Periodization in training for Better Athletic Results [Updated 2022]

periodization in training


Periodization in training

Periodization in training Athlete Development for Athletics PowerPoint Presentations

Originally Published 25 October 2016.

  1. 1. Summary Presentation on Athlete Development for Athletes Dinas Zamboanga Del Sur from Pinoyathletics.info
  2. 2. Training by Age 3. Sprints Phases 4. Teaching Drills
  3. 2.  is the systematic planning of athletic or physical training.  The aim is to reach the best possible performance in the most important competition of the year.  It involves gradual improvements during various parts of a training program for each period.  Conditioning programs can use periodization in training to break up the training program into the following
  4. 3. Division of Periodization in training
  5. 4. Division of Periodization in training Offseason (General)  preseason (specific)  In season (competition)  Postseason (recovery)  Periodization in training divides the year-round condition program into phases of training that focus on different goals.
  6. 5. Training Organization  Training should be organized and planned for a competition or performance. It should consider the athlete’s potential, his/her performance in tests or competitions, and the calendar of competition. It has to be simple, suggestive, and above all, flexible as its content can be modified to meet the athlete’s rate of progress.
  7. 6. Training by Age – Long Term Development and Progression of Strength Training Source: Bompa T. and Buzzichelli C., Periodization in Training for Sports – 3rd Edition, Human Kinetics, 2015
  8. 7. Speed Development – Phases
  9. 8. 5 phases and the “percent contribution” to the total race. 1. Reaction Time (1%) 2. Block Clearance (5%) 3. Speed of Efficient Acceleration (64%) 4. Maintenance of Maximum Velocity (18%) 5. Lessened Degree of Deceleration (12%)
  10. 9.  Looking at this chart, it’s no wonder why sprint coaches elect to focus on speed and acceleration work. But this doesn’t show the whole picture as one component can severely affect the next element. For example, proper block clearance sets up for the appropriate speed of efficient acceleration
  11. 10. Reaction Time  Reaction time is measured by the time taken from the gun’s firing to the sprinter’s first muscular reaction.  The wrong reaction time will produce a very different 100-meter race pattern with the sprinter rushing through the next phases!
  12. 11. Block Clearance 2 things come to mind. 1) You need proper biomechanics in the starting position to generate the most significant power to overcome inertia. 2) The greater the force applied in driving from the sprinter’s starting blocks, the greater the initial velocity produced.  The block clearance phase sets you up for the next stage.
  13. 12. Speed of Efficient Acceleration  In the 40-yard dash, the athlete accelerates to maximum velocity in as short a time as possible. This also applies to the 100 meters.  However, the longer it takes the sprinter to reach maximum velocity, the greater its potential to reach higher maximum velocities (which is the goal for the 100 meters, right?). Today, we see athletes such as Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay reaching top speeds well beyond the “traditional” 60 meters.  The word “optimal” comes to mind, where a practical acceleration phase can produce the highest maximum velocity.
  14. 13. Maintenance of Maximum Velocity  Optimizing is a popular word here.  An optimal combination of stride rate, stride length, and ground contact time will produce the highest top-end speed. This topic has been discussed at length in this Blog.  As far as posture goes, the sprinter will be in a fully upright position during this phase.
  15. 14. Lessened Degree of Deceleration  The sprinters’ ground contact time increases with fatigue. We’ve seen that in the article Ground Contact Time, Stride Length, and Fatigue in the 400m.  Staying relaxed and “staying tall” with a high vertical displacement are standard terms. But a lot of coaches neglect the importance (and biomechanics) of the arms and hands. Arm action is just as necessary as the legs.
  16. 15. Example Workout  Warmup Sequence  Foam Roll (if available)  Hamstrings  Quads  Adductors  Abductors  Glutes  Lower back  Upper back  Jogging  Jogging  50m run 50m walk  For more advanced athletes 4×100 at 90% or 8×100 at 80%  Sprinters 100, 200, 100 Hurdles, Throwers 1-2 laps  400, 800, 400H 2-3 laps  1500 and up 3-5 laps  Wall Swings (10 on each side)  Front and Back  Side to side  Rotation Hurdle  Fire Drill with a fence behind
  17. 16. Drills

(3 of each in training, 2 of each in competition)  Skipping  Toe walk  March A  March B  March C  Skip A  Skip B  Skip C  Straight Leg bound  Karaoke  Butt Kick  High Knees  Bounds Height  Bounds Distance  Shuffle (each leg)  Fast Feet  Pawing  Bottle Drills (5 – 10 times each), (spacing two shoes, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6)  Mini Hurdles (if available)  Wind Sprints 30-50m (2-3 progressive speed)  Warm Down Sequence  Stairs 5-10 times  Extra Activity pushups, sit-ups, dips, etc.  Static and Partner assisted stretching (about 10-15 mins)  Foam Rolling  Jog a lap


Athlete Development for Athletics Dinas One Day Sports Science Seminar

Coaching Clinic in Dinas, Zamboanga Del Sur. Facilitators Zamboanga Sports Academy Coaches Ian Moncada, Bap Bap, Eliezer Salinas, and Andrew Pirie.


“They ask me why I teach, and I reply, ‘Where could I find such splendid company?’

There sits a statesman, strong, unbiased, wise; another Daniel Webster, silver-tongued.

A doctor sits beside him, whose quick, steady hand may mend a bone, or stem the life-blood’s flow.

And there a builder; upward rise the arch of a church he builds, wherein that minister may speak the word of God, and lead a stumbling soul to touch the Christ.

And all about, a gathering of teachers, farmers, merchants, laborers —those who work and vote and build and plan and pray into a great tomorrow.

And I may say, I may not see the church, or hear the word, or eat the food their hands may grow, but yet again I may; And later I may say, I knew him once, and he was weak, or strong, or bold or proud or gay.

I knew him once, but then he was a boy.

They ask me why I teach and I reply, ‘Where could I find such splendid company?'” – by John Wooden

Periodization in training
Periodization in training
Periodization in training
Periodization in training
Periodization in training
Periodization in training
Periodization in training


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