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Should The Philippines Sports Commission take Control of the NSAs

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Should The Philippines Sports Commission take Control of the NSAs

The Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 4

The proposed bill would place the NSAs under the control of the Philippines Sports Commission

Under the present setup, NSAs are independent although subject to the supervisory and visitorial powers of the Philippines Sports Commission.

So what’s your insight? Do you think it would be better than NSAs be under the control of Philippines Sports Commission?

After an embarrassing 24 Golds at the 2017 SEA Games, the lowest % and the second-lowest number equal we have won in the countries 40-year participation in SEA Games. what have we got to lose?

Philippines Sports Commission
POC President Cojuanco and PSC Chairman Butch Ramirez

“The right to autonomy and self-governance and its close relation with the POC as guaranteed by RA 6847. May be lost depending on the rules and regulations formulated by the PSC (under the proposed law),”


the POC board led by POC president Jose Cojuangco Jr. noted in its recent review of Senate Bill 1515 introduced by Pacquiao.

However, the POC board pointed out that Pacquiao’s proposed legislation has completely repealed a provision in Section 13 of RA 6847 defining the meaning of the National Sports Association.

In contrast to the bill’s proposed amendment, the section would read as “National Sports Associations organized for their respective sports in the Phl and affiliated with their respective international federations may be recognized as such by the commission.”

Removed in the planned amendment is the provision that  “The national sports association recognized by the Commission shall be autonomous and shall have exclusive technical control over the promotion and development of the particular sport for which they are organized, subject however to the supervisory and visitorial powers of the Commission, as provided in Section 11, paragraph (j) hereof.”

The board also pointed out that under Section 19 covering tax exemptions on gear and sports equipment that “the exemption on taxes and duties on the importation of (the) POC and NSAs are taken away” and that the provision on “(the) donors’ tax to the POC and NSAs has been repealed.”


Steve Hontiveros

Warning that in the event that the proposed legislation is passing. By POC secretary-general Steve Hontiveros. Who attended the POC board’s review of the bill.

“we (the POC) might find ourselves suspended by the International Olympic Committee because of government intervention.”

However, Manny Pacquiao bill could be met with a lukewarm response in the House of Representatives according to a source who did not want to be identified.

“It won’t fly in Congress,” the source said, adding that “he (Pacquiao) was never part of the PSC or POC. He is a pro athlete who fought for money and country… unlike many (athletes) who fought for the country and no money.”

Philippines Sports Commission
Senator Pacquiao

The situation of Philippine Sports

I believe the idea to invest in long term sports planning and vision. Building grassroots and programs in provinces and decentralizing the system is of utmost priority. Hosting the 2019 SEA Games which we are not ready for and may end up as a ‘Half Baked’ ‘Cockup’.

Besides what happens to Philippine Sports after that. As I said small plans which lead to bigger plans later (grassroots and decentralization, and even dare I say it Mequi and Juico PE in schools program) are better than quick fix gratification (hosting the 2019 SEA Games), which we are not ready for.

Honestly, Tourism is the War on Drugs, and Conflict in the Philippines going to lead to increased Tourism. Just from hosting a low key international sports festival like the SEA Games???


Again after we got 24 golds we are just brushing it off, and what have we learned moving to the 2018 ASIAN Games ???

We even appointed the same Chef De Mission Camacho. He predicted we would get 50 golds in the 2015 SEA Games and we ended up with 29.

What’s happening we are ending up struggling to keep the status quo. Rather than doing anything drastic or necessary reforms to stop us falling even further behind are southeast Asian Rivals. In fact, in some sports, it’s now out of the question in the short term. And 2019 is the short term.

However, when are NSA leaders or sports leaders get bad results. They seem to think they deserve 2nd,3rd,4th,5th 6th, and more chances than a Cat has lived. There needs to be accountability.

What’s more, with POC recruiting Consultants and Expert coaches who end up spending a lot of money on this and getting very little return on investment in most cases.

Meanwhile buddy Jay Futalan a graduate of UP in Human Movement very good he was instrumental unquestionably towards leveling up Ms. Hidilyn Diaz eventually to an Olympic silver through long term planning and various fixes in her Biomechanics.

But does not get brought to SEA Games to help assist the athletes. While we bring all kinds of entourage people who end up having a paid holiday by the government.

Back to my point again I will tie this all into planning. In order for real change, reforms, and progress to happen.

The system must first be cleansed of those who are not getting results.

This move on and forget attitude Philippine Sports has right now will really lead nowhere.


2017 POC / PSC / NSA / BP
POC President Peping Cojuangco and Philippines Sports Commission Commissioner Ramon Fernandez

Earlier Cojuangco had allegedly tried to reprimand Philippines Sports Commission Comm Ramon Fernandez through his boss William Ramirez. Therefore as a means of trying to silence him.

In conclusion leading up to the Rally against the POC President who is in Ashgabrtan, Turkmenistan right now. Especially relevant is that Cojuangco is ‘Supervising’ the athlete effort at the 2017 Asian and Martial Art Games. While the Rally is scheduled on 21 September both in Manila and Cebu. Hence marks the A national day of protest in the Philippines. 


Peping has enjoyed a 12-year reign as the POC President. Arguably the most powerful figure in Philippine Sports for over a decade. He just turned 83 years old, and his term will end in 2020 when is already 86. 

If Peping does resign.

Who will replace him?

And what does the future hold for the long-term vision and direction of Philippine Sports?

Are we heading on the right path?

Will we end up with someone who can do a better job, the same job, or an even worse job?


It seems with a protest it’s a risk some of the Sports Community is willing to take.

UPDATED EMPOWERMENT LETTER FROM THE COA Regarding Un-liquidated 27 Million Pesos of POC


2017 POC / PSC / NSA / BP2017 POC / PSC / NSA / BP

Fernandez to Cojuangco: Resign!

September 20, 2017

Philippines Sports Commission Commissioner Ramon Fernandez greeted Jose Cojuangco Jr. on his 83rd
birthday yesterday. Wishing the longtime Philippine Olympic Committee president a
“happy birthday” by “resigning, retiring and turning it (the POC leadership) over to
the new generation.”

“My wish for Mr. Cojuangco is that this is going to be his happiest birthday, and sana he will make the Filipino nation, sports-loving Filipinos and stakeholders very happy by resigning and retiring,” said the outspoken Fernandez, one of the POC chief’s harshest critics, in an interview Monday with DZSR Sports Radio.


Read Full Article Here

Athletics and Boxing won’t join anti-POC Rally
Sep 17, 2017


anti-POC Rally
Picson of ABAP and Juico of PATAFA



By Nick Giongco


High-profile sports athletics and boxing are not inclined to send their athletes out to support an anti-POC rally. Against the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC). While being initiated by Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) commissioner Mon Fernandez on Sept. 21.

Philip Ella Juico, president of the Philippine Track and Field Association. Also Doubts whether the proposed rally will succeed in changing the landscape of Philippine sports.

The Association of Boxing Alliances of the Philippines (Abap). Like the Patafa, believes the rally aimed at ousting long-serving POC president Jose ‘Peping’ Cojuangco. Doesn’t guarantee that a change of leadership in the POC would result in  something positive.


“From the frying pan into the fire,” said Juico on Wednesday at Malacañang. “We are not joining that.”


“If you succeed (in ousting him), then what?” asked Abap executive

director Ed Picson.

Cojuangco, 82, has been presiding over the POC since 2004. Through the years, Cojaungco has survived efforts to unseat him in elections although the longtime Tarlac lawmaker ran unopposed the last time in 2016. In 2008, he defeated the late Art Macapagal and in 2012, also was unopposed.


Fernandez, one of Cojuangco’s staunchest critics. He has been using social media to rally behind his call to oust Cojuangco since assuming his post last year as an appointee of President Rodrigo Duterte.


Fernandez claimed that the POC was the recipient of many a financial grant from the previous PSC administration headed by Ritchie Garcia, a close ally of Cojuangco.


Likewise, Fernandez insists sports that are identified with Cojuangco get special treatment from the PSC.

Epic Fail Peping tries Butch Ramirez to reprimand Mon Fernandez

Sept 15, 2017

I read this from an article in the Tribune by Julius Manicad . Have added additional insights.

The Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 19

Like a Vigilante set to clean up Philippine Sports Commissioner Ramon Fernandez continued his mission to clean house. And in the process refusing for the PSC to continue to cow-tow as servants to the POC President.

In light of the Rally set on September 21 to demand the resignation of Peping Cojuangco as POC President. While William Ramirez opted not to be directly involved in this. He defended the rights of those to have their own opinions.

Fernandez who with the support of the COA is pushing for the return of an alleged 27 million pesos owed by the POC. Which has remained un-liquidated some of it going as far back as the 2005 SEA Games? Some 12 years ago.

Ramirez and Cojuangco meeting with Foreign Affairs Secretary Peter Cayetano had turned into a war of words. With both officials raising issues against each other over the 2019 SEA Games organizing.

A Daily Tribune source said Cojuangco admonished the PSC for keeping the money issues alive. He also demanded Ramirez admonish Fernandez for his social media posts. Criticizing the POC Chief’s disregard of the Commission on Audit (CoA) order.

Cojuangco also tried to cover all bases. In addition questioned Fernandez’s support of the planned rally to call for his ouster on September 21. And mentioned the libel case filed by Fernandez against him as an irritant to their talks for the SEA Games hosting.

Ramirez, however, stood by Fernandez and reminded Cojuangco to treat them with respect, being presidential appointees.


The source quoted Ramirez as telling Cojuangco: “You may not like him, but at least respect the position.”

Ramirez was also quoted as saying:

“We may be a collegial body, but I have no control of what a commissioner may say. So, please respect him (Fernandez).”

“We are the assistant secretaries of the President. So, he (Cojuangco) has to respect our office. He may not like us, but he has to respect us.”

“Masyadong mabait si chairman Butch, ayaw nyang hiyain ang tao (Cojuangco) sa publiko,” said Fernandez. “But at least he (Cojuangco) saw that when push comes to shove, chairman Ramirez and the PSC will stand up and fight back.”

Tribune tried to get Cojuangco’s side on the matter but he has left for Ashgabat, Turkmenistan for the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which fires off this Sunday.


Thailand Willing to Replace Philippines at 2019 SEA Games Host
Aug 16, 2017

The Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 20

MANILA, Philippines – While the Philippines has yet to formally announce before the SEA Games Council that it has pulled out as the 2019 host of the biennial event. Thailand seemed to have taken over the responsibility.


Read Full Article Here

Aug 2, 2017The Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 21

Athletes and sports officials can now heave a sigh of relief.


The Rizal Memorial Complex which the City of Manila has been eagerly trying to sell to a developer who planned to convert into a shopping mall, will stay as a sports complex.



Peping Cojuanco Refuses to Give up SEA Games 2019 Hosting

Aug 2, 2017

The Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 22

MANILA, Philippines – Philippine Olympic Committee president Jose Cojuangcohas written President Duterte, expressing “deep regret” that the government is no longer pushing for the hosting of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.


Merged Documents PSC 2013-2017

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PHI withdraws from hosting 2019 Southeast Asian Games

Jul 21, 2017

The Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 23

The Philippines withdrew its hosting of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games citing the current situation in Mindanao and the threat of terrorism as well as the decision of the government to channel its resources toward the rebuilding of Marawi City in Lanao Del Sur.


The PSC did say it would continue to back the national athletes and coaches in all future tournaments for the country.


In addition the Marawi incident which has made international news and Martial law in Mindanao. Means the government must channel its effort and resources to higher priorities. It also is concerned about the safety of those involved in the events.

2017 POC / PSC / NSA / BP

POC, PSC feud escalates: Ramirez tells Peping to raise own funds (from Manila Bulletin) (March 10, 2017)

2017 POC / PSC / NSA / BP
Cojuanco (L) and Ramirez (R)

In conclusion, The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) advised the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) that if it doesn’t want the PSC to interfere in its affairs. However, it should find ways to raise its own funds to finance its foreign campaigns.

Read Full Article Here


Angara calls for inquiry into Philippine Olympic Committee (Nov 9, 2016)

Two Issues regarding the POC have been escalated to the Senate of the Philippines. With an inquiry requested by Senator Sonny Angara.

  1. The previous PSC Board granting of 129 Million Pesos to the POC for various un-liquidated expenses.
  2. The disputed disqualification of POC Presidential Candidate Ricky Vargas

Below are documents regarding the request for an inquiry.


Full Article Here




Vargas and Peping Welcome Senate Inquiry (Nov 11, 2016)

A Senate hearing has been scheduled for November 15 to be presided over by Congressman Manny Pacquiao

MANILA, Philippines – Boxing chief Ricky Vargas and Philippine Olympic Committee president Peping Cojuangco both welcomed the Senate’s planned inquiry on the raging issues of the POC election and alleged unliquidated funding besetting the POC.

Read Full Article Here


Obituary: Anthony Nicanor former PSC Commissioner

1940 Sep 13 – 2016 October 4

Former 1990 -1993 PSC Commissioner
Dr. Anthony R. Nicanor Passed Away at 9:00 am on October 4, 2016.

Anthony Nicanor

PSC Publishes Date for the PNG Finals

Jan 10, 2016


PNG National Championship

Lingayen, Pangasinan

 7 – 11 March 2016

PNG National Championship Invitation for LGU, Team & Club (Click here to download)

The Advisory can be found here

The Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 24

PSC plans to expand PNG and Batang Pinoy (Sept 5, 2015)

This is from earlier in the year. Some legs of the Batang Pinoy are now finished. I will head to Pagadian to help cover the PNG Mindanao Leg. This is from back around January 2015.

A Meeting was called with represents from most of the NSA’s present in some cases there was a coach rather than an executive representing the NSA. The meeting was presided over by PSC Commissioner Jolly Gomez. The floor was open with all questions being answered throughout the presentation.

The following legs of the Batang Pinoy in 2014 held at Kalibo, Naga with the finals in Bacolod. With the Pagadian leg already finished.

Commissioner Gomez vision here was to spread the sport and recruitment areas for NSAs to as many places as possible to expand the scope of identification of talents for Philippine Sport.


He highlighted it was additional support for NSAs, not a complete substitute as NSA can still hold their own national championships also.

The expansion of the Batang Pinoy and National Games programs Commissioner Gomez had revived back in 2011. Stated it helps all NSA expand their grass root programs and provides an opportunity for growing NSA spread the interest in their sports via clinics.

Batang Pinoy and Regional National Games held at the same time but at different locations.

With the National teams exempted from regional rounds but not playing in the finals.


Gomez also stated a good way to tap talent for some sports might be involving PRISAA/SCUAA members who have very limited meets in a year.

In regards to clinics, it could also expand into a Regional Coaching Program similar to the system which Thailand has.

It was also stated that if budgets were not used for international meets they can either go into the purchase of equipment or clinics.

PSC Provides a brand new cage for Philippine Throwers

The Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 25

Sept 2, 2015

Throwing Cage at Phil Sports

Arniel Ferrera (4x SEA Games Champion in the Hammer Throw)Double netted Throwing Area For the throwing community of PSC Ultra, Pasig, we now have a much safer place where we could train and express our passion for Sports we love so much.


Prepares for the 2016 Rio Olympics : 

POC forms Olympic monitoring team

July 18, 2015


Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) president Jose Cojuangco Jr. formally has formed a four-man monitoring team to track the progress and development of athletes shooting for slots in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro next year.


Full Article by Julius Manicad

With eyes on Olympics, POC, NSAs set a meeting

After a dismal and disastrous stint in the Southeast Asian Games in Singapore last month, sports officials are turning their attention to the Rio Olympics next year in Brazil where they don’t expect to win any medals, save perhaps in boxing, but are hoping to send a bigger delegation than what was sent to London in 2012.


During the London Games, just 11 Filipino athletes qualified, four of them – two each in swimming and athletics – were automatic entries given to Olympic member nations even if these athletes failed to meet the standard.


On Monday, the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) will meet with heads of 24 national sports associations to assess if they have athletes able to qualify for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


Invited were officials of swimming, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, canoe, cycling, equestrian, fencing, football, golf, gymnastics, judo, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, weightlifting, and wrestling.

Full Article by Nick Giongco Here

2015 SEA Games Chart Demonstrates shortfall in SEA Games medal tallyThe Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 26


2015 SEA Games Report Floor-ball Withdraws

The Philippines Floorball team made a last-minute withdrawal from the SEA Games last week. Leaving just three teams in the competition.


Calendar Outline


  • Jan-May Clinics
  • June SEA Games
  • July-December NCR, Northern Luzon, Southern Tagalog, Visayas, Mindanao legs
  • December Batang Pinoy Finals


  • March/April PNG Finals (top 2-3 each leg vs the national team)
  • May Elections


PSC Clinics Photos and PATAFA Fitness Testing

Photo Credit: Enzo Williams & Philippine Athletes Fitness Testing



Bigger allowances up for the National Athletes and Coaches

June 15, 2014

The Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 132

MANILA, Philippines – National athletes who are not in the priority list will no longer feel deprived of support from the Philippine Sports Commission.

Even those in the developmental pool and the junior athletes, who get P6,000 to P8,000 a month, will be entitled to the increase.

Read Full Article Here:

Philippines Sports Commission Chairman announces August 15  deadline for Asian Games Qualification

Feb 18, 2014


MANILA, Philippines – Filipino athletes who want to compete in the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea have until Aug. 15 to justify their inclusion to the delegation. Philippine Sports Commission chairman Richie Garcia, who is also chef-de-mission to the Incheon Games, made the announcement yesterday.

“They have until Aug. 15 to prove to us that they deserve a slot to the team,” he said.

Garcia said the date comes right before the final deadline set by Incheon organizers for the submission of the list of athletes by names. This year’s Asian Games will take place Sept. 19 to Oct. 4.

The Asian Games task force headed by Garcia and which also includes Philippine Olympic Committee chairman Tom Carrasco, basketball official Jay Adalem and tennis official Romeo Magat are now working on the composition of the delegation. Sports hub ( Article MRec )

In the meetings, they gather information as to how many athletes the NSAs want to field, the qualifying tournaments they want to join as well as their requirements regarding their preparations. From equipment to local and foreign training.

The task force has put up strict criteria for an athlete to make it to Incheon. And it includes a top-five finish or performance in the Asian level, especially for measurable sports. Gold medalists in last year’s Southeast Asian Games in Myanmar are high on the list although not all of them will make it to Incheon.

“A gold medal in Myanmar is not a sure ticket because there are SEA Games events where the gold medal will not even come close to a bronze in the Asian Games,” he said. Garcia said he expects athletes to try their best to qualify, and they have six months from now to do that.

“For athletes who are not yet in the list of prospects, those who did not win medals in the last SEA Games and those with no records with us, they have until Aug. 15 to qualify,” he said.

Because of the inclusion of team events in Incheon, like basketball, softball, rugby or football, in case they meet the standard, Garcia expects a bigger delegation than in 2010 in Guangzhou where the Philippines fielded 188 athletes that won three gold, four silvers and nine bronze medals.

“We expect to surpass the medal haul this year,” said Garcia.

Philippines Sports Commission gives Ultra (Phil Sports) a much-needed facelift (rev 1)

Aug 8, 2013

Above all the renovation has begun on the Phil Sports Complex popularly better known as (The Ultra) in Pasig.

In addition, the well-needed makeover started straight after the PNG overseen by the PSC began in June and will hopefully be finished near the end of the year in time for the UAAP Championships in Track and Field.

However Ultra will be the first mondo track in the Philippines.


Advised sized spikes so the Track oval is not damaged and wears out quickly:

  • No Bicycles
  • Cycling implements for disabled athletes ok
  • Needle spikes will damage the track. 3/16 Pyramid Mondo Rubber or Christmas tree only (a sign be placed with types of spikes allowed, the guard should enforce this).


  • They should put a banner up with types of spikes allowed at the track to raise public awareness
  • Security Guard monitor the type of spike nails 
  • Fines or bans should apply if anyone does not follow these rules after being warned and ends up damaging the track.

Phil Sports Oval correct Spike Nails and Lane Etiquette


The Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2019 133

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