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About Pinoyathletics – Philippines Track and Field

About Pinoyathletics – Philippines Track and Field

Updates as of September, 2020 – Philippines Track and Field

In September Pinoyathletics reached over 30,000 Followers on Facebook and over 30,000 Monthly news.

The Final standing after 7 years in operation was 38,415 visitors for September of 2020. Exceeding the previous record of 28,717 from March 2020 as per Google Analytics. Pinoyathletics including recent months report has now been over 28,000 visits 4 times.

So far 7 days into October the site has reached over 5000 visitors. Are aim is to go over 28,000 which requires an average of 959 visitors a day.  The current record for our October visits is October 2018 with 11,732 as per google analytics.

Also Pinoyathletics Co-Founder Andrew Pirie was voted in early September as the New Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians (ATFS).

Updates as of May, 2020

Just advising has now finalized its transfer to its new faster server and is now accessible again to the Philippines. Please share this post. We had remarkable improvements in speed in terms of Google Page Speed and GTMetrix tests. Especially for mobile phones. In light of the COVID/Corona Virus epidemic. The need for mobile-friendly responsive websites is very much required.

Unfortunately, due to very slow internet speeds in the Philippines it was noted our home page loads in 1.4-1.8 sec in the US but in some parts of the Philippines, the same page takes 10 seconds, or 16 seconds without optimization.

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However with necessary optimizations via Google Analytics for this month Pinoyathletics has seemed to have bounced back and his coping well with the COVID. Ad Revenues are at an all-time high earning more in a week than we have since the website started. We also have now got 22.5k followers on our Facebook Page, having exceeded 20,000 in late January. The Facebook Group has now grown to 8000. And we are looking at getting more trustworthy moderators to help handle the growth.

Philippines Track and Field - About 4

Also, we have an 80,000 strong mailing group base. That is why we advised Gyms and Road Race organizers we will not be giving out free advertising as obviously we have a large reach which will be worth investing in.

Core Values Pinoyathletics

We are an online media community about Philippine Athletics.

We envision this site as the most trusted and reliable source of news and commentaries regarding Philippine Athletics and in the international scene.


Core Values Pinoyathletics

  1. Accuracy
  2. Balance
  3. Critical Thinking


Purposes of Site

Here to serve the athletic community

  • Share Data info and data on meets
  • Prevent Questions asked -saving manpower
  • Inspire the Sport of athletics
  • Generate Funds


Comments, suggestions are most welcome.

Email: [email protected]

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If you have a website/blog related to the following areas we will consider providing a link in our link sections to your site. And in exchange, if you could add a link to

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Call for New Writers for Philippines Track and Field

Philippines Track and Field
Pinoyathletics Writers. Beverlie Tario, Airnel ‘The Professor Abarra‘ and Enzo Williams.

By Pirie Enzo

WIFIM if you write for your blog?

1. If you write for our blog it will help brand yourself as a subject matter expert.

2. If you write for our blog, it will help give you exposure to the target market you’re marketing to.

3. If worse comes to worst, we’ll let you include a couple of links in your post that you can link back to your site and help increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


As I am based in Australia,

Writers who are interested in writing articles for us please express intentions via email to

[email protected] .

Firstly I would like to say when I and Airnel Abarra founded ‘pinoyathletics’, Consequently, this later became ‘’. While we had intended for this blog that later became a website. Also to become a website not just for the Philippines Track and Field community, Hence also shared by the athletic community in terms of articles and opinions.

While for the last few months I had produced the majority of the articles for this site. Hence this, however, this was a time-consuming and lengthy process.

Yet we did, however, gain a lot of contributing authors. Most noteworthy writers or pinoyathletics Jane Sandwood, US Coach Adarian Barr, NCAA Athlete Allyson Bodenbach. And more recently Run4Change Founder Eric Pasion.

Also, we have added Kimberly Goloran of UP and Joanne Masangkay of Weightlifting as Writers for

While we did get a few offers by guest writers to write articles our niche is Firmly Philippines Track and Field News and anything about the sport.

Furthermore one of the goals of is to produce quality articles by a variety of authors. While it is now our mission over the next few months to meet with and recruit new authors for our website. Hence this is a good initiative that I am in full support of as it will add variety to our website and boost the quality content of our articles.

[email protected]


For those interested in Advertising

Writers for Pinoyathletics
Writers for Pinoyathletics

 The site services the entire Philippines Athletic Community who are primary readers and branches out into substantial Road Running Community which has been growing and very successful in the Philippines. We also have a lot of overseas readers who are fans of Sports and Athletics. Members of the fitness industry also read our website due to a variety of articles.

Right now we are in a transferring stage however we expect a lot of our traffic to migrate to the new website.  As proven by the success of then we have continued growth with up to 500 readers a day on average and with and the new Website allows us to not just continue but increase our rate of growth in terms of a number of readers.

Please note we never claim or have claimed to be the official National Sports Association. We are a news media company that specializes in Philippine Athletics News, Data, and Statistics. We do however support various projects for the betterment of Track and Field in the Philippines.

Below is an example of the amount of the Sports niche we can reach for your Business. Advertising with Pinoyathletics allows you to reach your target market and any partnership is very good for growing your business.

What we have

  • 70,000 Mailing List
  • 30,000+ Facebook Followers
  • 5,000 Youtube Subscribers
  • 1,000+ Twitter Followers
  • 500+ Instagram Followers
  • Record Traffic for September 38,000+


We are open to putting up

  • Guest Writing
  • Contributing Authors
  • Keyword/In Lick Sponsors
  • Article Hosting

All expressions of interest please email [email protected]

Top 30 Philippines Sports Blogs

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Pinoyathletics has been listed by Feedspot as one of the Top 30 Philippines Sports Blogs.


It is truly an honor to be acknowledged up there with some of the great sports blogs and news writers. Pinoyathletics come in as #6. – Andrew Pirie, Editor of Pinoyathletics.


Pinoyathletics came in behind Inquirer Sports, Philippine Basketball Association, Pinoy football, Philippine Boxing and Inquirer Sports. So it was behind one Major newspaper and three niche websites for the most popular sports in the country. Pinoyathletics was the top Blog for Running and Athletics.

For those interested in reading about our core values, sponsoring our website maybe via advertising or even writing for us please visit here or feel free to email us at [email protected]

Call for new writers

About Feedspot

Feedspot is the content reader for reading all your favorite websites in one place.

  1. You can add your favorite Blogs, News websites, RSS Feeds, Youtube Channels, and Social sites account for your Feedspot account and read new updates from one place.
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Feedspot offers many advanced features to help you keep track of all your favorite websites in less time.

Have a look at these features here

Five Years of

Philippines Track and Field
Writers for pinoyathletics celebrates its 5th Birthday, started in 2012. Prior to this, we were at WordPress starting in 2011 before moving to And prior to that in 2010, I first signed up for sports writing through the encouragement of Moriel ‘Yell’ Carreon, The Pinoymiler YUN OH!!!.

When we first came along there was pinoymiler and Hurdler49 so it was an interesting landscape of blogs. As well as our Malaysian counterpart that is still running.

Today Pinoyathletics provides is a very reliable source of information, results, articles, and commentaries not just on Athletics but has branched out into different sports. Through my learning to appreciate and take interest in other sports during my two-year tenure in the

Philippine Sports Commission as Research Assistant to Commissioner Jolly Gomez.

We realized that by just focusing on athletics we were limiting our readership. It was thus that myself and co-founder Airnel Abarra took on two young writers. Joan Masangkay from Powerlifting and Kimberly Goloran a varsity athlete to help continue to mold the legacy of Pinoyathletics. We re very interested in taking on more writers if possible.

Through our joint efforts, Airnel and I covered all the Palarong Pambansa back to Lingayen in 2011. Providing the latest results, excellent photos and interviews with grass root athletes and coaches. We also covered National Open, National Games, Batang Pinoy, UAAP, NCAA, ASEAN School Games 2014 and even SEA Games 2015.

Pinoyathletics continues to grow as a media powerhouse in the Philippines. And today even rivals the major newspapers when it comes to reporting on sports news.

We would like to say that we are a truthful media outlet. And by that we have teeth and we do bite when we need to bite. Being truthful is not always going to be neutral but objective as we will justify our write-ups with factual evidence when need be.

We would like to thank our readers for years of continued support. And we promise to make several innovations and new exciting articles for our readers over the coming year/s. We welcome constructive feedback over [email protected]


Also we are on






Andrew Pirie

Editor in Chief of


Celebrating 3 Years of Vote for Us

Writers for Pinoyathletics
Writers for pinoyathletics has and continues to be a popular media brand for The Philippine Athletics Community.

I originally got into blogging way back in 2010 when approached by Moriel Carreon who then asked me to write for him at Pinoymiler at the 2010 National Open back then I was still a very active sprinter.

I wrote for for two years. By 2012 I had decided to found my own blog which would be and later on the platform.

Eventually, in 2013 I decided to shift over to the platform due to its greater features and from then ‘’ was born.

I want to say that we offer a unique and priceless insight of data and reporting which over the years has helped build into a household name not just within the Philippine Athletics Community but also in the Bloggers Community, International Athletics

Community, and Philippine Sports Community and among our peers in the mainstream media. Pinoyathletics was recently listed in the Top 30 Sports Blogs in the Philippines.


A lot of young athletes have now grown up reading and I like to think fondly of the athletes and people we have helped over the years and played some minor role in helping shape their careers and the betterment of the sport of Athletics. It’s also inspirational to see young athletes becoming more motivated reading about our sports superstars. And then a spark being ignited for them to also follow a similar path. And continue the great legacy which is Philippine Athletics.

First Post was December 31, 2012, with “Happy New Year to our readers”

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