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Philippines NCAA Sports: One more year for senior athletes

June 26. 2020

The Philippines NCAA Sports has relaxed its age eligibility rules for student-athletes whose Season and canceled 95 events due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Philippines NCAA Sports

Peter Cayco, the Chairman of the PSC Management Committee


“I endorsed loosening up the eligibility requirements for Season 96, and it was approved by the Policy Board,” said Season 95 Management Committee chairman Peter Cayco of Arellano University during Tuesday’s online Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) Forum.

“Athletes who would’ve played their final years in Season 95, but their tournaments did not get off the ground, will be allowed to participate for one more year. Same ‘yun sa mga events na ‘di nalaro or have not yet started, plus one year sila.”


Among those women’s volleyball standouts affected by the termination of Season 95 were San Beda’s Nieza and Ella Viray and Daryl Racraquin, Letran’s Charm Simborio, University of Perpetual Help System Dalta’s Yanca Tripoli, and Arellano’s Regine Arocha.


Some Key Points Philippines NCAA Sports

  • Displaced student-athletes, coaches, and league officials – particularly those who work on a gameday basis – will receive financial support from the league.
  • Letran, Perpetual Help, Lyceum of the Philippines University, and College of Saint Benilde were among the NCAA member schools hit hard by the ongoing coronavirus crisis.
  • Some schools have slashed their budget for athletics to make way for turning digital for the coming school year, while some have completely cut the athletics fees entirely since there will be no face-to-face classes. (See the below articles)
  • The NCAA is plotting to start Season 96 in the first quarter of 2021 with only four mandatory sports, namely
    • basketball
    • volleyball
    • athletics
    • swimming 

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Philippines NCAA Sports:  Ban on Foreign Athletes will Push Through

June 24, 2020

Philippines NCAA Sports

MANILA, the Philippines–The ban on foreign student-athletes in the NCAA, set to take effect in Season 96, stays.


NCAA Management Committee chairman Fr. Vic Calvo of Letran said on Tuesday that there are no changes to the league’s decision to prohibit foreigners from suiting up across all sports.

For the past decade, foreign athletes have dominated the NCAA, especially in basketball. Two years ago, the policy board approved the ban to make the playing field “almost equal,” then-ManCom chair Frank Gusi was quoted as saying.

In the same interview, former chairman Peter Cayco said that while they’re grateful for the foreigners’ contributions to the development of local players, the league’s “majority supports the idea of having All-Filipinos.”

“Don’t get us wrong, we’d like to thank the foreign players for being able to train and teach our Filipino guys how to play against bigger and heftier players; we thank them for that,” Cayco said.

However, Calvo said that there’s always a possibility of the rule being overturned in the future.


“The rule in the NCAA is not dead. It’s dynamic. Anything can happen, depending on the policy board. If there’s a policy board that really wants imports, they can sponsor a resolution then propose it.”

“We can put it to a vote, it depends on the association. That’s how it is in the NCAA. It’s democratic.”


NCAA is hosting a shortened Season 96 next year due to the COVID-19 crisis with only mandatory sports basketball, volleyball, swimming, and athletics in its initial calendar. Teams such as Letran and Perpetual have already withdrawn Track and Field teams for next season.


Pinoyathletics will monitor this situation as it involves inside scoops.

Do we also want to put forward why schools are not recruiting more of their backup athletes (non-NCAA medalist type athletes) nearby at local schools?

And instead have spent more money going to the provinces to recruit athletes as backups when plenty of nearby schools have suitable athletes.

What the New Normal Means for Philippines NCAA Schools

June 4, 2020

With Letran and Perpetual closing down their Track and Field teams for one year. And UAAP Schools are also looking at having to unload rosters.

What does this now all mean for the survival of the NCAA in the New Normal? 

Pinoyathletics had a phone interview and then invited ‘Dean Herc Hercules Callanta, the Sports Director of Lyceum of Manila. A member of the NCAA and MAN-COM (Management Committee) of the NCAA. Dean Herc told Pinoyathletics in a recent ZOOM Webinar that the MAN-COM had just had a meeting discussing the pressing issues at hand in light of COVID-19.

Online Classes

NCAA Schools discussed the possibility of online classes. For those who don’t have access to live stream due to slow internet speed in the Philippines

  • Email
  • Mail
  • Radio

Were possibilities presented


The question also came up about Training Online

  • The possibility of having competitions with no audience involved
  • Do Schools have written contracts with athletes?
  • Business Model. Tuition fees vs. other self-sustaining means?
  • Find out all this and more in the below video.

Perpetual becomes the 3rd school to close its gates on student-athletes.

The University of Perpetual Help has announced that it will be closing its doors on its Sports Team. This follows earlier decisions by TIP (Technical Institute of the Philippines) and Letran College (article below this one). In light of the loss of revenue from the schools regarding not being able to collect school fees from its students as an income source. 

However, contrary to the below articles, many athletes have already sorted out new schools as a source stated that Perpetual would be reducing the number of their Track and Field to a mere 12. As Perpetual has given no clear statement, it’s obvious they are unsure of the severity of the situation at this point to comment.

Looking to cut costs in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Perpetual Help temporarily deactivated its athletics program until the resumption of the next NCAA competitions.

Sources closely monitoring the situation confirmed that the Altas temporarily suspend allowances to student-athletes as a cost-cutting measure with the future still uncertain due to the health crisis.

However, this doesn’t mean that Perpetual Help will dissolve its sports program and leave the NCAA altogether.

Officials from the school, led by Perpetual’s Mancom representative Frank Gusi, are set to meet the NCAA Board on Thursday to address the situation better.

There’s an assurance, though, that Perpetual will reactivate its athletics department once the NCAA sets a date for the start of the next season.

Sources added that the coaches who are currently under contract would continue to receive monthly payments.

Spin. Ph sought comments from Alta’s athletic director Sammy Acaylar, but he has yet to respond to queries regarding posting time.


After TIP disbandment, Bryan and Ivan Santos find a new home at UST

It wasn’t long before basketball players from the disbanded Technological Institute of the Philippines found a new home.

Forwards Bryan Santos and Ivan Santos have agreed to transfer to the University of Santo Tomas, beefing up the Growling Tigers frontline.

Bryan Santos, who stands 6-foot-5, is a hardworking banger from San Luis, Pampanga, and was one of the main producers for the Engineers.

He averaged 16.3 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in TIP’s semifinal finish in the 2019 PBA D-League Foundation Cup.

Meanwhile, the 6-foot-6 Ivan Santos was his frontline partner – a bruiser from Bustos, Bulacan who was willing to do the dirty work down low.

He posted 8.9 points and 4.7 rebounds in the same tournament.

TIP disbands varsity teams. Will other schools follow suit?

May 20, 2020

DEALING with the complications brought upon by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) has decided to cease operations for all of its varsity teams.

Coach Potit de Vera confirmed the sad news to Spin. ph, saying the decision “was an inevitable circumstance waiting to happen.”

“With no clear timetable as to when a vaccine will eradicate this COVID-19 pandemic and make it safe again to resume sports in our country, the TIP ownership has dissolved all of its varsity programs,” de Vera said.

Letran Track and Field Team Disband for Season

May 6, 2020

According to Tiebreaker Times.

Letran has cut funding to 9 of its sports teams. This also includes the Letran Track and Field Team Men’s Senior and Junior Team. Letran doesn’t have or has never had a women’s track team.  In a letter addressed by Fr. Clarence Marquez to survive Colegio de San Juan Letran. Which is based in Manila. 

Due to the COVID-19 has had to cut down its sports budget and ax some teams to ensure its own survival and operating costs.  Having looked at all possibilities, all roads lead to the axing of its athletic program.

Besides this, Letran is looking .to withdraw from the following NCAA events, namely formally.


Sports Affected

  1. Seniors’
    1. Volleyball
    2. Volleyball
    3. Football,
    4.  Swimming
    5. Track and Field
    6. Taekwondo
  2. Juniors
    1. Track and Field
    2. Juniors’ Taekwondo.

What does this mean?

  1. First off, Letran will send home its student-athletes for the school’s third term (June-July, 2020). To reduce dormitory and meal expenses.
  2. Then comes the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021. Athletic scholarships and discounts will only be given to a maximum of 372 students. The committee will re-evaluate the scholarships given during the second semester.
  3. Moreover, dormitory and meal expenses for student-athletes will be reduced to 25-percent of the previous allocation and will only be restricted to “economically disadvantaged” student-athletes.
  4. Finally, student-athletes who have finished their NCAA eligibility but are still finishing their degrees will still have their scholarship or discounts for a period of one academic year. However, they will no longer have dorm and meal privileges.
  5. If Season 96 — which Letran will host — will either be suspended, delayed, or scaled down, coaches of affected events will see their compensation scaled down by 50 percent.
  6. Meanwhile, uniforms, equipment, training, and team-building expenses will be “strictly and severely” limited.

NCAA Board calls to Can event

Palaro Cancelled



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