Sopita Tanasan of Thailand who beat Hidilyn at worlds (210kg in Anaheim last year), blotched up her snatch with only a 90kg effort and wound up out of the medals.


hidilyn diaz
Gold medallist Hidilyn Diaz of Philippines (C), silver medallist Kristina Shermetova of Turkmenistan (L) and bronze medallist Sopita Tanasan of Thailand celebrate at the podium during the victory ceremony for the women’s 53kg weightlifting event during the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta on August 21, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / MONEY SHARMA

Philippines Weightlifting Diaz Rewards

Diaz best 11 opponents including teammate Dessa Delos Santos who lifted 180kg total finished 8th.

She said the win boosted her belief that winning the gold in the Olympics is highly possible.

“I am grateful to God that I won the gold medal that all of us Filipinos dream of,” Diaz said. “This proves the Olympic gold medal is possible.”


In conclusion, Diaz stands to receive a cash windfall of P6 million — P2 million from the Philippine Olympic Committee, P2 million from the government through Republic Act 10699. Which expands the coverage of incentives granted to national athletes and coaches. And P1 million each from the Siklab Foundation and the Philippine Ambassador to Indonesia Lee Hoong.

“In the Olympics, no one expected me to win a medal. Here at the Asian Games, everyone expected me to win,” she said. “For two to three months, I was on the edge. I hardly gotten enough sleep. But I just kept on training and gave my fate to God.”

“I am grateful to God that He granted what all of us Filipinos have wished for,” she said. “It can be done—an Olympic gold can be won.”

Diaz who was originally in the -58kg category. Trimmed down to 51kg for the -53kg category a few years ago. And it paid off big time. In the 2010 Asian Games, she was 6th in the -58kg category with 209kg. She did not participate in the 2014 Asian Games.

The Chinese and Kazakhstan athletes who dominated this event in the past did not participate. As a doping ban sanction has left those federations suspended. Hsu-Shu Ching the Olympic Champion (212kg) in -53kg also did not participate.

For More Updates on Weightlifting at Asian Games

Philippines Weightlifting Sources:


Nestor Colonia of Philippines competes in the men’s 56kg weightlifting event during the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta on August 20, 2018. Photo by MONEY SHARMA / AFP

Colonia finishes 7th

August 20, 2018

On Day 1 of Weightlifting, Nestor Colonia wound up 7th in the Asian Games. With a total of 253kg 113kg in the Snatch and 140kg in the Clean and Jerk. However, his Personal Best of 282kg (124-158) would have seen him land the silver. In conclusion, this is what took Colonia to the Bronze medal at the world champs in 2015 behind Korea and China.

In addition, the Olympian was pressured to get back into form as quickly as possible. Above all after clearing 140kg in his first clean and jerk attempt, Colonia decided to increase his second attempt to 150kg in order to chase the podium finish.

Kailangan kasi taasan ‘yung attempt because parang wala lang kapag mababa ‘yung attempt,” said Colonia. (I have to make the weight of my attempt heavier because there is no use if the attempt is low.)

However, he failed to lift 150kg in his second and third clean and jerk attempts, putting him at the lower half of the standings.

In addition, the 26-year-old, who had a lackluster SEA Games finish last year, had hoped for a major comeback after showing improved form this year when he bagged a gold in the Philippine National Games.

After Colonia captured his last major medal – a bronze in the 2015 World Championships – he injured his knee while training for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Up next for Colonia is the 2018 world championships that will be held in Turkmenistan in November, which will serve as a qualifier for the 2020 Olympic

Analysis of the Field

Om Yun Chol who won the Gold is a highly accomplished athlete he is the defending Asian Games Champion, 2012 Olympic Champion, and 2013, 2014, 2015 World Champion he has a PB of 303kg (2016). He lifted 287kg (16kg below his PB). 

Tuan 2017 World Champion and silver medalist last Asian Games and SEA Games Champion PB of 296kg (lifted 280kg). 

Surahmat Bin Suwoto did PB with 272kg for Indonesia. Had everyone PBed Nestor might have got a bronze. However, due to the injury, his form has been off for a while.

In addition, Eileen Perez wound up 11th of 12 entries in the Women’s -48kg category with a 154kg total (69 snatch, 85 clean and jerk). In conclusion Perez, as she had the lowest body weight in the team, dropped down from -53kg to -48kg. Olympic silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz will participate later in the games in the -53kg.

Philippines Weightlifting Cebu urges POC to call for weightlifting election
By PR|August 17,2018 – 09:40 PM

Almost all Filipinos know Hidilyn Diaz but not all are aware of the Philippines Weightlifting Association Inc. and its struggles. However, that’s something the Cebu Weightlifting Association (CWA) wants to be changed for the good of the sport.

Felix Tiukinhoy, the president of the CWA and a member of the board of the Philippines Weightlifting Association (PWA). Is asking Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) president Ricky Vargas to join him in calling for an election in the NSA so its impasse will be solved.

“It is very frustrating that after Hidilyn Diaz won the silver medal in 2016. The situation of PWAI worsened as Roger Dullano suddenly left the country. And Monico Puentevella entered the association and created his own Samahang Weightlifting ng Pilipinas,” Tiukinhoy said in his letter to Vargas.

Philippines Weightlifting – Pressure builds up for Diaz


Rio Olympics silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz surveyed the buffet spread at the Rizal Hall in Malacañang resembling a kid led to a candy store.

Above all instead of filling her plate with native stir-fried noodles, shrimp fried in eggs, fried spring rolls, and some sweet stuff and getting a bowl of arroz caldo. During Monday’s sendoff for the Indonesia Asian Games-bound athletes. Diaz reached for a stick of beef satay so she doesn’t violate her dietary requirements.

Diaz, the 2016 Rio Olympics silver medalist. Swears there is pressure building inside as she gets ready to roll in the 53 kg. event.

In addition, the Asian Games will take place from Aug. 18-Sept. 2 but Diaz’s event won’t take place until Aug. 21.

“Pressure, fear and myself,” Diaz said, enumerating the factors that could decide her fate in Indonesia.

Despite her lofty status as an Olympic second-placer, Diaz isn’t taking the Asian Games lightly.

“The athletes you get to compete within the Asian Games are the same guys you’d see in the world championships and the Olympics,” she said.

“So, the level of competition in the Asian Games is world-caliber,” said Diaz. Stressing that the usual suspects are going to be in attendance.

“Thailand will be there…Chinese-Taipeh, China, Korea, and Turkmenistan,” all world powers in the sport are going to crowd Diaz for a place at the podium.


Philippines Weightlifting Asian Games Preview: Olympians Hidilyn Diaz, Nestor Colonia say podium finish attainable

2018 Asian Games representatives with Asian Rankings based on 2017 Results complete (2 per country rule already applied)

  • Nestor Colonia (13th in 56kg)
  • Hidilyn Diaz  (5th in 53kg)
  • Kristel Macrohon (12th in 69kg)
  • Eireen Ann Ando (16th in 63kg)
  • Maria Dessa Delos Santos (16th in 58kg)
  • Ellen Rose Perez (14th in 53kg)
  • Jeffrey Garcia (No Data)

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Batang Pinoy Weightlifting Records (as of 2016)

batang pinoy logo

Compiled by ATFS Statiscian Andrew Pirie
As of 01.01.17
30kgDino SingsonCebu CityTagum28.11.1629.70354075
34kgJustin Luke LoreteBohol ProvinceCebu28.11.1534.00455297
38kgErnie BasaloBrgy Pasobolong Z.C.Cebu28.11.1538.005058108
42kgEvangelito DaleCebuBacolod201340.906080140
46kgJohn Paolo Rivera Jr.Dasmarinas CityCebu28.11.1544.507096166
50kgMarjun AgadCebu City Team ACebu28.11.1548.007695171
56kgEdwin LuceroZamboangaBacolod201454.207793170
62kgVincent ColoniaZamboangaBacolod201456.107075145
62kg+John Kyle MacrohonZamboangaNaga201168.2591111202
28kgShydijean D. TormisMidsalip ZDSTagum28.11.1627.50273663
32kgRose Jean RamosZamboanga CityTagum28.11.1630.50354479
36kgRosegie AmisZamboanga City/MampangCebu28.11.1535.904860108
40kgLeonida CambarijanCebu City Team ACebu28.11.1539.00435497
44kgMa. Flor DiazZamboangaBacolod20145462116
48kgElien Rose PerezZamboangaBacolod20145775132
53kgLyann PinedaZamboangaNaga201148.25405595
53kg+Margaret ColoniaZamboangaBacolod201453.606176137

Philippine Weightlifting needs help says Sports Chief

From Manila Bulletin 30th May 2018

Monico Puentevella Weightlifting President calls for more investment into grass root and training for national athletes.

Philippine weightlifting, the only sport to have ended the 20-year medal drought for the country in the Olympics, has aired a plea to major sports stakeholders: Please help us.

Samahang Weightlifting ng Pilipinas president Monico Puentevella yesterday called on the Philippine Sports Commission, Philippine Olympic Committee, Department of Education, NCAA and UAAP to help the sport.

“We should be given priority because we have proven ourselves in the Olympics,”

Puentevella told the PSA Forum at Tapa King in Cubao. “There’s no reason why we won’t be given priority.”


Puentevella said there is P15 million worth of new equipment — off it Meralco pledging to give our P5 million worth of barbels — on its way but he chose to hold it until the PSC finishes the new gymnasium it promised to build inside the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.

“The gym we are using is the same gym we have used for the last 30 years. Parang hindi bagay sa new equipment. Luma ang gym namin,” added Puentevella. He said the new weightlifting gym was to be built behind the tennis courts and beside the gymnastics hall.

He also asked the PSC to raise the number of national coaches from the present five to 10, “because we need to reach out to more cities in the country. Right now we only have hubs in Manila, Zamboanga, Bohol, Cebu and Baguio City.”

Aside from 2016 Olympic silver winner Hidilyn Diaz (53 kilograms), Puentevella is endorsing promising lifters like Ellen Rose Perez (48kg), Maria Desa Delos Santos (58kg), Elreen Ann Ando (63 kg) and Kristel Macrohon (65kg).

Olympian Nestor Colonia and Jeffrey Garcia were also nominated by the SWP for the men’s team.

“After all, the Asian Games is the qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics,” he added.

“Weightlifting is our biggest chance to medal in the Olympics. It is our best chance for gold for that matter.”


Read Full Article Here

Philippines Weightlifting Bronze and Silver for Hidilyn Diaz at Worlds, But Thai Olympic Champion Rises

December 2, 2017

Article by Andrew Pirie

ATFS Statistician

The 2017 World Champs in Weight Lifting was held in Anaheim. 28 November to 5 December 2017. Many countries were barred for doping reasons including Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and Azerbaijan whose participation was suspended. Due to ban substances found in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

It was surprising to see our South East Asian rivals getting on the podium in particular Thailand but also Vietnam in both Men’s and Women’s who started to draw further away from the Philippines. Perhaps this means more resources and funding needs to be put into Weight Lifting as we have shown we can produce Olympic medallists in the likes of Hidilyn Diaz. It really brings to question the vision and direction of the program to produce more athletes of a similar caliber of Ms. Diaz.

Philippines Weightlifting Diaz gets Bronze but Thai Rival Triumphs

Medalists -53kg 2017 worlds weight lifting women (screengrab from 

I would like to emphasize we need to be cautious about the Thai’s who GoForGold 

The Philippines provided an excellent article on the well funded Thai Weight Lifting Program. While we should be happy for Ms. Diaz, the Bronze medal she is a national hero and Olympic Silver Medallist.  She now has a very strong and formidable opponent with the Thai Sopita Tanasan the Olympic Champion (200kg total lift in 2016) who dropped from -53kg down to -48kg but now is back to -53kg  who until now was only ranked #3 in South East Asian Rankings for 2017 with a  196kg lift in Taipei back in August.

Tanasan, 23 increased her body weight from 51.90 to 52.70 pushing it up near the 53kg cut-off. And consequently a very rapid improvement of 14kg onto her best lift in this weight category this year with 210kg total (96kg snatch and 104kg Clean) to capture the world title. 

Hidilyn Diaz of the Philippines took a respectable Bronze with 199kg (86kg snatch and 113kg Clean). Diaz took silver in the Clean segment with 113kg on count back.

Diaz personal best of 215kg was done when she won the world champs in 2015, she lifted 200kg to get Silver at the Olympics in 2016. Her best lift since 215kg, was 204kg when she won the Gold at Ashgabat Asian Indoor Games.  

Hidilyn next big stint will be the 2018 Asian Games.

If the PSC and Weightlifting Federation are serious about Diaz overcoming the rapidly improving Thai Tanasan at the 2019 SEA Games in Manila.  They must support her needs well to allow her to maximize her performance. At 26, Hidilyn still has many good lifting years left in her. Diaz took a Silver in the 2011 and 2013 SEA Games in the much heavier -58kg Category before dropping a weight category and becoming world-class. In 2015 and 2017 no Women’s weightlifting was included in the SEA Games. 

The other athlete competing at these Championships is Kristel Macrohon, 21 who is leading the 2017 SEA Rankings in the -69kg Category. Who has a PB of 209kg at Ashgabat Asian Indoor was she took the Bronze Medal.


In the Women’s 48kg Category Thunkya Sukcharoen, 20 took the Silver with a 193kg lift. Improving on her 190kg lift from Ashgabat were she did not get any medal. In the Men’s 56kg category Vietnam took Gold and Silver with Thailand taking Bronze.

While the top 2 didn’t beat their annual performance the bronze from Thailand improved his total lift from 259kg to 267kg,  In comparison, Nestor Colonia of the Philippines who was not sent was fifth behind these guys at SEA Games and has lifted 253kg this year. 


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