Philippines National University Games Athletics Records

Philippines National University Games 2015-2019 Records

Philippines National University Games Athletic Records

CAPTION PICTURE: Cebu’s Lindley Navaja tied the 35-year-old Record of Aquilino Onofre in the 100m equalling it with 10.5 (hand-timed)

Palaro Records Tertiary Open Mens & Womens

I will first be dealing with the Tertiary level Men’s Records.  It is important to note a few things here.

The BPISAA (Bureau of Public Interscholastic Athletics Association), a previous incarnation of the Department of Education, started its Games in 1948, and this became the Palarong Pambansa in 1974.

Due to the scarce data available for these early meets, I only have a snippet from a secondary source for the 1960 Games and the different nature of the games (it was mainly an open and collegiate meet, even at times serving as a National Championship meet).

I will exclude the BPISAA results and begin with the Palaro Records in 1974. However, I would like to pursue a compilation of BPISAA results when I am next in the Philippines, which may prove to be a bit of a treasure hunt.

Also, what needs to be noted the Palarong Pambansa from 1984 to 1987 was suspended due to the events leading up to and following the EDSA Revolution. Therefore, in 1987 the then DEPED Head Aparacio Mequi decided to reset all the Palarong Pambansa records.

While this was because the DepEd board changed the rules, the last games in 1983 and prior allowed National level athletes to participate (such as Elma Muros and Lydia De Vega) who made the national team at the age of 14 and 15 for the SEA Games, which meant they were also young enough to play High School level at Palaro.

And from 1988 onwards, athletes of this caliber were no longer allowed to participate at the Palaro. Naturally, therefore, and will include all Palaro results from 1974 onwards in these lists for my listing purposes.

Some records were also tied and reported as broken with only one holder. Simultaneously, consider ties for co-record holders in the events listed.

Due to somewhat limited data, these lists may be due for amendment.

While the first list will deal with Tertiary Men, please note that CHED is also run by DEPED, so this is considered the Tertiary portion of the Palaro; sometimes, they are combined. They had an open age division for these Tertiary records considering any open-age athletes. As the Birthdate is not important for open age due to its being ‘open age,’ I have not been so particular on Birth dates.

(Please report any corrections or additions to pinoyathletics@gmail.com with either newspaper or official result evidence for consideration)



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